The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

Scientific Proof of Levi’s Aethyr

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


There is much that we can extrapolate from Thelemic doctrine, whether that be Liber AL vel Legis or even Liber CCCCXVIII or Liber CCXXXI (as Frater Achad and Kenneth Grant have shown), that can be applied to the emerging physics of the twentieth century ev. String Theory and Dark Matter and Energy are correlates along with the accompanying dimensional theories that are at least intrinsically implied by th. Specifically, we are talking about physics, but biology also has its play as correlates can be drawn between beta particles and free radicals that can especially apply to the Eucharistic paradigm of the Gnostic Mas. And we can even move into the realm of Geometry and Mathematics to find greater insight within the ideas unique to our developing Thelemic Qabala.

But there is no greater correlation to reunite religion, specifically that of the Aeon of Horu, with science than the scientifically controversial theory in the discipline of physics, of an omnipresent Aethy as particularly well researched by Dr. Harold Aspden. One can draw a perfect corollary with the theory of Eliphas Levi with both Dr. Asden and Levi relying on those aspects of Newtonian theory that remains un-addressed by both theories of Relativity (Relativity and Special

Relativity) and Quantum Mechanics. Modern science simply states that on a certain shall we say, macrocosmic scale, Newtonian physics seems still to apply and that at a certain microcosmic scale, the post-Einsteinian model more accurately applies.

Dr. Aspden in developing his theory, points out that the word 'aether' or 'ether' has been used by science to mean 'space devoid of matter'. He uses the Concise Oxford Dictionary (1934 edition), which describes the 'ether' as being the “subtle elastic fluid permeating space and filling interstices between particles or air and other matter.” Additionally, he then quotes a Chambers Technical Dictionary (1958 edition) that has the entry “ether or aether (Phys.): A hypothetical non-material entity supposed to fill all space whether 'empty' or occupied by matter, but it possesses no properties in common with matter.” From this, he concludes that it has been understood by scientists that “the 'ether' is 'a medium, not matter, that has been assumed to fill all space and transmit electromagnetic waves'. With such definition, the 'ether' remains valid terminology. The problem, which some scientists have in accepting the existence of the ether, arises from a further assumption that the ether cannot adapt to its environment and so must regulate the constancy of the speed of light in a universal frame of reference.”

Eliphas Levi describes the Aethyr as follows:

In the soul of the world, which is the Universal Agent, there is a current of love and a current of wrath. This ambient and all-penetrating fluid; this ray loosened from the sun's splendour and fixed by the weight of the atmosphere and the power of central attraction; this body of the Holy Spirit, which we term the Universal Agent, while it was typified by the ancients under the symbol of a serpent devouring its tail; this electromagnetic ether, this vital and luminous caloric, is depicted in archaic monuments by the girdle of Isis, twice-folded in a love-knot round two poles, as well as by the serpent devouring its own tail, emblematic of prudence and of Saturn. Motion and life consist in the extreme tension of two forces.

If one reads Levi’s quote carefully, Levi is as much addressing the issue of light as is Dr. Aspden and one can deduce from this, related theories of Prana and Chi energy. In the discipline of science, we will connect this with the photon, both the result of the uniting of positively and negatively charged neutrinos and connected with Dr. Aspden’s ‘graviton.’ In order to give some background on this, let’s first follow Dr. Aspden’s line of thought that brings him to conclude that the aether as a scientific concept is quite valid. Let’s draw parallels to both Eliphas Levi’s ideas and those of Dion Fortune as we move through our condensation of Dr. Aspden’s theoretical model.

In 1929 Veronnet suggested that the aether was permeated with electrically charged particles having a magnetic moment equal to the Bohr Magneton. This conception can be applied to the understanding of the quantization problem of the Bohr atom and goes a step in advance of the premises of Quantum Mechanics because it affords a physical picture of a space filled with charged particles moving harmoniously in equal circular orbits. In addition to this orbital motion of each particle an extensive matrix of particles can itself rotate. Thus, the earth may well be regarded as having its own matrix of particles rotating with the earth about the earth’s axis of rotation. As this matrix would be the frame of reference for physical measurements on earth no motion of the earth can be detected without reference to something outside this matrix. Also, the earth's aether particle matrix may evidently move freely through surrounding aether, which it can do if the forward boundaries of the aether matrices of the earth and its surroundings can break up and transmit the freed particles to the rearward boundaries where the matrix is being reformed.

Eliphas Levi clearly notes this ‘medium’ surrounding the Earth and connected with two poles, suggesting the Earth’s axis as does Dr. Aspden. And of course, Dion Fortune more intimately connects this to the human body with its polaric expression in terms of gender. From this, Ms. Fortune derives her electro-magnetic ideas, so cleverly adopted by Kenneth Grant. But Dion Fortune finds a two-dimensional nature, both horizontal about the Earth and vertical, reachinginto space. Whereas, though Levi also does in connecting this with the Sun, it is not so clearly presented by him. This correlates well with Dr. Aspden’s insistence that the motion of the Earth requires a frame of reference outside of its own matrix.

The explanation of these motions provides the greatest support for the General Theory of Relativity, but the aether just envisaged provides a simple alternative explanation. The motion of a planet in its orbit is accompanied by a reverse motion of the freed particles. If the orbit is elliptical and the orbital velocity of the planet accordingly varies, the number of free aether particles in the planet's local aether will vary and will be balanced by a fluctuation of the number of bound aether particles forming the local aether matrix. Indirectly, as the aether has mass properties, this gives rise to a variable component of angular momentum which has an effect on the planet's motion. Exact calculation of the effects is possible, and the results establish that the hypothetical aether picture involved is essentially valid.

But Dr. Aspden is not alone, though in reading through his arguments, he portends that he’s a maverick, standing alone against the scientific establishment. Isreal Regardie in his tome, The Tree of Life, has this to say about the overall situation:

The scientific conception of ether today is radically different from what the scientist of fifty years ago meant by the luminiferous ether. So much so, that judged by his standards and speaking his language, the modern idea of ether and its radiation waves are not realities at all. And yet, strangely enough, remarks Sir James Jeans in The Mysterious Universe, the ether is one of the most real things “of which we have any knowledge or experience, and so is as real as anything possibly can be for us.” The entity, which the experimental physicists today would define as ether, must be one, which would respond qualitatively and quantitatively to their instruments and mathematical equations. On the other hand, when the Theurgists refer to the magnetic and electric substance of the Astral Light, a metaphysical condition or state of substance is implied, one which at present cannot be measured or observed with physical instruments, although its existence is corr4obarated in identical terms by a succession of trained seers and magicians. It lies, as already stated, on an altogether different plane of existence and consciousness, and its particles vibrate in such a way and at such a high rate of motion as to be quite invisible and imperceptible to our ordinary exterior sense-apparatus.

Recent years have seen in the realm of scientific speculation the development of the electro-magnetic theory, which for practical purposes of physics discards as unnecessary the Victorian hypothesis of an all-pervading undulating luminiferous ether. In its stead, there has been set up as on a lofty throne, crowned and worshipped with devotion, and even more abstract mathematical conception—the Space-time manifold or continuum. One group of scientists are wholly in favour of retaining the ether hypothesis; while several others, no less well-known and no less authoritative, are equally certain that no such subtle structure an ether is existent or even possible. They admit it only as a theoretical frame of reference, in which case it assumes the role of a working hypothesis, without any degree of objective actuality. Yet an examination of the scientific definitions of both of these scientific groups reveals the fact that by the Ether and the Four-dimensional Space-time Continuum one and the same concept is entertained. Sir Arthur Eddington, in one of his recent works, when making reference to these two scientific concepts, expressed the belief that both parties mean exactly the same thing and are divided only by words. Sir James Jeans, in his previously mentioned work, observes cautiously with regard to this obscure question, that it seems appropriate to discard the work “ether” in favour of the more modern term “manifold” or “continuum,” although the essential principle of function is almost entirely unchanged. Elsewhere in the same learned book the statement is made by the erudite scientist that all the phenomena of electro-magnetism may be thought of as occurring in a continuum of four-dimensions—three of space welded to one of time—in which it is impossible to separate the space from the time in any absolute manner.

Eliphas Levi would then go on to state that this Aethyr or ‘menstruum’ as Aleister Crowley referred to it, was pliable and could be affected by a theurgic process so clearly argued in Isreal Regardie’s tome as mentioned above. Scientifically speaking, we could then deduce a certain conservation of energy that implies an innate regulation of shall we say, particle matrices. And Dr. Aspden validates this with his own deductions. He then goes on to suggest that this takes a certain precedence as shall we say, the horizontal matrix in contrast with the vertical, which we have already connected to light:

Nature is actually able to regulate physical quantities universally and hold them stable to such accuracy, notwithstanding environmental fluctuations, wherever we in the universe. This surely suggests a fundamental mechanism and a reference or control medium, having a universal metric binding all matter together as part of a common system. This seems to be the primary role of the so-called ether, with the light propagation characteristic assuming secondary importance.

The fact that light assumes a characteristic of secondary importance could be correlated with the idea that the Earth’s rotation gives us a more macrocosmic view akin to Newtonian physics. And the quanta that we call Prana or Chi, that vertical energy requires a microcosmic perspective. Dr. Aspden then sees “systems” in shall we say, a macrocosmic perspective that are certainly consistent with groundwork set up in Newtonian physics. But then, Dr. Aspden starts to move into more microcosmic ideas when he starts considering the force of gravity, though he is still in a certain Newtonian mode of thought.

As the aether has a physically-conceived structure we should be able to "see" what happens to it when a part of it is caused to rotate, as with the earth, for example. Here, we find an advantage not shared with the Theory of Relativity. We can immediately deduce that an electrical property of the aether manifests itself when the aether is set in rotation. The ionosphere may be a phenomenon arising at the aether boundary. It should be noted that it could be that the aether boundary is graded and occurs in stages, corresponding to the different ionosphere levels.

The electromagnetic force of attraction between two electrical particles in motion has never been measured. Such forces have been measured only between current systems of which one current flows in a completely closed circuit and the formulation of a general law of force between two current elements has only been required to conform with experimental observation. The simple law is well known but there is a complex law, which, although it represents a correct and full interpretation of the experimental data available on the subject, has not come into general or even specialized use because all practical applications involve closed current circuits and the more simple law suffices. The complex law is required to understand the mechanism of gravity.

Dark Energy theory asserts that there is a large source of energy not able to be seen directly by scientists, though its effects are measured by such things as red-shift analysis. And it is even asserted that force of gravity (a seemingly dark or un-seeable energy) is intimately connected with this. Gravity then seems intimately connected with light as fifth-dimensional construct. This idea takes the four-dimensional paradigm and opens it up to include a fifth in much the same way that the West has adopted the five-elemental system of the Hindus in contrast with its traditional four-elemental, neo-Platonic tradition. Both Relativity and Quantum Mechanics get their ‘play’ here in harmony with the Newtonian model when Dr. Aspden asserts:

Geomagnetism arises from the rotation of the matrix of aether particles forming the earth's local aether. The effect of this is to expand or contract the matrix to upset the normal aether balance. The electrical effects of this distortion of the aether matrix cannot be detected because the freed particles in the aether matrix which have the constrained counter motion in the earth's orbit will position themselves to provide a compensating non-rotating charge effect. Nevertheless, the magnetic effect of the rotating electrical charge will manifest itself. This self-induction property of the aether by which a matrix of aether particles in rotation produces a magnetic field provides an excellent quantitative account for the source of the geomagnetic field.

The Aethyr is now shown to be composed of particles with an electrical charge and further on, Aspden will propose that one of those particles is what he calls, the ‘graviton,’ though he will equivocate this with the neutrino in more common acceptance by the work of empirical science. Yet it should be noted that only one generation of the neutrino family has actually been found by experimentation with two generational levels remaining theoretical. Outside of this, the photon,

which is a part of the established family of energy particles (called Bosons) as per Dr. Aspden’s proposed graviton, re-involves the vertical perspective in the electro-magnetic paradigm, particularly espoused by Dion Fortune on a Magickal level.

Energy is then related to or intimately connected to motion, represented in the Qabalah by the fifth Sephira, Geburah (with Mars attributed to it). This of course, implies consciousness, represented in the Qabalah by Tiphareth (with the Sun attributed to it and denoted in science by the photon and denoted in spiritual theory by the Prana or Chi). And the Aethyr as an energy matrix, is intimately connected with the Earth’s spin and perhaps, the Earth herself. Connecting consciousness, especially in light of Thelemic doctrine where it is taught that no Magick is sanctified unless it be in correspondence with one’s Holy Guardian Angel, intimately connected with Tiphareth and in Qabalistic theory, denoting Consciousness; the fully ‘awake’ consciousness.

The photon is regarded as a traveling disturbance which involves, at least occasionally, a discrete group of aether particles which is caused to rotate about a group axis, the particles still retaining an orbital motion and being kept in step with surrounding aether particles by a synchronizing electrical action. This particle group forms a tiny matrix akin to the larger matrix of a planet's aether. The axis of the particle group is fixed in the inertial frame, and the particles are supposed to retain their Bohr Magneton quantization; that is, their angular momenta are conserved. As a result the group rotation causes the orbital radii of the group particles to be modified. This involves energy. When this energy is evaluated it is found to be proportional to the photon frequency and, accordingly, the radiation law E=h is deduced.

The rotating particle group will in all probability be a symmetrical 3-dimensional particle array having a particle at its centre. Furthermore it will have such a size that when a certain frequency is reached the relationship between photon energy and the particle group angular momentum will suit some physical transformation, because it is known that high energy photons can transform into particles. Consider, for example, the condition of the photon when its energy reaches mc2, the mass energy of an aether particle. When the photon has this energy it may transform into a non-rotating matrix of particles by creating a particle of mass m. As an intermediate step the matrix may rotate as this involves very little energy, but the particle orbits may adopt their normal radii to transfer the main energy to the newly-created particle which will itself move to provide the balance of angular momentum. This has the following consequences:

(1) The created particle will have no electrical charge; it may be a neutrino.
(2) The particle will be created with a velocity 'c if it has the same mass energy as an aether particle.

Also, the result indicates a theoretical mass for the neutrino. Experimental evidence indicates that the mass of the neutrino is of the order of one-thirtieth of the electron mass, a result in agreement with this theory. It seems that the neutrino concept amounts to little more than a form of aether momentum arising from energy exchanges between aether and matter.

The Aethyr is then not matter at all, at least as we know it. Rather, as Crowley asserts, it is a menstruum or energy source that he even produces inertia so that if one is acting in accord with one’s ‘True Will,’ one has the inertia of the Universe as an energetic support. And if energy is not matter, we can then demonstrate that the Ruach, which contains Geburah and Tiphareth, is not manifest, indeed, there is no manifestation until we reach Malkuth. This pre-manifest state it would seem, is somehow intimately connected with energy. And note that as energy is connected with light, we have Tiphareth, the Sun, in the Ruach.

Energy then, particularly Dark Energy is composed of those elementary particles that exist between the spaces occupied by matter. Interestingly enough, Nuit as the fabric of the many Hadits or stars; the star-stuff has been shown to occupy a relatively minor proportion of the Universe[10], which is why we turn to the ‘Night of Pan’ and the pre-formative Universe from which we utilize the Signs of N.O.X. to make manifest form in Thelemic Magick. It is then to Pan we turn to make change occur in conformity with the Will.

The Magick is in learning to work that unknown and unseeable matter that Eliphas Levi terms the Aethyr. He notes that this Aethyr has plastic properties that make it pliable and hence, amenable to the Will of the Operator. From this of course, Aleister Crowley deduces the postulates that he presents in his tome, Magick in Theory and Practice. In getting back to this invisible or presently un-seeable space, Dr. Aspden theorizes from a scientific perspective:

Empty space is supposedly filled with neutrinos. They have mass and so empty space has a mass density. So how is it that space cannot attenuate the frequency of those light waves we see as having a red shift? Given that it must attenuate those waves, then surely the 'missing mass' theory is wrong and we had best think about a steady state universe, rather than one that is expanding. In that case, to say that neutrinos can explain missing matter, is illogical.

We need to know what there is in the vacuum that could cause light to travel at the fixed speed. If there is something in that vacuum we need to know why it is that light can involve undulating waves, which can travel through space without losing frequency. We also need to know if light could lose frequency at a rate linearly proportional to the frequency at each position along the transit path. There could be loss of frequency as a function of distance traveled and, provided the loss is proportionally the same for all component frequencies, there would be the property needed to account for the observed red shifts from those remote stars and their galaxies. There is then no need to imagine that the universe is expanding from a point in space at which it was suddenly born as a virtually infinite amount of energy compressed into a infinitesimal point. Any alternative explanation, if scientifically founded, has to have a prior claim on our common sense alongside the obvious error of the Big Bang hypothesis, built on the idea of Biblical creationism.

This correlates well also, with the Deist perspective that asserts that God is the entire Universe, both manifest and pre-manifest. Therefore as it is said that God has always existed, there is no point in even trying to justify a non-manifest state such as the Hindus do in the idea of the ‘Sleep of Brahma.’ Rather, we should state that light emerges from darkness, being composed of the same matter in a different arrangement. This lends greater insight into the Qabalistic idea that Kether is in Malkuth as Malkuth is in Kether, but after a different manner. And in Christian creationism it is also incorrect to state that all was without form and void, there is that again, pre-manifest, which could be equivocated with the ‘dark’ Universe, the Great N.O.X. which holds form in potential manifestation. Indeed, there is an interplay between light and dark as symbolized in the Yin-Yang sign of the Chinese.

The key is in movement. Relativity has shown that nothing is really still at all, though something may be viewed as being still in relation to something else, yet they are both moving. And movement implies more than consciousness. But on a physical level, it also introduces the idea of heat or thermal energy. Fire itself is but matter, moving very fast and its equivocation with Spirit in the Western Mystery Tradition hints that Spirit is but matter moving yet that much faster. But Dr. Aspden clarifies this on a physical level:

There are regions of space in which there is an excess of thermal energy. Thermal energy is associated with motion of matter and all such motion involves inducing electron-positron activity in space. Indeed, the kinetic energy of an electron can be shown to be attributable to the statistical creation of electron-positron pairs in the close proximity of that primary electron. Space has a way of allowing such activity, whilst conserving energy, charge parity and the volume of space occupied by electric charge, but that process concerns the equilibrium of the interplay between matter and the aether and we are here considering the interplay between aether and aether at a space domain boundary wall. Those virtual electrons involved in the quantum-electrodynamic underworld are really part of the aether. They can store energy temporarily but we want our domain wall transition to be between two stable modes, each locked in a state defined by that number N.

The thermal energy that escapes by being radiated well away from its matter source has to be absorbed by the aether and it must somehow over-populate space with those virtual electron-positron pairs which we see as affecting N at the seat of boundary transitions. Neutrinos pass unnoticed through the Earth, and through our bodies, all the time, which makes them very difficult to detect. Muon neutrinos disappear and reappear as they travel through the Earth. This in turn means they must have mass, since massless particles cannot change their form. Tthe electron neutrino may be the ghostly presence of the carrier of the kinetic energy of the electron in electrically conductive matter. In that case I would be inclined to look more closely at the theory governing electrons.

Also one needs to examine the theory as to how protons move through space. What form does its kinetic energy assume? Can it be that of the neutrino, albeit some combination of muon and tau neutrinos, if not simply electron neutrinos? In other words, I am suggesting that the 'neutrino' might be simply an artifact of Nature occasioned by the transient presence of the electron-positron pair or its counterparts in the muon family or taon family. The neutrino may even be a more subtle transient activity related to the aether itself, meaning those quons or lattice particles.

Note that any dynamic system has to have inertial balance. One simply cannot have waves as electric charge suffering lateral displacement as oscillations propagate through space and not have something that oscillates in counterbalance. If the aether could distort electromagnetic waves that are being propagated through it then it must absorb energy and so retard the wave. On the other hand, there is a way in which what we see as empty space can obstruct an electromagnetic wave. This is by attempting to create matter in the form of protons. Matter, even if of transient existence, can affect the passage of a wave. Here, however, our dual wave response, which involves the aether lattice oscillations being kept in dynamic balance by a muon field, is affected because one wave is attenuated in amplitude more than the other. This means that there is a frequency distortion that corresponds with the loss of frequency with distance that is formulated as the Hubble constant.

Light remains the central mystery of it all, whether that be the Western Mystery Tradition or Western science. As stated previously, it may belong to that domain that we could term a fifth dimension and where gravity also seems to emanate from. As Dr. Asden relates below, light seems to be a by-product or at least may utilize a vehicle that is a by-product of the interchange between matter and the Aethyr; between that which is manifest and that which is pre-manifest. This vehicle may be a photon, which is of course, a Boson or part of the energy family of particles.

Concerning photons I submit that we do not really know how they travel or even if they travel at all. A photon is an event, a transaction occurring at a point in space when a package of energy changes its state in the aether, especially where the transaction involves energy exchange between matter and aether. We know that electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light but such a wave is a ripple of the sea of energy in the aether so where does the photon feature as motion?

The answer seems to be that it exhibits its presence as a transfer of momentum as if its energy exerts momentum at the speed of light. A photon is an 'event', the aether is real and that it can be involved in transactions involving momentum and, indeed, angular momentum, but that the deflection of light rays by a gravitational field depends upon the speed of light being affected by the presence of such a field. Einstein says that the speed of light is constant in the vacuum and Einstein then asks us to distort the vacuum so that straight paths of light bend to conform with the distortion of the space metric.

Considering the electromagnetic force that Dion Fortune utilizes in her Polarity experiments, Dr. Aspden provides a scientific theory that further develops the Newtonian theory upon which the Neo-platonists utilized to develop much of their magickal theories. Although Dr. Aspden introduces his theoretical particle, the graviton, the idea of an interchange between the Aethyr and matter by way of energy, has a parallel in what other scientists have called the N-particle, that mysterious particle that changes its charge and seemingly comes from nowhere, also called the fifth dimension.

Ms. Fortune intuitively was able to feel the attraction of oppositely charged forces, which we could say that when held in circuit, created the matrix that birthed light. In terms of Thelemic Magick, this light then becomes the Magickal Childe. And of course, that Magickal Childe is

Tiphareth, the Sun, the very source of light in the material Universe. And remember, as the Sun is the source of life on the material plane, mystics have taught that the spirit of the Sun is the source of life on the spiritual plane.

Though electricity is everywhere in us and around us, just as is the aether, the question of what determines whether an electric charge is positive or negative and why like polarity charges repel and unlike polarity charges attract is a mystery. Note that I could say that the measure of energy density is the square of field strength, that the polarity of the charge is the direction of that field and that, since there are positive and negative square roots to a positive energy density expressed as the square of field strength, so there must be two polarities of opposite sign.

On the gravity theme, we shall soon see that the aether includes electric charges that share an organized synchronous motion on a universal scale and it also contains energy in the form of electric charges that migrate around at random. The organized system is in two parts, which are dynamically balanced. Any matter present shares the motion of one part and, in spite of that motion, is effectively at rest in the electromagnetic frame of reference, because that 'part' of the aether constitutes that frame of reference. The other 'part' comprises charges that I term 'gravitons' because they are the seat of the gravitational action. They move relative to the electromagnetic reference frame and always share motion that is mutually parallel as between all the gravitons. They are held in place by powerful electrostatic forces, which keep them in step with limited freedom of movement. They are not 'free' in the sense that their masses can affect electrodynamic interaction as opposed to dynamic balance in the permitted degree of freedom. In short, the first two terms in the general law of electrodynamics are ineffective and this leaves the force, which establishes the form of law we seek for correspondence with Newton's law of gravitation.

The dominant forces in atomic systems are electrostatic in origin and the same applies to the aether, except for that one type of interaction as between the gravitons in that half of the vacuum medium which provides dynamic balance for matter and the aether's related electromagnetic reference frame. If those gravitons can attract one another, that attraction is communicated to the matter they are balancing and we see that as gravitation. Gravitation is not an electrodynamic force acting directly on matter. Its effect is indirect and is communicated by the dynamic linkage with the graviton system.

Dr. Aspden then brings the fermions that form the essential character play in more generally accepted scientific circles into play. Though even here, he is more clearly utilizing the theoretical generations (generations II and III) that have not been experimentally proven by the scientific establishment. For us, it becomes an issue in that acceptance is based on preference. And perhaps even, experimentation may come more from the magickal application of consciousness, which itself has been quantized by theoretical physicists, though it remains outside the scope of this essay.

In the more generally accepted theories of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, gravity comes from this invisible portion of our Universe. And we would have to look to Newton’s theory of orbital motion to begin our knowledge lecture on gravity. Whether one wants to call this modern mystery by giving it a label such as ‘Dark’ (N.O.X.) or whether one would call it the Aethyr again, seems more a matter of preference. We could ask, is it the prescience of Universal Mind affects the plastic nature of the Aethyr? And are we human beings as the hierarchical height of consciousness and the very conduits of Universal Mind, the molders of form that we can draw from the Aethyr? And do we mold ourselves (Puella, Puer, Vir, Mulier, Mater Triumphans)?

I am going to introduce you now to some of the characters on the physical stage that play a role in the gravitational scene. The electron is one such actor and there are three other players but you will see none of them in the final act where we explain how the force of gravitation is set up between, for example, two protons. You will now soon see why we need to set our sights on a particle form that can mediate in setting up the force of gravity. Every speck of dust, every atom and every unit of energy that we see as gravitating matter has its own mass and I would not like to try to find any common unit of gravitating matter that can be used to define components of such an infinite mass spectrum. Yet to get to a 'constant of gravitation' we need a unique quantum condition, a building block that gives us a unit from which we can develop a universal force that relates to such a constant. So what we shall do is to say that matter as we know it has a jitter motion and, collectively, it is associated by dynamic balance with an unseen particle form that is quantized in some way.

I shall call such particles 'gravitons' and declare that the graviton family includes the 'super heavy electron', otherwise known as the tau or taon. I must introduce a particle form, which does not play a direct role in the gravitational action but does dominate the whole stage. This particle form provides the energy that keeps the action alive. It is hidden centre-stage. This is the 'heavy electron', a part of the ghost world of the aether, the 'virtual muon'. Muons have a mass between 206 and 207 times the electron mass, whereas the taon has a mass some 3485 times that of the electron. Physicists will tell you that quantum electrodynamics as applied the field activity in the vacuum medium is made alive with electrons, muons and taons and their anti-particles appearing in pairs as if from nowhere and then disappearing again, but they will not tell you how all this accounts for gravity.

There are, therefore, muons and taons active in that underworld we call space, but which I call the aether. We will need to deduce the masses of these particle forms in terms of the mass of the electron and we will also need to look for even more massive and less massive particle forms that sit on either side of this taon-muon-electron mass spectrum. To complete the aether particle picture I will now declare that my research told me there are three other aether particle forms, which I will call the 'supergraviton', the 'graviton' and the 'quon', respectively. They all have the same unitary charge magnitude as the electron. That charge quantity is denoted energy. However, the quon has a mass much smaller than that of the electron, and the supergraviton has a mass much larger than that of the graviton or the taon.

So far as our derivation of G is concerned, I shall, in this initial stage of analysis concentrate my attention on the standard 'graviton' form. The reason is that I came to realize, as the theory developed, that gravitational forces are seated in particles of the graviton family that work together like wolves in a pack. There has to be at least one standard 'graviton' in a particle cluster that mediates in setting up the force of gravity. It acts as a buffer for minor energy fluctuations. Accordingly, the first step in deducing the link between G and e/me, the charge to mass ratio of the electron involves the assumption that there is a perturbation in which the standard 'graviton' sheds energy which becomes the matter mass form that corresponds to the forces attributable, as gravity, to the corresponding change of state of that graviton.

To proceed, you need to picture all elements of matter as sharing a common synchronized motion, all those elements moving in tiny circular orbits about an inertial frame. Then the gravitons must be pictured as moving in counterbalance in orbits of the same radius, so that, denoting the radius r, the separation distance between the matter frame and the graviton frame becomes 2r. Then, sitting in the inertial frame and defining that frame are the virtual muons and these have no orderly motion, being subject to a kind of random activity and contributing nothing to that orbital motion which is the basis on which we shall account for gravitation.

More than building on Newton’s theory of gravitation, Dr. Aspden notes the vibrational rate of particles, the “jitter” as he refers to it. And in noting the spiral formations of particles that this creates, we can see that Newton’s and Einstein’s theories do not have to clash with each other at all. Even more marvelous, is that these particles in their spiral arrays form into crystallized matrixes that seem to reflect a very ancient knowledge that though exploited by ‘New Age’ businesses, has more credible exponents.

Volodymyr Krasnoholovets explores the idea of how a quartz crystal could trap the Aethyr and become a transducer for light and electricity. He develops the idea of the Aethyr into an ‘inerton’ cloud that like Dr. Aspen’s aether, envelops the Earth as an energy source that can be tapped into. And he claims that the pyramids were such structures designed and built to do just that. If we but take a small deduction from this idea, we can suppose that as the ancient Egyptians saw the soul, connected with the body (and assuming they could contemplate it as an electromagnetic body), by entombing the Pharaoh inside the pyramid, this energy conduit would provide the proper environment for immortality.

The onward development of the theory of gravitation included the formal derivation of graviton mass by pure theory, but the presentation of that must await our analysis of the aether model and the derivation of the heavy electron mass, that of the muon. Thereafter, we will turn attention to the proton and then come back to show how the taon mass comes about. In this way, by a double-pronged attack on the graviton problem, we converge on its creation from two directions and it is a feature of the author's theory that if physical processes occur and, by coincidence, form similar energy quanta that are quasi-stable, then particles having such energy will appear in a dominant manner. The graviton is such a particle, albeit one belonging to that 'ghost' world providing dynamic balance for real matter, but it exists alongside the virtual taon in filling the gravitational role.

The presence of matter moving in an orbital jitter about the inertial frame must be balanced dynamically by the graviton system. However, in regions of the aether devoid of matter we still need to preserve the harmony of that jitter motion because it is sufficiently universal in its influence as to span the range of action of gravitational force. That range is at least adequate to cover distances between adjacent stars, as otherwise the galaxies could not hold together and form their spiral configurations. It follows that the 'empty' space between stars must comprise aether which, intrinsically, has its own gravitational properties and that suggests that its mass density must itself be in need of dynamic balance by a graviton population spreading throughout all space.

I regard this particle system as being the structured array, which accounts for the 'crystal' form of the aether in the analogy with its 'fluid crystal' attributes. I regard the particles of this structured array as being those quons, previously mentioned. Quons all have the same electrical polarity in any local region of space and so they repel one another to form into a simple cubic array. Unlike the situation in solid matter, where atoms bond together as if attracted to one another and so form compact structures, such as body-centered cubic or face-centered cubic lattice-like systems, the aether adopts the simple cubic structure.

So far as electrical actions are concerned these two charge ingredients are all we need consider in our initial energy analysis, because all other particle forms present come in charge pairs in which positive and negative charges have a random presence and so cancel in their effects on other charge. There will be those taons and those gravitons present to provide the dynamic balance already mentioned, but now we need to make a major step forward in our analysis by explaining why there is need for such balance and why those quons are not at rest, each at the centre of its own space cell.

Well, to proceed, let us assume initially that the quon has a negative charge of magnitude energy and is attracted by that positive charge density that envelops it and fills the cubic cell of side d. We will calculate the electric potential of the quon as set up by its interaction with all other quons in the aether, but as offset by its interaction with the continuum charge in all of the other cells comprising the aether. The scenario suggested by Paul Dirac:

"It is found that an electron, which seems to us to be moving slowly, must actually have a very high frequency oscillatory motion of small amplitude superimposed on the regular motion which appears to us. As a result of this oscillatory motion, the velocity of the electron at any time equals the velocity of light. This is a prediction which cannot be directly verified by experiment, since the frequency is so high and the amplitude so small."

Paul Dirac’s quote suggests to the spiritual mind that the spiritual world is beyond physical measure, though it has expression in the physical Universe. But this should not in any way be construed to justify the superstitious notion that we have the rudimentary idea for any anthropomorphisized godhead to intervene in human affairs. Rather, it shows the infinite subtlety of the higher and even highest worlds mapped by the Qabalah.

With Dirac’s notion that even electrons move at the speed of light, Dr. Aspden then takes us back to the boson family, where the photon is the unit of energy that we call light…

Now, take note that a photon is regarded as an energy quantum, which has a characteristic frequency, and the two are related by Planck's constant of action. This tells you that a photon is essentially something that is characterized by the rest-mass energy of the electron. However, what do we mean when we use Planck's constant to express an energy quantum that we say is a 'photon'? Something in conventional physics does not make sense here in the declaration that a photon is a 'spin-1' particle.

As mentioned above, Dr. Aspden defies modern cosmology in denying the possibility of a ‘Big Bang’ as the origin of the Universe. The universe is in constant existence as it is God, that “is, was and ever shall be.” This deistic notion is a key point that needs to be understood by religionists if they are to get to that half-way point where they may meet with scientists. And of course, scientists need to find a way outside of their own box in order to take that half-way step towards the religionists. But deism is still colloquially equated with atheism, which is an erroneous assertion. And scientists are still beholden to the superstitions of their Judeo-Christian upbringing.

Dr. Aspden then goes on to tie the whole thing together in such a way that demonstrates how the whole Universe is held together. Indeed the force of gravity as emanating from the aethyr can be then equated with Universal Mind, which will forever preserve itself in the same way that we understand our own instinct for self-preservation as the unique unitary expression of the all-encompassing mind or collective consciousness. Even if we take to Freud’s theory that we also have an instinct for self-destruction, this would be consistent with the spiritual law of change, being equal to stability and is reflected in Dr. Aspden’s notions of negative and positive aether charges or that polarity that should be explored more carefully by the spiritual community.

The most fascinating question in physics is that of Creation, whether one has in mind the stars and planets and their offspring, including mankind or the fundamental particles from which we and the universe are formed. The primary challenge is to explain how protons with their attendant electrons are created. Then one needs to explain gravity so as to provide the reason why the stars formed, but neither of these perplexing problems can be resolved without accepting that there is an aether, which is the active agent in these creation processes.

The universe can never die unless it expands to the point where it can find space for all of its energy in a state of rest in a dormant condition where it will have cooled to the point where all charge motion in the aether has stopped. However, that cannot happen because, as we have seen, that involves a negative energy potential in the aether charge interaction and the combination of aether plus universe can never have an overall energy that is negative. The universe can perhaps develop sporadic events in regions where temporary overheating carries the underlying structure of the aether charge through, as it were, its 'Curie temperature' and causes it to lose its gravitational action in those regions.

As we have seen, the force of gravity is an electromagnetic force but one that is tuned to develop interactions only at the resonant frequency of the aether itself, which happens to be the Compton electron frequency. So it comes as no surprise to find that the aether can create electrons. However, the aether is a sea of energy in the form of 'heavy electrons', those mu-mesons we call muons, which exist in opposite polarity charge pairs, and this provides a bombardment of all sectors of space at that aether frequency, as those muons move around, expanding, annihilating, and reappearing elsewhere in their initially contracted form.

When energy is dispersed in the normal way, as by radiation from a star, it is eventually absorbed by that rhythmic aether motion of the quons as they expand their orbits to bring that energy into their rhythmic dance at that Compton electron frequency. This alters the equilibrium of the aether machine and gives scope for the muons to create matter in the form of protons along with the attendant electrons, namely hydrogen atoms and so matter as we know it. The energy cycle is regenerative because energy is conserved. It has nowhere to go other that into the aether system, but the aether seeks to reestablish its equilibrium by shedding that energy at the first opportunity. The muon activity provides that opportunity by bombarding the quons and so, from time to time, everywhere in space, protons are created along with the electrons and that is why the dimuon energy quantum of 412.6658 electron rest-mass energy units features in the proton creation process.

Our most immediate vantage point to the Universe is the Earth, which is the mother of us all, Our Lady Babalon. She corresponds with the sign of Mulier (Mother, the N.O.X. sign in Liber Reguli) and the inter-relation of matter and spirit reside in her domain. Dr. Aspden simply gives us the scientifically correlative basis for this idea. As we approach the end of this essay, it is hoped that the reader will see that there is great merit for consciously and intentionally exploring a line of investigation that will truly reunite science and religion. This will kindle the flowering of a new Renaissance with at least the same magnitude as that enkindled by the great Rosicrucian scholar, Sir Isaac Newton.

It may be asked: "Will the above explanation explain the dipole character of the geomagnetic field?" The probable answer is negative, but the theory is amenable in this respect because it is found that the actual magnitude of the effective particle displacement in the earth's aether matrix caused by the earth's rotation is very much less than the interparticle spacing. On this basis it is clear that the charge effect caused by the rotation may merely amount to the displacement of charge to the aether boundary. When this is interpreted in the terms of magnetic moment it is found that the magnetic moment of the boundary charge is exactly twice that of the distributed charge and acts in opposition. The result is a net magnetic moment equal in magnitude to that already estimated, but the magnetic field distribution becomes more nearly that of a dipole.

Although not related to gravitation the explanation of geomagnetism provided by this theory lends extremely strong support to the theory upon which the understanding of gravitation is founded, and its inclusion in this work is considered pertinent. It is the retarded energy transfer as between sun and planet that determines the anomalous component of the rate of perihelion advance of the planet, but that then in its turn constrains the aethereal constitution of the planet in such a way as to define the location of the spherical aether boundary enclosing the planet.

Even if this means that the aether boundary lies inside the body of the planet I see this as a possibility. Just as matter can move through aether, so aether can move through matter, and the two need not be rigidly coupled as one unit. The amount of energy associated with planetary motion is enormous and its action could be dominant in governing the aether-matter coupling involved.

Now, to move on, we need to come to the question of how protons get involved in the creation of taons. If charges group together in clusters and by an exchange process they contrive to share their energy in a reduced space then they can develop into hybrid forms. Such clusters are never alone. There are always numerous other such clusters not too far away, but things can happen where, local to a cluster, there is conservation of energy as space occupied by charge locally contracts by the local annihilation of charge pairs.

There is nothing more fundamental in science than the processes involved in the creation of the proton, simply because the proton accounts for virtually all of the matter that forms the universe. The residue comprises the electrons which provide the electrical neutralization and so allow gravity full freedom as the governing force.

In conclusion, the following quote of Eliphas Levi is presented. As suggested above, the physics of consciousness is outside the scope of this essay. But if we equate consciousness to the force of love and note that Love and Will are equivalents in Thelemic Magick, the reader should find more material upon which to build the new paradigm of our Scientific Illuminism. Thelema and exclusively its expression through the program of the A.’.A.’. is the only point in all of spirituality that has a pragmatic and realistic approach to science. Though we can certainly show how other systems, especially Hinduism and Taoism seem to reveal a certain scientific knowledge somehow lost to the memory of the modern expressions of these very ancient systems.

But for whatever reason, time has left but the vestiges of a cultural glamour that yields to obscurity even in the lands where they were bred and once flowered upon humanity. And it seems it was left to Europe to take the height of spiritual light and bring it to the depth of the material darkness; the Age of Kali that is all but ended. It is consciousness itself that is the key that unlocks the ALL, breaks the seals and rends the veils of they mysteries. Certainly consciousness can be expressed in its own dualistic nature; Love and Will.

“I would thou wert cold or hot,” said the Master. As a fact, a great sinner is more really alive than is a tepid, effeminate man, and the fullness of his return to virtue will be in proportion to the extent of his errors. She who is destined to crush the serpent's head is intelligence, which ever rises above the stream of blind forces. The Kabalists call her the virgin of the sea, whose dripping feet the infernal dragon crawls forward to lick with his fiery tongues, and they fall asleep in delight.

The Great Magical Agent manifests by four kinds of phenomena, and has been subjected to the experiments of profane science under four names – caloric, light, electricity, magnetism. It has received also the names of TETRAGRAM, INRI, AZOTH, ETHER, OD, Magnetic Fluid, Soul of the Earth, Lucifer, etc. The Great Magical Agent is the fourth emanation of the life-principle, of which the sun is the third form – see the initiates of the school of Alexandria and the dogma of Hermes Trismegistus. In this way the eye of the world, as the ancients called it, is the mirage of the reflection of God, and the soul of the earth is a permanent glance of the sun which the earth conceives and guards by impregnation. The moon concurs in this impregnation of the earth by reflecting a solar image during the night, so that Hermes was right when he said of the Great Agent: “The sun is its father, the moon its mother.” Then he adds: “The wind has borne it in the belly thereof,” because the atmosphere is the recipient and, as it were, the crucible of the solar rays, by means of which there forms that living image of the sun which penetrates the whole earth, fructifies it and determines all that is produced on its surface by its emanations and permanent currents, analogous to those of the sun itself. This solar agent subsists by two contrary forces – one of attraction and one of projection, whence Hermes says that it ascends and descends eternally. The force of attraction is always fixed at the centre of bodies, that of projection in their outlines or at their surface. By this dual force all is created and all preserved. Its motion is a rolling up and an enrolling which are successive and unlimited, or, rather, Simultaneous and perpetual, by spirals of opposite movements which never meet. It is the same movement as that of the sun, at once attracting and repelling all the planets of its system. To be acquainted with the movement of this terrestrial sun in such a manner as to be able to apply its currents and direct them, is to have accomplished the Great Work and to be master of the world.

Love is one of the great instruments of magical power, but it is categorically forbidden to the Magus, at least as an intoxication or passion. Woe to the Samson of the Kabalah if he permit himself to be put asleep by Delilah! The Hercules of science, who exchanges his royal sceptre for the distaff of Omphale, will soon experience the vengeance of Dejanira, and nothing will be left for him but the pyre of Mount Oetna, in order to escape the devouring folds of the coat of Nessus. Sexual love is ever an illusion, for it is the result of an imaginary mirage. The Astral Light is the universal seducer, typified by the serpent of Genesis.' This subtle agent, ever active, ever vigorous, ever fruitful in alluring dreams and sensuous images; this force, which of itself is blind and subordinated to every will, whether for good or evil; this ever-renewing circulus of unbridled life, which produces vertigo in the imprudent; this corporeal spirit; this fiery body; this impalpable omnipresent ether; this monstrous seduction of Nature – how shall we define it comprehensively and how characterize its action? To some extent indifferent in itself, it lends itself to good as to evil; it transmits light and propagates darkness; it may be called equally Lucifer and Lucifuge; it is a serpent but it is also an aureole; it is a fire, but it may belong equally to the torments of infernus or the sacrifice of incense offered up to heaven. To dispose of it, we must, like the predestined woman, set our foot upon its head.

The double triangle of Solomon is explained by St. John in a remarkable manner. He says, “There are three which give record in heaven – the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit”; and “there are three which give testimony on earth – the spirit, the water and the blood.” Thus, St. John agrees with the masters of Hermetic philosophy, who attribute to their Sulphur the name of Ether, to their Mercury that of Philosophical Water, and to their Salt the qualification of the Dragon's Blood or Menstruum of the Earth. Blood or Salt corresponds by opposition with the Father, Azotic or Mercurial Water with the Word or LOGOS, and the Ether with the Holy Spirit. But the things of transcendent symbolism can only be understood rightly by the true children of science.

Love is the law, love under will.