The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

Catechism I

I. Furnishing of the Temple

The altar is Boleskine, the 'Mecca' of this earth and can not be destroyed.The columns are the countercharged energies that lead to manifested life.The circle is the galaxy about the earth with the ecliptic upon which the starry constellations are placed.  The Dark Cell is that which is outside incarnation from whence we come and whither we go.
The blood of ALL the Saints is of particular importance and is represented by the Altar Cloth.  For in as much as the semen represents the crystallization of the light, so does the ova.  So the list of Gnostic Saints also must include those women that have also transmitted the L.V.X. of Gnosis to the human race.  And both the seminal and vaginal/menstrual fluids are their individual menstruums.  However, there is no longer the sacrifice of the lamb and the spilling of blood.  Rather, the collection of light and its power to transform.  The crimson of the altar cloth is the regality of this new life, which is the issue of the menstruum as symbolized by the Priestess sitting upon the altar and the blood flowing over the altar from her vagina, into the Cup of the Universe.  The blood is the life…the house of electro-magnetic power…the crystallized light.

II. The Officers of the Mass


They are one body as a triune function (Hence the instruction that only the Priest takes the Eucharist):

Priestess — Humanity's higher nature as (Pneumatic)
Her presence on the altar should create a vision of the goddess (often depicted in cultural expression as a many breasted and many armed woman).  She carries the Egg and Lunar Menstruum.  In her opening dance, she blankets the Sun (Tiphareth in communion with the Deacon) and carries the Sword, which is the martial force that will penetrate the Van Allen Belt about the earth and admit the higher spiritual force.

Priest — That which aspires (Psychic)
He is the physical vehicle; that is Matter, which will be redeemed by Light. He invokes the Solar Prana, which is the soul of the Magickal Childe (RA HOOR KHUIT).  He carries the sperm and Solar Menstruum.

Deacon — The Mundane Being (Hylic)
He or she is the Nephesh; that which must function in the physical universe and takes care of the practical considerations of the ritual as well as conducting the congregation.  She or he is the connecting link between the altar and the congregation as well as between the participants of the mass and the invoked Saints of which lineal heirship is claimed in Rosicrucian fashion.
Children — They represent the polarity of power and personify the pillars about the altar. Congregation — They are the many stars of the universe in whose company we all belong.  We could say that the three are a concealment of the four as the Gnostic Circle is divided by both three and four.  The Children of the mass then represent the dual nature of this fourth.  For that matter, the ideal number of congregants can either be nine or twelve as the Gnostic Circle can also be divided by these numbers.

III. Ceremony of the Introit


These are the principal figures of the 'Profession of Faith' as led by the Deacon (This prayer evokes the mood of the mass):

Chaos — The disorder of the universe upon which the will feeds and from   which the will establishes its order.

Babalon — She receives all impressions and is the clay from which we are created.

Baphomet — The Kundalini force that when aroused is our transcendence.The Priestess first pierces the veil in order to enter the hall as the clitoris comes from under its hood.  And then she commands "By the power of Iron" (metal of Mars) as a martial force and concentrates the energy to re-animate the Priest. She pushes the Deacon aside as to cast away mortal concerns to arouse the higher aspiration. She will ultimately robe the Priest and crown him with the Uraeus (Kundalini Serpent). This garment is representative of the astral body which robes the spirit. And the crown is indicative of the fully aroused Kundalini force.

IV. Opening of the Veil

The functions of the Priest and Priestess are established and indeed they should become Hadit and Nuit (respectively) at this point if they are to operate above the veil of Paroketh, performing the Great Work that will take them beyond the Abyss. The Deacon remains in Malkuth relating what is happening above to the congregation which surrounds him.

V. Eleven Collects

These are prayers. When the Deacon invokes the Gnostic Saints he shoots energy to the base of the Priests spine as the Priest is the vehicle to the goddess. The Saints then physically become involved in this rite.  And by the synergystic communion with these Saints, a greater energy is harnessed.  Note that both the male and female carry the phallus as they do a vaginal opening; only both in inverse manner in relation to each other.

VI. Consecration of the Elements

This ritual meal is prepared for the alchemical miracle that is about to happen. An Eucharist is a spiritual energy encased in a physical substance that when consummed invades and transforms the physical cells of the body into spiritual cells. In this way, an Etheric body is built and the seeming death of the physical body is but the transference of power to the true and Immortal Body, which is built, cell by cell by the infusion of Light into Matter.

VII. The Anthem

With joy and gladness, the congregation sings of the glory of life and the process of creation by which is produced the Elixir of Life; the Eucharist which is created from the union of sperm and ova.  The power that is unleashed by their fusion can produce the miracle of physical birth, or can be harvested in order to obtain Immortality.

VIII. The Mystic Marriage and Consummation

The Elixir is created and consummed. This is the alchemical wedding and its consummation (conjugal fusion). Illusion is the destroyer of truth. The 'Lion and Serpent' or Kundalini energy can out-martial this illusion. By lowering his lance the priest makes a bridge between the higher and lower aspirations (which is yet another marriage).

The priest finally beseeches everyone to find their true wills that they may learn to master the orbit of their own manifested life through the many incarnations of birth, death and re-birth. Because we are so asleep in this life, upon death we can only haphazardly re-incarnate and we fall victim to our lower whims and the chaotic energies that interfere with the free-fall of our orbital evolution.

Make note of this as the Priest finally places himself back in the Dark Cell. He is at that time poised to choose the nature of his next incarnation as he has just completed this cycle of manifested life. This is not a tomb as death is only a process of transformation. He or she who is truly awake will never taste death. They can control the transformative process and find eternal life. The sleepwalker will surely die and his or her broken up elements will be dispersed among the stars to be picked up in pieces by various other ego-complexes preparing for incarnation.