The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

Manifesto of the G.C.L.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Gnostic prayer is a way of unlocking psychic structures through the use of symbols, that would bring us to a greater sense of the presence of holiness in our lives.

The Holy Qabalah is our divine inheritance; an ancient wisdom from time immemorial revealed through a Hebrew shamanistic practice known as the Merkabah Tradition, as much a descendent of Greek Pythagoreanism. The Merkabah is the Chariot that brought these Shamans to the seven Hekaloth; the Seven Heavens. In these heavens, communication with the Angels of God is possible!

Our free lectures and workshops include:

The Qabalah Lecture Series
Meditation Sessions
Astral Projection: Lecture & Workshop
Tensegrity (Western Tai-Chi) Instruction and Practice
Alchemical Tarot
Astrology & Gnosis

Our foremost rite is the Rosicrucian Mass, a community oriented liturgical event that calls on the prophecy of many sources to provide that all-inspiring “fresh fever from the skies.” And the central, most sacred rite of our church that ties most of our other rituals and rites of passage together is the Gnostic Mass, a private service wherein all the veiled secrets of the Western Mystery Tradition are expressed.

The Gnostic Church of L.V.X. aspires to promote a wholesome Gnostic current; a living theurgy or religion of direct experience as it reveals the true nature of the human soul. 'Moving the soul,' something that people do when they create Art or improvise on a musical instrument put the body into the psycho-autonomic discipline of the Martial Arts, or other such similar types of activities (such as Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, et al) that are the core virtue of the human experience. Traditional western religion has a lot to say on what happens to your soul after you die. But it has very little to say about what to do with your soul while you're alive. Theurgy is the moving of the soul, which is in itself an experiential and not a belief-based system.

As a legal, non-profit, religious organization in the State of New York, the GCL (the flagship church of the A.M.H.R.) is an outer socio-religious appendage of the A.·.A.·., upon whom it depends for its spiritual authority. The sacraments presented in this website are but a part of a much larger calling. Contained within are all our rituals, including rites of passage, catechisms and a breviary of more traditional as well as newly minted apocryphal teachings in the living celebration of a vitalized spiritual community.

Our first rite is the Rosicrucian Mass. It is devoted to the idea of recognizing prophecy as a epiphany of "fresh fever from the skies;" an apocalyptic tradition that is the rising of the planes of human consciousness and that included such works as the Book of Enoch and Apocalypse of Abraham, leading to the ultimate formulation of the Holy Qabalah (Cf. the Qabalistic bibliography in our Curriculum). This tradition continued into the Christian Gnosis with what is now known as the Book of Revelation (discussed in various articles in this website, including: The Starry Gnosis, The Eagle and the Temple and Liber Congregus Restituo) and other Gnostic Apocalypses as well as the Pythagoreanism of the Greek Qabalah.

Even further forward, this tradition continued to the Renaissance and the Enochian work of Dr. John Dee (founder of the Rosicrucian movement and court Astrologer to Queen Elizabeth) and Sir Edward Kelly, as taught in the Magickal Lodge of the A.O.M. Other important prophets include Nostradamus and Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky; both of whom found the antient Starry Gnosis to renew the current of mystery and mythos in the West.

Just as important, is the Vision and the Voice (holding the canon of Thelemic doctrine; along with the Holy Books of Thelema) by the Master Therion along with the DOzmt Index and the Divine Interviews of our Greatly Honored Frater Zoel Dana Kaim/Chaim as proof that our spiritual heritage brings us to a living tradition, active in our day. New Gnosis is the key to our vitality and is the source of spiritual authority in that we prove our connection to the Secret Chiefs that have since time immemorial, tended to the spiritual development of the Human Race.

The central, most sacred rite that ties most of our other rituals together is the Gnostic Mass. However, our rite differs from that which might be called the more traditional rite composed by the Master Therion. And several catechisms on this are also contained herein. We still very strongly respect the original version and it is that version to which this updated version must still refer itself to for access to the root, core of our tradition. The modifications upon this rite now speak to a more enlightened generation of stars and offsets the Victorianism of the first century of Horus. In such a light, we recognize the necessary and equal participation of both genders in the formulation and nourishment of life.

For want of a better phrase, one can say that it is our intent to build ‘A City on the Hill’ with the same fervor upon which the Founding Fathers of the United States of America built theirs. This collective engine will fortify us in our pursuit of Light, Life, Love and Liberty and into the next exciting century ahead of us. And we will surely share in the bounty of the Yew Groves of Yama.

Love is the law, love under will.