The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

De Regulae Vitae

On the habits of the aspiring Adept


Aspiring to the wider and deeper life of the Adepts, one nurtures and develops the flame of Spirit which will shine within. Thus is the animal nature altered as poise is developed along the lines of spiritual experience as it affects that nature. Therein is the secret of aligning oneself with the nature of one's perfected orbit as a state of free-fall whence the inertia of the universe allies itself in conformity with the Will of the individual. Such simple daily habits as delineated below form the basis of this spiritual life.

Note that the Law is the delineation of the natural truth of the universe. Our Lady Nuit is all and is in all that exists. Therefore, if thy success wounds or restricts the freedom of another, it is not a true success, it is a failure and hence, a sorcery. And one's understanding of the nature of one's True Will is in need of better realization. Always keep in mind the lessons taught in Liber Librae.

Refine your rapture with the participation in the genteel and cultural history and develop your sophistication along these lines. Seek to educate yourself and know that true social change starts in your own backyard. Enter into debate and disputes with the goal of seeking to learn and not with the goal to win. Accept all criticism of others with an open mind and with a valuing of the perspective of those others. Yet fight always to defend your integrity and liberty along the lines of Liber OZ.

Perform Resh daily.
Perform Will at every meal.
Perform The Star Ruby and Reguli Daily.
Meditate Daily.
Attend all rites, celebrations and social occaissions of the GCL and A.'.O.'.M.'..
Quote the Law when greeting other Thelemites.
Observe the 8 & 90 Rules of Art.
Offer composte waste to the nature that surrounds your domicile as an adoration of Nuit.
Keep Tuesday sacred unto the Lord of the Aeon with an invocation unto Horus.
When confronted by people in the dress of or propounding the dogma of or about to enter the domicile of the cursed religions of AL III.49-56, throw your arm diagonally in an arch across your body and pronounce the words of banishing:


Strive to control your emotions. Do not repress them but use them rather than letting them use you.
Examine all actions as to whether or not they serve your immediate, mid-term and long-range goals.
Perform sealing ritual as a response to all periods of discord in daily life.
Have sex only when a strong attraction is felt for your partner.
Do not argue about the Law with anyone; nor attempt to convert anyone to the Law.
Give Liber OZ and Liber AL as a present to people whom you meet; should you consider them worthy.
Observe daily, the rapturours light of Hadit within while viewing the starry night sky as an adoration unto Nuit.
Observe Luna and the other planets in the sky; seeking always to understand their synchronicities.
Talk to the rocks and love the plants that grow upon the earth.
Treat animals as if they were human.
Treat humans as if they were Gods that sleep and in sleeping dream; for indeed they are.
Read and strive to consistently develop intellectual capacities.
Be creative as that is the expression of your H.G.A.
Dream as that is the expression of your H.G.A.
Work hard for therein lies Success
Let thy nature be Generous
Play in thy Leisure Time
Bath & Rest daily