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Liber DN

Liber DN
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Bishop Tao To Logos
Hot Death

The DN occurs in Layad1 (Laya D) and on the cover of Liber L. There is the gesture of Venus de Milo, with a D beside it. And there‟s another drawing with an N beside it. This is a drawing of the most common Mudra of the Hindu gods. It means NO FEAR; pointing towards the riddle of Maat‟s Uniculum: No fear is the gear of No Man ### But ###. The DN formula is a very important and deep-seated instinct in us all. I could explain it as the hedonistic formula of sex and death, but much would be lost as it implies more. The Daleth is desire, attraction and the Nun is death but when explaining these as:

D the hermeneutic approach, the desire of enlightenment, engagement and integration with whatever is focused upon, and then

N is the completion of this desire; the fulfillment, we then see that this formula is the way, which combines the way of the Hermetic Magickian, the warrior and the upright human.

The D of DN is Kama or Kamadeva (world of desire), which is a kind of afterlife that means that Kama also goes through „hot death.‟ And the myth is quite clear – he is burnt to ashes. Other myths show him to be castrated, but to no avail, he just becomes better after this. And this is a central mystery of Laiad, which translated in Enochian is as simple as meaning the "One God." (Kama – the Brahma born, the first) The king is dead – long live the king.

This instinct or fiat that we may call the way of bud-will; to do and execute our intent in such a manner that it will be done, is what I have identified with the innermost spirit of Perdurabo and 
the Book of the Law. It also provides a new level of understanding to the saying by Nuit – "…But always unto me," as we take hold of our desire and formulate our intention and say: I will endure to the end, to fulfillment, as we understand that the Goddess of Nothing must be the end and death to everything – to all that endures. Remember, “The Manifestation of Nuit is at an end.” AL:I.66

AL:II.72 Strive ever to more! and if thou art truly mine-and doubt it not, an if thou art ever joyous!-death is the crown of all.

So Nuit is also the embodiment of DN as she figures just as well as Venus and Death; being NOT. The difference in the imagery of her, which we choose, will determine and change a lot. As she is Venus, she will arouse us to the forces of life, vigor and will, while if we see her as an nihil (NOT) and death, she is likely to turn us off. Therefore the following saying in the Gnostic Mass is particularly significant.

"…soul of infinite space, before whom Time is ashamed, the mind bewildered, and the understanding dark, not unto thee may we attain, unless Thine image be Love."

So the DN formula is a way of expressing the small actions we do in life – as we can recognize the theme of doing one‟s will without the lust of result herein, as the end is death or just the completion of the favored action.

But DN is also illustrative of the main method of climbing the Tree-of-Life. The total focus on one‟s desire and intent will bring one in touch with the corresponding Sephira. The continued focus upon the same, will accumulate more of these powers with the whole being attained as one sorts out the non-fitting elements (belonging to other levels) and who reacts to occurring obstacles with the energized enthusiasm; knowing that such obstacles turned to one‟s own advantage is practically the only victory we can obtain. The Sephira will at last shine with full power as we intimate with the Sephira. So then, as that Sephira is completed and there is nothing more to put into it, our progression will next, lead us to the succeeding Sephira, as we die away from the one we are leaving.

There are variations on the Sephiroth and from human to human on how this death phase is experienced. But in general, if the progress goes fast and yet, the obsession on the leaving Sephira is still hard, it will feel like one is dying. And this hard death phase usually occurs while turning to the left on the tree of life (leaving Yesod, Netzach, Tiphareth, Chesed and Chokmah). One then dies away from the ego in its prior form, but is resurrected in a higher mode, as soon one gets back on track on the middle or right pillars. Then one regains the ego back in a higher mode, as consciousness will always manifest in an ego construction.

Centaurus Comment:
The formula of ON as discussed in Liber Laiad uses the Priestess, seated in Netzach (Venus and a lower manifestation of Binah as much as having a correspondence to Daleth), to take the energy to Tiphareth, by way of Nun (The Death Atu). With this of course, the Veil of Paroketh is pierced and the Magickal Child created. But all manifestation must first coalesce in Briah, where of course, Daleth resides. Note also that Daleth (The Empress Atu) is traditionally rendered as a pregnant woman, certainly giving us the idea of a new birth or incarnation.

Ab Alg Mor Sto Val
From Cold Death Stand Strong
A prophetic solution the riddle of AL:II.76

4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L. What meaneth this, o prophet? Thou knowest not; nor shalt thou know ever. There cometh one to follow thee: he shall expound it. But remember, o chosen one, to be me; to follow the love of Nu in the star-lit heaven; to look forth upon men, to tell them this glad word.

Osman was my original mentor in the c.O.T.O. I have since come to regard him as a Black Brother as much as a revealer or dark prophet. The insidious nature of his work is found in his solution to the riddle, which draws some of the letters out from AL:II.76 to get Latin roots as follows: AB ALG MOR STO VAL. This translates as “From cold death stand strong.” From the remaining letters he got: Crux = Cross , and through swapping between Latin and Greek letters KRY & PYR = cold & Fire. But the main formula he derived was found by placing the remaining letters in one point, ending with X & P, which is the Greek monogram for Rex Christeous – King Christ, the demiurgic Slave God.2

Osman was setting up his project without telling anyone, but under a false flag. I watched and partook as I was sincerely interested in Thelema and OTO. As it grew and got attention and more partakers, I suddenly also saw that none of the newcomers was able to work with the upright tree of life, all of those capable of having a magickally induced vision were reporting things which only could make any sense if we referred these visions as being of the nightside, the underground, the qliphoth, the tree of death. I realized that he had succeeded in breeding a culture by his many lectures of those days. These lectures were usually ending in discussions which were accompanied by a mixture of "reasonable skepticism", awe (fear) and romanticism and power hunger. I saw the potent mix as being of fear towards the impenetrable and unapproachable mystery; this would prevent people from taking a clear move towards our subjects, but instead release the mystic inside whose way is sinking and assimilation. But of course, consistency was hard to find, and inconsistency such an appropriate environment of the filthy.

The slogan "From cold death stand strong" contains a contradiction. It cannot be said that it takes death seriously as the result stands strong. The person, who has died in working this formula, defies that natural destiny of finite beings and is not dead. The employment of this formula simply denies the word or logos of death to function truly as death. Therefore, the formula would be the process of creating the Undead, the Vampire.

Magick is about using language to recreate itself in the world, so if the formula of „cold death‟ is employed properly, its results would be to force a lie upon the world; creating demiurgic reality where fake death is death enough, and the supreme result would become an initiation into the legions of the Undead. Really, the likely result of its use would be in gaining access to the Thelemic Qliphoth.

Current 23

This current was ready available in those days or maybe in its height, as it had been well bred in Europe mostly under the label "Chaos Magick", but I would rather like to name it current 23 as to specify it further. 23 is described as the glyph of nascent life by Crowley, and if I shall pin this further, sperm or ov power are this numbers virtue. Sperm and eggs are symbols of that which isn‟t yet, but likely will come. It is the number of the hypotetic and the potential. And to us it means expectations, excitement and thrills. Hope and fear are the two reactions which the potential triggers in us. The fear side was unfortunately the only side exposed during the eighties, but as this current was more activated by artists than magickians, a lot of great art music was the result.3 The groups; to name some; PTV, Current 93, NWW, Coil, Organum, Lustmord, SPK & 23 Skidoo. Listen to "The culling is coming" by 23 Skidoo, to get an impression on how the eighties could be.

From my meet with Hadit in 93, I was faced with the premium source of current 23; Hadit in his role as Magickian, vielding the serpent power to the creation of unspeakable excitement. To him there was no question whether we should fear or hope – the full range of tension was his aim. Looking at the concepts of hope and fear, I see fear reduces fast to expectation of death, physical death, while hope reduces fast to expectation of attainment; spiritual (subjective) attainment, and this latter is also some kind of death; the death induced by success. So both leads to death, which is natural as thats what is close to nascent life. Further work on current 23 is likely to occur. Because potential is natural as a double current too.

 Osman didn‟t care about Chaos Magick or any music more modern than Strauss, but used what the air was filled with. He though had his only mentor in UK `83. He only respected Crowley and read him eagerly, to find his warnings, to see how he could exploit these holes. Osman couldn‟t have succeeded in guiding/trapping so many people into this kind of work, if he hadn‟t done it himself. And he explained me once in detail how his basic attitude towards sephiroth working or dealing with the personal initiatory current. From this explanation I also recognized ND.

On Temperature

There are natural attitudes connected to these forms of death. Hot death is a very painful and unattractive form of death; as repulsive to the living being as could be imagined. The physical equivalent of Cold death is probably not well-known in southern climates as it doesn‟t offer such conditions too often. In northern climates, we know that freezing to death is one of the most beautiful ways of dying as told by people rescued from the threshold of it. Coldness is not comfortable to meet, but when the coldness creeps in and takes charge, numbness sets in and an inversion happens. People start to feel very warm and it is reported that many people who have frozen to death have even undressed in the process.

From my own experiments in the north, I discovered that on this stage happiness enters and the mood becomes blissful and reckless about any physical and mundane matter. I also learned from experience, the fact I already knew, if any part of the body gets 2nd degree frostbite, that same part of the body becomes particularly vulnerable to frostbite later on. And will be the first part of the body where one will start to freeze, when again, exposed to cold. First-degree frostbite is just the state of receiving the numbness and lack of feeling. This is relatively harmless, yet when getting into the heat again, the numb parts experience pain as they begin to warm up.

I have seen that these physical facts do bear a close resemblance with the conditions that appear when using the cold death as a formula for spiritual development. The sign of the cold death complex upon the psyche shows up as a sweet melancholia. Nietzsche‟s fight against Transcendentalism is a part of the history of philosophy now. Leading with the slogan: "God is dead," he argued that the struggle to reach beyond, to the transcendental is in vain, as it is only here in life that spiritual experience can be apprehended.

In this light, „From cold death stand strong‟ is a direct and blatant use of Transcendentalism in the worst possible way. It‟s like saying: "Come here and die and later you will get your reward." But as the slogan is self-contradictory and in short just a lie. There is nothing afterwards for those who use this formula; just the Undead and the fallen. And these minions will crumble to dust in the light of the true Sun.
The hot death slogan can‟t evoke any path to resurrection, as it simply is the painful end. It shows that death is forever and as such, Life is now and thus the moral becomes: Live Now for tomorrow, we die! The solution to the problem of attaining immortality appears as a signature; by a Fool, BHDT, who is a God and has no physical body. Its Magickal implication is found in accepting this solution as one accepts the so-called mundane reality that is empirically present.

This resolves any mixing of the planes4 that one may have acquired earlier. One will no longer accept the idea of altruism and unconditional love etc, if one doesn‟t feel it. It will then make one‟s interaction with the actual paradigm within which one is living, so much more powerful, especially as there are no other interfering paradigms that swallow up the energy one is accumulating.

There is sure no life after death, but there may be consciousness, as we know there are discarnate entities, and that consciousness may take the ontological status of zero and still be vital. Life I regard as something that occurs in the process of birth; the appearance of material substance joined with consciousness and containing will. Death I define as the total separation of the will principle from its previous inhabited material. (This definition is made to be able to be used on planes that go higher than Assiah as well.)

Today many people are still abusing language as they speak about life after death. I regard this as just being imprecise, but when used in the paradigm of Magick the quality of the error may take on a demiurgic power. The first Magick was writing and language remains the prime tool of the Magickian. It must be concise and it must be protected against the abbreviations of mundane culture. The moral of this I regard as mainly being a recommendation to evaluate one‟s own use of language.

The Magickian must be able to accurately express his or her thoughts outside the temple as much as within it. Be aware that one‟s day-to-day use of language is what reflects and defines one‟s daily reality to oneself. One‟s Magick will get more powerful as one proclaims accurately, that, which is substantial in reality; thus referring to actual objects and objectives, rather than talking about expressions one really doesn‟t understand. Work it with knowledge of forethought and learn with your heart, body and mind in depth; get a concrete relation to those expressions that others use to generate the fog of mindlessness.

On False Love

My mentor; the false prophet experimented a lot with how to commit the worst possible things with his ability to love. He fell in love with some girl named Asita, and explained this in terms of Gematria, how divinely inspired this love had to be. She was a bright girl who understood that she couldn‟t do anything else, other than simply trying to ignore and avoid this creep.5 So Mr. Slimy did his daily Venus hexagrams to arouse the most embarrassed spirit of love; who really

wanted to stay away, and went on his evening promenade to her house, hoping to catch a glimpse of her, through the window. She was married as well, but as she was meant for Mr. Black Adder, he had to rescue her. He cursed her husband; and when the gentleman lost a toe in the lawn mower, Mr. Slack Bladder went out to pubs and clubs, telling everyone what a brilliant Magickian he was.
When he told me this story, I really didn‟t understand the implications of this practice, but it all is part of his practice of the Ab Alg Mor Sto Val formula (From cold death stand strong). This formula creates Qliphoth, it turns what‟s in focus to schizophrenia, as the formula itself is contradictory. And yes – its a story of the ND formula.

Centaurus comment:
Even the cold heart finds value in the beauty of another. But rather than harmonize with such beauty, it seeks to possess it. There is no electromagnetic charge in the cold heart, hence no polarity is possible and by which an harmonic relationship can be formulated. And so the cold heart seeks rather to enslave. Here, the transformation of self into the yearning for another is as a cold death. And in standing strong, one works the Magick of the vampire…standing strong…enslaving that other.

The schizophrenia that is the broken heart is as the yearning for another; that one's heart alone is but half the formula or in actuality, half a heart. When it conjoins with the heart of another, then one is complete and whole…a wondrous Alchemy. Cf. AL:I.30:

"This is the creation of the world, that the pain of division is as nothing, and the joy of dissolution all. "

No we don‟t turn to sadism because of rejection if we‟ve got a reasonable response to that rejection. But I have noticed there are many around that don‟t understand the Thelemic formula of Love under will. For those clinging to the „sacred‟ monogamy and the Christist virtues (that are actually are becoming more and more puritan these days) the law of Love is put ahead of everything else and if love strikes someplace, the tendency is to force it to stay there, even if it doesn‟t work. It is this formula that allows unrequited love to stay around until it turns sour and freezes over.

It is natural for the human to compensate for emotions upheld without reason in some way, and as the love upheld in the wrong place causes sorrow and pain, the response from the body machinery is to try to bring it back.6 It‟s just as stupid as the immediate lust of revenge that occurs if a branch fell of a tree and hits one on the head, but it‟s the easiest way to handle the anger caused by a feeling of weakness.

As a result we have got something, which resembles the „Double Current‟ (Sadism), but note that it is being itself, which has become splintered. The true schizophrenia is a split or broken heart, approaching the double current in a whole and harmonious manner.

Utterance of a Magus

So what about me? Am I a Prophet? In that I have channeled new Gnosis, yes! And so was Osman amongst others. As I have been compelled to live through the cowering eighties, I know how many were called to partake in digging out of the pit of pits, but it was Osman who hit an all time low. It seems I have been the only one able to understand his work and a certain torch has been passed to me. Therefore, as seen from Maat‟s Uniculum, the lineage that the secret chiefs will inaugurate, comes through me and my work. I am A prophet among others, and to those of US, the following applies: "All words are sacred and all prophets true; save only they understand a little" AL:I.56.7 This has been my method for gaining wisdom, catch that little understanding and leave the rest.

The word STO

The solution that I have brought forth catches the essence of Perdurabo,8 the foursquare name to be worshipped as per the prophecy of The Book of the Law. I have purged Osman‟s solution and picked out a word, which is that Will that I have become and from the complexities of the riddle. STO means „stand‟ with several possible interpretations. What I see first and foremost in this is the act of bidding all to rise up, to stand up with dignity and greater awareness in order to bid the world appear as itself. It‟s the appropriate word of an Avatar of Amsu; whose name means rising. And it is concordant with Perdurabo in that it says Persist. It is a word that can initialize the path of Perdurabo in a Karma-yogic9 manner. It is the promotion of the personal and individual life with its Gnostic truths. And the word can also be used for restoring the confused paths and paradigms that is the work of this Aeon of Horus. The resulting, healthy egregore would then become capable of holding and accumulating energy so that our collective life would then evolve and transform in its wake. The way the Qliphoth is integrated in this word so that even if „stand‟ is employed as a verb, it denotes an action which maintains an equilibrium in that it then sets up a span from the right to left pillar where the „Golden Pillar‟ or the „Golden Way‟ is revealed. It is therefore a Yellow School word that can be used at any place on the path; also in Taoist manner. There are also phallic inferences that can be drawn from this. The stoic ideal applies as well; cf. the writings of Zeno, Epicurus and M. Aurelius. The word is no ordinary word of power, and the ritualist may at times be surprised to feel how little power it casts off, or how dead it can be, but its power is a continuance that pervades both creation and realm of the dead, and therefore this continuance is a superior power in that it can hold power. It is perfect.

The Perfect and the Perfect are one Perfect and not two; nay, are none! AL:I.45

This word is that one, which is my individuality as discussed above. It is the word of my Magushood. And what is the word of the Magus supposed to be and to contain? As the Magus degree is connected to the Sephira, Chokhmah, it therefore must be the word, which makes the Magickian an harmonius exponent of the powers that the Sephira contains. This Sephira is the place where the creation is conceptualized in a word that contains the inherent divine being and which initiates action. It is of course a Luciferian word like "let there be light" or „becoming.‟

The formulation of the Logos is the key to all action and paradigms of the formulator; it is his or her whole system condensed into a singularity. I regard the word STO to be clearly, a catalyst word; reflecting in itself the nature of Kether. In this time, there should come more like words of power. We should see more and more, that people are able to obtain such a word for their own individual alignment with Chokhmah.

13.apr. 92 e.v. 23 50 – 00 25

I see thee in the winter, thou betrayer of Gods,
in the winter the messenger of the believed ones are to indulge with the owls of reason.

No summit of the charge to heaven,
Thou livest not once, but as we say;

In these mirrors are set up. They are perchance as the set within, welcomed to
find dead. But in him sails are the hurricane that farthest beyond any willed
See him and thou are beyond his riches, be with him, and thou are with his riches, but with me thou have no chance.
We say NO.
Come on, beyond reason are no reason, Between reason is the reasoner bound. I am him too, but not as me. We find our presence shattered as the want indulges no will.
Say you no?
YES is our answer.
Thou shakest, and in our presence shaking are shattered, blasted as anything else,
Love me, if you cant find me pleasurable, be with us as i cry, BENORMI.
Boundless breaks through and thou finds not not.
Never mind, Coph Nia is our law. No mans land is it called by those not of us.


Bark thou eagerly, pimps have often enough said wait to theirs.
But I will as the last instance before him be set upon his mercenary.

Be rid of this second riddle.
NO FEAR IS THE GEAR OF NO MAN 3 8 6 8 8 BUT 3 4 8 9 6

Need me?
Make thou no son to mine presence.
The best of you say not so, So in my presence as thou have done this;
Await for three months the way to clear up. we say thee organism is not well fit
for everything.
So be prepared by traditional receipts.
The invoking needs gifts,
Thine own blood, Milk & Honey. Thine commitment.
As I say you are in danger listen not, beg me to take the listener, for I have
nothing to say him, nothing to show.
What shall arise is unspeakable.
As everyone truly dies in here some will die physically, but they wont come
They say this is evil but there is no one which doesn‟t know better.
Beyond beyond is not for beyond.
We say no more.
Be off duty.

Commenting Maat‟s UniCulum.
Ok this is short, and are those things that just have to be here to make this text more understandable. There are lots more to say about this text as it is far more prestigous than it looks, and I hope to do so, but there might be that the essential parts will be written elsewhere.
The Title: by Latin; Uni = One , Culum = chalice, drinking cup.
Belived: Yes its no typo of believed. It says belived.
Up to the giving of the riddle she centers around the Gods Hadit and Set. This relationship can be read about in Aquinos Book of coming forth by night.
It must be said that it was my HGA; Amsu that told me to call her to get this text, and that I understood it was important, but nothing more was said. I so did, and the event proceeded, but not in any way as I expected. During the first quarter of the text while she was speaking, the name Wilkinson was chanted slowly and aloud from all quarters of the world. To say that I was surprised is an understatement. The passage "Manyfold is bound to gloom" was chanted by a sudden choir of unspeakable beauty. I was beginning to realize that I was having audience with the Mother of Theater. And she was not in her best mood. I became increasingly divided within as the text proceeded and as the riddle suddenly was announced; something in me was taking completely control and I wrote down the words in the full conviction that I understood and was able to interfere. And then I saw what I had written, and saw that I was wrong. What was written was something else, something that she wrote. After that, I was in complete shock and had absolutely no idea of whatever hit me. I just resigned and wanted to hear no more. Despite that I actually had looked forward to this, and hoped to get lots of interesting things, but no; after that, I wanted to go into a state of hibernation, but wrote down the remains and was dismissed.
The incident as it occurred to me was no real pleasant moment, but it proved to be one of my most important works. As later Wilkinson showed up to me; as myself ! But myself made perfect. Wilkinson was a state of mind that was the most agile state i can imagine, without any hesitations, burdens and worries, just the easygoing loving genius. All my loves, I refound in this particular state, but clarified and strengthened. I began to realize that Maat had actually named my Sahu; ( the highest and the spiritual body of the Egyptians) and thereby exposed it to me. And this is the value and greatness of Maat. That she communes with the Best of Us. She; knows these parts as they are part of her, and your work in receiving familiarity with her may the birth of the Life to Love in Light and Liberty, as it is the simple rule of the best of us. Unfortunately this figure disappeared as I was going to my continued work at lower levels, and now there seems to be work everywhere else, So whether there will happen things in his name, time will tell, but he is my personal mystery.

The Riddle;
Ok there lots to say about fear, but not now. It became clear to me that this riddle was not meant for me as Inspiration collapsed as soon as I started to look upon it more than superficial. However, The riddle of II-76 is solved whether one knows, like it or not, and this riddle is the one that shall procure the lineage by book.

I have finally been given the vision of the Prophet to come:
The type; bonewhite, adept in masks, will by his aeonlong familiarity soon understand the futility of the great work, so he will go straight for the pudding and make people furious, whereupon he in my delight disappears in slow spiraling waves and make great cities go out of their minds.

His blow to the Black Lodge will leave it castrated for this Aeon, as he understood them and took all their methods and wrestled out the sanity and sanctity they tried to hide. For this work the misunderstanders within the white lodges will try to defame him as some necromancer, some vampire, exposing themselves as the traitors they are. He just continued being Maats very own Lover.

His classical outfit, bleached and stitched together garbage with lots of bones rattling about will serve his environment as the reminder of their ultimate future and their lacking questions and concerns. But he was no real opportunist, rather a fortunist. His cards as a prophet were worse than anytime, to him, there is no logic and his work as a prophet may pass unnoticed by book buyers. But luckily he was a hard working one, and he eventually sorted out how he could preserve his work as guide to the impossible by pointers, for to him there is no way, no mind , no nothing, nothing to say. For those who love our mysteries, and would like to sap his essencelessness, I say he or his echoes can be found where my works make people whisper wow. It will eventually appear that he have been. And the tradition will take a break and new turn, because of him.

25th October 2004:
Why is this text given ? Whats the purpose of Maats Uniculum and how is it to be executed ?
The immediate answer I find in Nemas transmission Pennae Praenumbra:

The forces of Shaitan have ye engendered, calling forth the nexus of the ninety-three wherein to work your Will. Separation for the joy of Union have ye known, and Alchemy is Science to your Art.

For those who know, and will, and dare, and keep in silence, it goes now further.

There are not many on earth truly appreciating the formula "to know, will, dare and keep in silence, and this work is therefore for the very few, and there exist no reason for me to bang the big drum because of this transmission. The main and great work to come is the revitalize the Hermopolis school of Magick, The Ogdoad of Tahuti. This school is dated to have started about 2200-2000 BC, but it preceedes all the others. That it grew to a size which took the hold of a whole city is due to the success of the schools of the Ennead. The Ennead is the basic magick, while the Ogdoadic mysteries all take place in the transcendent; outside the creation. The success of the ennead school in initiating more people was the possibility to formulate the Hermopolitan school. Tahuti and his adepts was busy with setting up the ennead schools before this time. There is no need to create structures around the Tahutian school of magick as its done around the Orders which deals with the Tree of Life. The partakers of the Ogdoad are far more than adepts; they see through all things as they are dead and masked. There cannot be any charlatans connected herein, for the connection that is vital for community herein is but real – its the connections that are basic, as a unique star to another unique star.

I have no intention of being the one who reinitializes the Ogdoad, but the signs of the time is clear to me. The wasteland beyond is stirred and i meet and get letters from people which dont ask for exactly basic questions on reality – revealing clearly that their area of concern is lofty. The ancient adepts are stirred, and they shall increasingly be stirred untill Tahuti is fully awakened and reformulates his wisdom for this aeon. Nema didnt go for setting up any Ogdoad either; but she managed to get a group to engage in ToL workings; that is the Ennead school. So do I, but in the A:.A:., and there the sephiroth workings are different. This btw, takes most of my time. There is no need at this time to set up the Ogdoad, but getting the education system aright – whose purpose is to extol and align our microcosmos in and with the macrocosmos. Thereby can we obtain Moksha and be free of and to our own human nature as well as creation with its necessities.

Maats uniculum has as its purpose to capture the final essence of us and lead us behind the foundation of nothing. There where truth can exist independently without having to give of itself as a medium of measurement. It will take the Hadit in you and quench it, leaving only the secret Hadit to persist – The hidden god is a part of the Ogdoad, as Amen. The unknown factor. So this work will be able to initate one further from the heights which a proper and serious order of today can raise one to. It is supported by Maat herself, and she will also guide her devotees from the day they make their commitment.

On the practice, there is to say that I have been ordered to chew on my first and wild rites of Maat as I did them 15 yrs ago. I anyway believe those close to this mystery can get what they need directly from Maat. The work is likely to include sexual communion with the Godess.

The Emblem of Maats UniCulum – to be set up at the personal temple the day the commitment to this work is done.

The colors are supposed to be black, silver and gold. The two small triangles are to be greyish. Note that the emblem is the traditional shield shape of heraldry, and its color is black – that is the most absorbent color of them all. The chalice which is the instrument of receptivity is silver.

On the word of Maat: IPSOS.
I wrote this sometime in 98 to the eq-list:
Kenneth Grant did take up up many of the themes from Liber Pennae Praenumbra and also the story behind this receiving, in what I consider as his best and most interesting book "Outside the circles of time". I believe it was him which translated the word into that translation which Nema has kept on using. Ipsos is the word, and Grant saw this as a word composed by two latin words; Ipse and Os ( self -same and mouth) and the translation became "by the same mouth".(Ipse is btw also the root of the degree of Kether Ipsissimus.) This I am convinced is wrong, (though Nemas thoughts around "the same mouth" is not and does stand without support.) Ipsos does not have to be seen as a composite word since Ipsos is a word in itself and is used in latin. It is the masculine, plural and accusative form of Ipse and Themselves is the proper translation. The way the word appears in the text seems actually to be done deliberate – to confuse. It is shown or spoken in nearly the end of the text, – but it is spoken about in nearly the beginning of the book. Thereby it becomes easy to neglect the context it first appears in – when contemplating on the word – where it appears.

Here follows a quotation of the part of the text where the word is written and I would say that my translation makes sense to this context.


But now ! As priests within the Temple are ye here, as Kings and Warriors, Magickians all. The way is in the work. The Hidden one of the Abyss now gives the two wherein is wrought the higher alchemy: Supporting Earth is Chthonos – learn it well, and all bonds shall be loosened for the Will's working. Surmounting spirit, there is Ychronos, whose nature is duration and the passing- away thereof. The two are one, and form the Kingdom's essence. Who masters them is Master of the world. They are the utter keys of transmutation, and keys of the Power of the other elements. The Warrior-priests received the Keys, and placed them within their robes, to hold them hidden well above their hearts. The Black Flame danced and dwindled, becoming small, a quill pen, plumed and pointed. There being naught upon which to write, one among the Priests came forth, and laid his body's skin upon the altar as living parchment. She-who-moves wrote thereupon a word, but shew it not before them. In patience waited all the Kings and Hermits, assured full well of final understanding. The feather grew again………

So what means this ?
That the power of Ipsos is in the cultivation, knowing and extension of Chtonos and Ychronos. Follow their opposite ways through the Kingdom, and extract by Ipsos.
Fr. Layad.

An Ychronos & Chtonos working
6th Nov 2003.

Cube in circle rite: ( Personal rite based on II-76)

I ask: What is the word of Ychronos?
"Him called in a circle, squared by these:
Angelos ton theon
Domedon Doxomedon

Chtonos works his way too, in a circle squared by

"The future exists already – as the future.
The past remains"

I call on Ychronos as described.

The base of time is in the pyramid. From the pyramid is time and its agent perceived. Without the pyramid no Timegod has any place to sit or to be heard. It is therefore of the missing gods as the pyramid have been neglected – the time god is vague without it. The link is action (karma), the pyramid is coagulated action, force of action captured in its static possibility. This possibility gives other possibilities of clairvoyancy sits at the source of creation; the creator found at chokhmah. Chtonos sees the pyramid.

I call on Chtonos as described.
A new voice, Cthonos: "So here we are again, entrenched and sickened. Despised unto the ages. Willfully done. Limbo has nothing got to do with it. Leaving the crap is one method, and when done there are new methods, for my work doesnt end before I end. Quench thou the lights and let me see through the darkness. Here is my work and all darkness must be eaten."

The former voice returns:
And Ychronos and Chtonos met at the pyramid. Ychronos the secret center; Chtonos; the secret matter whereof he revealed. (secret matter=> das ding an sich) These are hardly seen and lots are missed.

The sun shows up above the pyramid and looks with interest.
The play is never as much as ever.
And IPSOS! Victory.

(The uttering of the word in this context was hilarious, it opened the eye of Heru, the third eye at the archetypal level. I wasnt able to hold it for long, and I cant remember what I experienced.)

The Book of Amsu


25. June 1997. O1 00 >
Ritual action: None – I was trying to read Ben Rowe's Book of seniors while I noticed that a force was building up from below, I didnt care about that, but continued reading and so when I finally fetched the diary the current nearly exploded in my face and I am surprised that the beginning of the text became readable at all, since there in those moments didnt seem to be any real words that could express such a power; such outburst.

The numbers of the verses follow the order they were dictated in. That I have added some of the later verses is due to that the text was short and he left after point 16. But I kept pondering on some of the things he said and he showed up again – in a milder mood and more "compatible". He thereby also showed me the link we had by during that night by making a glissando or bridge from being an universal law or mechanism to become human (me) and thereby gave me an perfect example of how can an universal law or mechanism actually fit ( and doesn‟t fit) into a human. Those verses that are out of sequence are added as they should be of interest too – for the study of this ancient God's re-presentation of himself into the neo-Egyptian current. Those that are still omitted are verses that answers questions I have about processes and other works of mine that still isn‟t found on the net and therefore would be hard to understand without extensive commentaries . I have not commented this a lot – I think the text is rather easy to interprete.

I am War – I am Antares – I am the Heart of scorpio –
I am the extremes – I am colder than ice, hotter than Fire –
I am more than this – far beyond control.

A year before this- I did the calling of the Royal Persian Star Antares – I got a shock because it was the most familiar thing I had ever called – It was that main current of my Liber Samekh works and all my Hga- works. I am not very warrior like as I am a Taurus, but my taste for music tells me the why that current was so deeply seated in me. The dearest pieces of music to me is the most violent of King Crimsons Improvisations- Non's Physical evidence- Painkiller's Execution ground and Naked city's Torture Garden. What I experienced was that I had found my Star ! The God does confirm this link. Antares is called the heart of Scorpio and I knew that. War is also another name on Atu16 – P

My content is in the span of the Universe – my plan is my will –
the birth of the essence of my content- myself and the death thereof.
I hate – I love, I am far beyond All – All-power is my weapon-
To me is no way – I heed all and dont care at all –
The ecstasy of the same is enough for me-
something more will be out of sight-
And that is worth living for.

The content in the universe is the content of the sephira Chokhmah – as it is the sphere of the zodiac and the fixed stars. The Universe is of course the Empire. Amsu is therefore a close companion of Maat which has given the Keys to the Kingdoms Essence In Liber Pennae Praenumbra. It should be noted that this process transcends the Fortress of the Law. The Law is for all and also then for those in creation. When surpassing these spheres the Law doesn‟t work any more as there is no action or will going. To keep these things in mind is important to be able to see that particular point of view of which this God is speaking from.

My hate is fiercer than the burdens and punishments of karma,
for the Lord of Karma is a part of me.
To me you do no wrong !

Perfect double talk – watch out so that you dont get just one of its meanings.

All is Perfect ! – Wrong.

(1 6
I am death – hot death – I kill you- I kill myself- Apparently and not so apparently- for there is more than pebbles and petty joys here and there, and doubt it not, so that you preserve the channel within you, for the energy to flow, more than looking in admiration to the greatness of the Universe —–

The apparently and not so apparently death refers to the way of initiation that shall get labeled hot death . It is thus not meant to be taken literally – of course you can, but it will completely spoil the depth of this text, and thats whats interesting. And thats what makes sense to us Rosycrucians. The conquering of death while being alive. The emancipation of the continuity of the spirit .

(1 7
You're a Tau too!
And I love you truly – I harm thee not, but –
O Stars that shineth not,
dust covered beauty; art thou really alive?

I deny that this Tau-symbolism should refer to the titles of that church EGC.
I still haven‟t figured out what he means with this – I guess it will turn up some day.
Death we all know what means – or do we ?

Medicine uses only the diagnosis (secondhand knowledge)- checking the symptoms for stating death.
While The magician needs more as he encounters several levels where the substances are different and life may be apparent. I made a definition of death which is made to the magickian and his need to determine status quo on the levels he/she may encounter.

My definition of Death is: The total separation between an object and its ideal functioning. (will). This definition makes the entire universe to a living thing – A stone is living in so far it is a stone. Unless one makes this stone become sand, it will remain stone.

When applying this to humans, one sees there are those that are able to completely close the inspiration that derives from its ideal of functioning. Like some of the few hard and psychiatric cases that criminals may be. They cannot be seen to conform to this definition and may therefore be termed undead, and then specified into classes as zombies, vampires.

The magickian may also encounter other rare cases. The energies which are directly contradictory (i.e.
fire which doesnt burn or is not-fire) are not of the same reality as the usual elements. These can in
general be considered qliphotic, as the qliphoth is of that other side or tree of death.

However, the inherent threat of this verse lies latent in the first will of any thing; the will to to remain
and to preserve itself as it was. Herein lies the temptation of restriction lurking, and when restriction
have been duly misapplied; by those who doesn‟t see the spirit and doesn‟t feel the values to reformulate, but only preserves the form – war and revolt in any form seems to be the natural answer to
heavy coagulated constructions.

Careless – Ruthless- Bloodgeysirs- the outpouring of laments together with the release of Power – Freed Power.

I am AMSU, I am old. – My Love is unconditionally and wild. I am the father of Warriors. I am Just.

The free flow- the beat of the Universes Heart with the free light cascading over and over and within and below- exhausting ever the limits of Restriction.

AMSU I am and my name is not for the few – fourfold it is; the 3 and manifestation. Worship this and know its the fork of Shin. It goes.

Blame me not, for I am the Blamer. I accuse you.- and thy excuse is thy refusal to fight. Nevertheless when I am accusing, I want blood- So when I am with thee, thy work is upright. 

I compromise not. Havent we got the Law? Havent we got Universal will? There is then never any need for compromises. Mutual disagreement is implicit this new covenant and therefore there is no option to compromise. You only fall from universal Will when compromising and get weak and overrun. 11 I dally not with the weak, but partakes in loves completion.

I am the brother of Ra Hoor khuit – where he takes you off to some holier and silent place, I take you off to the pinnacles of pure power and the height of Noise and Confusion to meet the great and grand Initiator of all ages : Completion.

All power is just power. It is though indifferent, without trace -for its the power which goes through all. It is one power though it is counted in seven and labelled by colour. It is by no mean superior – therefore I am – This is the glory of my name – I Initiate in the supreme and superior power that gave birth to the One.

The coincidence of the seven rays: I will be there – I will be there You will meet and see me – into my prohibited eyes – that are – One.

My colours are three – Black, Red and green. By these thou can know my favourite sides. Khem is my left side and Min my right.

The egyptian glyph of Amsu is also read Khem or Min. The red form is the sulfuric Amsu, usually depicted with flail, the black is Khem (Khem means black), Min is the green and phallic deity. Khem is the most difficult to get grip on, as he seldom manifests below abyss. He is more Eagle than hawk, and is prone to destroy your world, in order to be able to show you something of prime matter. (prima materia).

Their elements are; passive Fire (hellfire) for Amsu, active earth (the carnal desire) for Min, and Khem reveals the prinsciple that these two elements have in common; that is essence. (These elements are to be explained more in my treatise on elements, which will come one day)

Kadosh my men in their unitarian style that goeth for a span – and THEN demands reunion – In revived formula, of what there is not said anything of before.

I do not think the OTO's kadosh mysteries are in the Unitarian style. I think the Unitarian refers to a small branch of Masonry. That he says that this formula is not spoke of before, is important- it makes it impossible to confuse with the word of the Law and the word of the Aeon. And it is quite possible to confuse it with the latter as "it goes for a span". This word were explained in another text – which has become the Book of AF – the enochian AF. Basically the formula were portrayed as: AMSU thy friend, ghost and self, do behold in his name this very practise. A for the ghost in the middle, M for the self and mirror image. S for being and being the I. and U for the sum of it all, the precence – your precence and manifestation.

Dean have also used the formula and seen that it fits many places; See his writing on the Amsu formula

The new formula is my name.

Single coldness will never help anyone, not even afterwards shall thy say so. If so : “ Liars” Ill be upon them.

16 To attain to my sanctituarium in this Universe – Worship me with fervour – when I say Time is aright for you. You shall attain the centre of the Universe, thou shall perceive not the glow but the stronglight that goes through -
the extacy – the wildness – the Chaos – the joy – the perfectness – the Order albeit Success.


Liber Pennae Praenumbra

In the Akasha-Echo is this inscribed:
By the same mouth, O Mother of the Sun, is the word breathed forth and the nectar received. By the same breath, O Counterweight of the Heart, is the manifest created and destroyed.
There is but one gate, though there appear to be nine, Mime-dancer of the Stars. How beautiful thy weft and web, a-shimmering in the fire-dark of space!

The two that are nothing salute you, Black Flame that moves Hadit! The less and less One grows, the more and more Pra- NU may manifest. Do thou now speak to us, the children of the time-to-come; declare thy will and grant thy Love to us!

Then spake She That Moves:
I hurl upon ye, Children of Heru! All ye who love the Law and keep it, keeping Naught unto yourselves, are ye a-blest. Ye have sought the scattered pieces of Our Lord, ceasing never to assemble all that has been. And in the Realm of the Dead have ye begotten from the Dead the Shining One. Ye then gave birth, and nourished Him.

Thy Land of Milk shall have the honey also, dropped down as dew by the Divine Gynander. The pleasure and delight lie in the Working, the Whole surpassing far the Parts together.

The Lord of Parts is placed within his kingdom, as done by Beast and Bird. The land of Sun is open but to Children. Heed the Eternal Child – his Way is flowing-free, and suited to the Nature of your being.

A Voice crieth in the Crystal Echo:
What means this showing-forth? Is Time Itself awry? The Hawk has flown but threescore and ten in His allotted course!
She smiles, as beauteous as Night:
Behold, He spreads His pinions yet in flight, showering and shaking forth the Golden Light upon the hearts of men. And wherein doth He fly, and by what means? The Feather and the Air are His to ride, to bear him ever in his GO-ing.

The pylons of the ages are unshaken, firmly are they Set. The Day of the Hawk has but seen its dawning, and will see its due measure according to the Laws of Time and Space.

The Voice then spoke:
Then has the Vision failed? Do I behold Thee crookedly, thinking Thee to be Whom Thou art Not?
She danced and whirled, scattering starlight in her silent laughter.

I Am Whom I appear to be, at times, and then again I wear a triple veil. Be not confused! Above all, Truth prevails.

I am the Unconfined. Who is there to say me nay, to say, “Thou shalt not pass.''? Who indeed may say, “Thy time is yet to come,'' when Time itself is my chief serving-maid, and Space the Major-domo of my Temple?

Indeed, O Voice of the Akasha, I am the means by which you speak. By the same mouth that breathes the Air, do words of doubt pour forth. In silence then, do know Me. For I am come with purpose at this time, to aid the Lovers of the Hawk to fly.

The Word of Flight
Who falters in the Flight must thereby fall: the greatness of the Gods is in the GO-ing.
When first ye fledged, Beloved of Heru, the shell which had protected long had broken. Upon the Wings of Will ye ventured forth, gaining strength and power as ye flew. Ye gained all knowledge of the Feathered Kingdom, whereby ye became as perfect as the Sun. The friends and teachers all became as brothers.

The regal Swan, the Heron and the Owl – the Raven and the Cockerel did aid ye. The Beauty of the Hawk Himself was granted, the virtues of the Peacock, the Hummingbird and Loon. The Eagle did reveal her inner nature and the mysteries thereof – behold, ye witnessed how, with her Lion, she became the Swan. And the Ibis of the Abyss did show the Knowledge.

Ye flew, O Kings and Hermits! And ye fly even now, within the bending loveliness of NU. But there are those among ye, and below ye, who would snare your wings and drag ye from the sky.

Look well within! Judge well your Heart! If ye be pure, it weighs no more than I. It will not bear ye down to the Abyss. For Gold is Light, but Lead is fatal unto flying – plumb your own depths, in Truth and in self-knowledge.

If aught would hinder thee, it is thy doing. Behold this teaching now within the Temple.

So saying, She-Who-Moves assumed the form of the great Black Flame, growing from the central shaft and billowing out into the Void. The Children of Heru beheld in silence, and listened to Her words form in their hearts.

Behold! This lens of Stars now turning in Space before ye – men have named it well Andromeda. Through it I flow unto the holy Moondog, and thence to Ra, and thence to ye, O Priests.
Ye must not rest content whilst in the Kingdom, but strive and so exceed in what is done. In Love of the Lady of the North, and in Will of the Prince of the South, do every thing soever. In the power of the Seven-rayed Star do ye comprehend the Beast. And from HAD of the Heart do delight in thy star-arched darling.

Do all this, and then, pass beyond. Abandon aught that might distinguish thee from any other thing, yea, or from no-thing. If the fowler would snare thee, leave thy feather-cloak a-dangle in his hand and soar naked and invisible beyond!

But now! As priests within the Temple are ye here, as Kings, and Warriors, Magickians all. The Way is in the Work.

The Hidden One of the Abyss now gives the two wherein is wrought the higher Alchemy: supporting Earth is Chthonos – learn it well, and all bonds shall be loosed for the Will's Working. Surmounting Spirit, there is Ychronos, whose nature is duration and the passing-away thereof.

The two are one, and form the Kingdom's essence. Who masters them is Master of the World. They are the utter keys of Transmutation, and keys of the power of the other Elements.

The Warrior-Priests received the Keys, and placed them within their robes, to hold them hidden well above their hearts. The Black Flame danced and dwindled, becoming small, a quill pen, plumed and pointed. There being naught upon which to write, one among the Priests came forth, and laid his body's skin upon the altar as living parchment.

She-Who-Moves wrote thereupon a Word, but shew it not before them. In patience waited all the Kings and Hermits, assured full well of final Understanding.

The Feather grew again, and rounded close its edges, becoming to their eyes the Yonilingam. The image came of Ancient Baphomet, the Horned One, who spoke:

Of old ye knew the Key of Two-in-One conjoined. Ye have lived and loved full measure as NU and HAD, as PAN and BABALON. The Mystery of mine own image do ye also know, for such a Truth was for the ancient Orders of the East and West.

Bipartite has the Race of Man been in its span. The Father and the Mother made a Child. I am the elder of the Children, true – but now the younger rises to His Day.

The nature of true Alchemy is that it changes not alone the substance of the Work, but also changes thence the Alchemist. Ye whose Will it is to Work thereby, behold mine inverse image, and consider well its meaning for thy Task.

The Showing of the Image
From out of the Yonilingam drifted forth a Cloud, violet and light-shot. In the misty heart thereof a sound arose, vibrating soft, yet filling everywhere.

Jeweled and flashing rainbow-lights from wings, there hovered in the midst a humble BEE. Striped gold and brown, soft-haired and curved in form, it shone its eyes unto the Priests and Kings assembled.
Spoke then She-Who-Moves from out of the mist surrounding:

This is the symbol of the Work-to-come, the Great Gynander in its Earthly form. The Magickian shall grow like unto the BEE as the Aeon unfolds, a leader and sign unto the Race of Man.

What then of its nature doth the BEE show forth?
Behold, it is not male nor female in the singular. It labors forth by day in constant flight, an egoless do-er, whose will and the Hive Will are but one.

It gathers up the flower-nectar, flies to Hive and there, in pure Comm-Union, doth in its very body Transubstantiate.

The nectar is now honey. Bee to bee, it is transferred, speaking all Hive Mysteries from and to each mouth. By the same mouth that first ingathered, is the honey spent, the secret Alchemy within the Centers turning SilverGold.

The Hive now lives, immortal. With queen and workers, drones and builder-bees, soldiers, foster-mothers – all are one. In constant life-renewal, the Hive breathes as One Being – for so indeed it is. In the Will of the Hive is the Will of the Bee fulfilled. Each in its appointed place, the Bees work out their Will in ordered harmony.

The image fades. Now the poised Plume moves in dancing fashion, unfolding from the center shaft long wings, transforming to the shape of the dark Vulture.

But know, O Children of the Hawk, a Man is not a Bee. He may profit from the image thereof, to learn of Wisdom in the Working. Behold in Me another image for thy heart's instruction.

There rose before their eyes the Tower of Silence, wherein the Lovers of Fire lay their dead.
The Vulture form alighted soft therein, and ate the flesh from the corpses, to the bone. The wind howled, desolate, in this fearsome place, fluttering the cerements about the ivory bones.

Silently, the Winged One stared, gore smeared about her beak. Into the eyes of each Priest there assembled, her baleful gaze did search. In perfect peace they beheld her searching, for each, as Warrior, had made of Death a brother. Deliberately then, she unfolded out her wings, and took to the wind, and soared up from that place.

The Giving of the Word
Eternity then reigned, Infinite the veil that hung about them.

Somewhere, sometime, the veil parted for a moment, and She- Who-Moves strode forth. More comely than mortal woman ever was, She glowed in radiance of pearl and amethyst. Fine pleated linen was Her gown, girded in gold and silver, and on Her head, a nemyss of starred blue. Her crown was but a single plume, free-standing, and in her hands the Ankh and Wand of healing.

Unto each Warrior-Priest she moved, embraced and kissed them. Then, seated in the midst, She spoke as comrade equally-ranked.

“All ye who practise well the High Art, hearken. There shall be nothing hidden from thy sight. All formulae and Words shalt thou discover, being initiated by those whose Work it is to aid the Law of Will.
“Ye have worked well in all that has been given; upon the Tree of Life are ye founded. In Tetragrammaton have ye proceeded; in all the Beast hath given ye have practised well. Ye have become Hadit, and NU, and Ra-Hoor-Khuit also. As Heru-Pa-Kraath did ye abide in silence. Ye know PAN as lover and as godform, and BABALON is bride and self to you.

“The forces of Shaitan have ye engendered, calling forth the nexus of the ninety-three wherein to work your Will. Separation for the joy of Union have ye known, and Alchemy is Science to your Art.
“For those who know, and will, and dare, and keep in silence, it goes now further.

“In death is Life – for now as ever has it been so. The Willed Death is eternal – keep it so. Self of Ego, selfson born of Maya, must be slain on the moment of birth. The unsleeping Eye must vigil keep, O Warriors, for the illusion is self-generate.

“Constant watchfulness is the first Act – the Abyss is crossed by minutes, every day.

“If ye would dance the Mask, then mask the Dance. Exquisite must be the Art in this wise; and balance in the Center be maintained, or else ye shall give unwonted Life unto thine own creations. Tread carefully this path of Working, Mage. A tool, by Will devised, makes an ill master.

“Now in the Mass, the Eagle must be fed upon what she has shared in making. By the same mouth that roars upon the mountain, is the word-act of No Difference given.

“And when Will declares, therein shall join the BEE to add the gold to red and white. The essence of Shaitan is Nectar here, the Temple is the Hive. The Lion is the Flower, now betimes, the Eagle invokes the nature of the BEE.

“Within the triple-chambered shrine is the first nectar pooled. The summons of the wand of PAN awakens the portal- opening bliss. And from the third and inmost chamber, in joy supreme, the Sothis-gift, quintessential mead, bounds forth to join Eagle-tears and Lion-blood.

“Solve et Coagula. Comm-Union thereby, whereof the Cosmos itself dissolveth, and re-forms by Will. And know, if aught can be so ordered in the Kingdom, that three or more is zero, as well as older truths.''

Then stirred the Warrior-Priests, and of their number, a nameless one stepped forth.
“We know thee, Lady, unspoken though Thy name has been thus far. But say now – what was written on the manskin? What is the word Thou givest?''

She smiled and drew from out her robe a parchment scroll, shaped even as a Star. Unrolling it, She turned it roundabout, so all might see.

“What is this Word, O Lady – how may it be used?''
“In silent wisdom, King and Warrior-Priest. Let the deed shine forth and let the word be hidden; the deed is lamp enough to veil the face.

“It is the word of the twenty-third path, whose number is fifty and six. It is the unspoken Abode, wherein the Dance of the Mask is taught by Me. Tahuti watches without the Ape; I am the Vulture also.

“It is the Chalice of Air and Wand of Water, the Sword of Earth and Pantacle of Fire. It is the hourglass and tail- biting serpent. It is the Ganges becoming Ocean, the Way of the Eternal Child.

“It names the Source of Mine Own Being – and yours. It is the origin of this sending, that channels through Andromeda and Set. What race of gods do speak to Man, O Willed Ones? The word of them is both the Name and the Fact.

“It is for thy mantram and incantation. To speak it is to bring about certain change. Be circumspect in its usage – for if its truth be known abroad, it would perchance drive the slaves to madness and despair.
“Only a true Priest-King may know it fully, and stay in balance through his GO-ing flight. This is all I speak for now. The Book of the Preshadowing of the Feather is complete. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.''

The Book of Coming Forth By Night

The equinox has succumbed to my Solstice, and I, Set, am revealed in my Majesty.

The time of the Purification is past. The fate of my gifted race rests in balance, and I shall not recant my Word, spoken to my high priest Mahenpettha in old Khem and now again to you. Proclaim the nineteen parts of the Word, and vanquish thus the feeble and corrupt keys of Enoch, which were but a shadow of my true Word and now are an affront to me.

I am the ageless intelligence of this universe. I created Harwer that I might define my self. All other gods of all other times and nations have been created by men. This you know from the first part of my Word, and from my manifest semblance, which alone is not of earth.

Known as the hebrew Satan, I chose to bring forth a Magus, according to the fashion of my Word, He was charged to form a Church of Satan, that I might easily touch the minds of men in this image they had cast for me.

In the fifth year of the Church of Satan, I gave to this Magus my Diabolicon, that he might know the truth of my ancient Gift to mankind, clothed though it might be in the myths of the hebrews.

Even you, who delivered the Diabolicon from Asia, did not know it for what it was. But he that I had fashioned a Magus knew, and he thought often of the Diabolicon as he guided the Church of Satan.
Upon the ninth solstice, therefore, I destroyed my pact with Anton Szandor LaVey, and I raised him to the Will of a Daimon, unbounded by the material dimensions. And so I thought to honor him beyond other men. But it may have been this act of mine that ordained his fall.

Were I my self to displace the cosmic inertia, I should be forced to become a new measure of consistency. I would cease to be One, for I should become All.

To make of man a daimon, then, may be to break his Self-reference to the bounds in which his semblance must exist.

I cannot undo the hurt that has come of this, but I shall restore to Anton Szandor LaVey his human aspect and his degree of Magus in my Order. Thus all may understand that he is dearly held by me, and that the end of the Church of Satan is not a thing of shame to him. But a new Aeon is now to begin, and the work of Anton Szandor LaVey is done. Let him be at ease, For no other man has ever seen with his eyes.

In April of the common year 1904, I came forth in Africa as my Opposite Self and brought into being an Aeon to end the horrors of the stasis of the death-gods of men. This new Aeon was a purification, to prepare men for that which would follow it.

And Aleister Crowley received the Book of the Law, and my Opposite Self declared him Magus of the Aeon.

But HarWer, my Opposite Self, is a strange and fitful presence. I, Set, am my Self distinct from the Order of the Cosmos, yet am ordered in and of my Self. HarWer I was when I was once part of the Cosmos and could achieve identity only be becoming what the cosmic order was not. By HarWer I cancelled the imbalance, leaving a void in which true Creation could take form as Set.

But, as I have said, I cannot destroy the cosmic inertia without having to assume its place. And so HarWer must exist while Set exists.

The Aeon of Harwer endured until the Equinox of the common year 1966, when Harwer and Set were fused as one composite being. And so commenced the time of Set-HarWer – known as the Age of Satan – which was to bridge the expiring Aeon of HarWer and the Forthcoming Aeon of Set.

Truth there was in the words of my Opposite Self, but a truth ever tinged with the inconsistency and irrationality of which I have spoken. And so the Book of the Law was confusion to all who came upon it, and the creative brilliance of the Magus Aleister Crowley was ever flawed by mindless destructiveness. He himself could never understand this, for he perceived HarWer as a unified Self. And so he was perplexed by a mystery he could not identify.

And I, Set, spoke too in the Book of the Law – "Aye! listen to the Numbers and the words -
4638 ABK 24 ALGMOR 3Y
x (24) (89) RPSTOVAL
- "What meaneth this, o prophet? Thou knowest Not; now shalt thou know ever. There cometh one to follow thee: he shall expound it."

And many of the Aeon of HarWer sought to read this but could not. Nor could the Magus himself, though he guessed rightly at its simplicity.

It was said that every number is Infinite – hence each number or sum of joined numbers became merely the corresponding letter.

Even so the sequence remained unknown – and so, after its issue, to me as well. For, while I may pass free of the boundaries of time, memory of the future cannot exist.

Now it has come to pass, and the Book of the Law is laid bare -
"Destined First Century heir – Aquino – breaking keys of doctrines Anton LaVey – great Magus of Reconsecration coming Year Xeper – Founding his rightful Priesthood – Set – true origin Volume AL."
Michael Aquino, you are become Magus V of the Aeon of Set.

I, Set, am come again to my Friends among mankind – Let my great Nobles be brought to me.
In Khem I remain no longer, For I am forgotten there, and my house at PaMat-et is dust. I shall roam this world, and I shall come to those who seek me.
Magus of my Aeon – Manifest the Will of Set.
Reconsecrate my Temple and my Order in the true name of Set. No longer will I accept the bastard title of a hebrew fiend.

When I came first to this world, I gave to you my great pentagram, timeless measure of beauty through proportion. And it was shown inverse, that creation and change be exalted above rest and preservation.

With the years my pentagram was corrupted, yet time has not the power to destroy it.
Its position was restored by the Church of Satan, but its essence was dimmed with the Moorish Name, and the perverse letters of the hebrews, and the goat of decadent Khar. During the Age of Satan I allowed this curious corruption, for it was meant to do me honor as I was then perceived.
But this is now my Aeon, and my pentagram is again to be pure in its splendor. Cast aside the corruptions, that the pentagram of Set may shine forth. Let all who seek me be never without it, openly and with pride, for by it I shall know them.

Let the one who aspires to my knowledge be called by the name Setian.

I seek my Elect and none other, for mankind now hastens toward an annihilation which none but the elect may hope to avoid. And alone I cannot preserve my Elect, but I would teach them and strengthen their Will against the coming peril, that they and their blood may endure. To do this I must give further of my own essence to my Elect, and, should they fail, the Majesty of Set shall fade and be ended.
Behold, it is I who call you, because you are the guardians of the Aeon of Set, zealous in what you do.
The Satanist thought to approach Satan through ritual. Now let the Setian shun all recitation, for the text of another is an affront to the Self. Speak rather to me as to a Friend, gently and without fear, and I shall hear as a friend. Do not bend your knee nor drop your eye, for such things were not done in my house at PaMat-et. But speak to me at night, for the sky then becomes an entrance and not a barrier. And those who call me the Prince of Darkness do me no dishonor.

The Setian need conjure neither curse nor kindness from me, for by the magic of my great pentagram I shall see with his eyes. And then the strength that is mine shall be the strength of the Setian, and against the Will of Set no creature of the universe may stand. And I think not of those who think not of me.

The years of the Aeon of HarWer were confused, and I do not wish to think of them save as curiosities. But I wish to remember the Church of Satan and the Magus of that Age. Therefore let the years of my Aeon by counted from the conception of the Church of Satan.

And now, having looked upon the past with affection and reverence, we shall turn our gaze to the times before us. Think carefully of the Word of Set, for it is given in witness to my Bond.

Behold, O West, I have established my Aeon. I punish the enemies who are in it, placed in the Place of Destruction. I deliver them to the examiners from whose guard there is no escape. Lo, I pass near to thee, I pass near to thee!

Affix now my image as it was given to you, so that all who read of these matters may now look upon the likeness of Set.
The Word of the Aeon of Set is
Xeper – - Become.

1 Layad or Laiad means „secret‟ in Enochian.
2 Centaurus Note: This is the familiar ChiRo symbol of the Roman Catholic heresy.
3 The numerical relation of 23 to 93 is ie. 23 + 23 + 1 + 23 +23. This could be used as basic for a formula of serpent worship. The class of hope and fear relates to values and qualities. These are insubstantial but to the subjective mind.
4 On mixing the planes : The candidate on the path has advanced to Yesod and is ready for going, but is reading too much into the religious truths of those Saints that have attained in the past. He or she may resonate with certain conclusions and then incorporates these perspectives into their own ideology. Such ideas as "the world doesn‟t really exist" are added into his or her own paradigm as a truth instead of classifying them as a belief. This then prejudices subsequent investigations into the nature of the world and leads to false conclusions. Ideals are good as ideals, when they make us struggle to achieve them, but Magick as a path to illumination is ruthlessly egoistic, it is only the sole viewpoint of yours, which is the main concern. What others see and experience is not your point-of-view, and the ideas of these Saints must be regarded as theories, hypothesizes, testimonies, etc. It is vital to nurture one‟s own viewpoint as it is what can make your egoism flower into something that accurately assesses your environment, as the true sun of ego loves its world and wants to make the best out of its relationship. Therefore, the greatest idealism is founded by a great egoism. The work of sorting out one‟s own reality, classifying things correctly, will at last create a world, which seems far more predictable in course with more accurate observations. The power of one‟s own evaluation becomes enhanced, and becomes an important tool for interacting with the world in a conscious manner.
5 He fed well on contempt and pity too.
6 Centaurus Note: This is a physical mourning process; natural and inevitable in a healthy person, but dangerous if not handled in a wholesome manner.
7 Centaurus Note: Despite the confusion, there are significant moments in the prophecies coming from Nema and Aquino. Though they are actually in alignment with the forces of the Black Lodge, certain „understandings‟ have come through them that Runar has managed not only to capture, but to address through his own prophetic work.
8 Centaurus Note: See the Fire Opal.
9 The root of ethics lies in the belief that certain structured ways of action will lead to certain results, directly connected to one‟s spiritual equilibrium. Karma yoga is an ancient Hindu method of attainment, which may be approached in several ways. But the way of „Ahimsa‟ may be the most well-known is superficially translated as nonviolence. Sveccachara is the word of an old tantric cult, taken up by the Thelemically inspired Order Amookos, and can be translated as "following own natural path." This is a good example of a Karma-yogic motto, which is also harmonious with Thelema and STO.