The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

Liber Ta Pente vel DCCXLI




Ta Pente in Greek Qabalah equals 741and basically translates as 'The Pentagram'.  In Hebrew Qabalah, 741 is equal to the letters that comprise the four Elements; the four Mother Letters (Aleph, Mem and Shin) and Tav for the Element of Earth.  The Alchemical symbol for Mem (Water/Feminine Archetype) is a descending triangle and for Shin (Fire/Male Archetype) it is an ascending triangle.  Together, they make Air or it can be said their combined energy formulates first the ability to travel in the airy world of Yetzirah.  From this plane, the energy can be harvested that eventually crystallizes (the Alchemical Salt) into the Elixir, which is of course the Element of Earth or physical manifestation.  These symbols for these last two Elements also combine to create a set of interlaced triangles on the lower planes of manifestation.

Of course, its just as probably to conceive of a theory where this also works in reverse.  And you would have the system of instruction for the A.'.A.'..  This is the path of seeking the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.  It commences simultaneously with its correlative which is rather concerned with the production of the Universal Medicine which is the mark of a true Adept along the path.  Members of the Order of Thelemites should profess nothing but the healing of the sick.  And that they should do free of charge to all whom require such services that they encounter.  For this also, study the life of Paracelsus; one of the greatest of Alchemists.

The Amrita is the universal medicine and in treating the patient, it does not violently interfere with the order of nature or the body's natural processes, as does mundane medicine.  The Elixir does not permanently restore the patient; only working for a short term on an improperly purified body.  Nor does it replace mundane medical treatment.  And it even should not be applied when the patient is full of poison.  With the rigorous physical purging; utilizing the inward-directed Fire along with a cleansing diet and exercise, the working theory of this treatise is based on the philosophical model of repeated rejuvenation as expounded by the Hindu Tantrics; rather than the Semitic model that works towards a Philosophers Stone of Immortal Life.

Experimentation and documentation need to become a part of this work in other that this document be the beginning of a living archive that brings us closer to the goal of investigating and proving this theorum.  However, we do have the reflections of Aleister Crowley upon the work he did.  And we have also, the experimentation of Kenneth Grant that has it seems in some sense, maintained loyalty to continuing the scientific query.  Three sets of phenomena are described in the journals of the laboratory work of the Master Therion.  They are as follows:

1.                  Old illnesses consistently recur in the patient as the body works out various poisons during a long term of treatment involving multiple applications of the Elixir over a long period of time.

2.                  The Patient often loses the discipline necessary to consistently apply the treatment if their willpower is not sufficiently strong.  This comes from lack of training in the ceremonial art and the expression of the Magickal Oath.

3.                  One important stage in the process that is a sure sign of success, is that the patient should get a strong vision of the life-of-struggle burden; described by Freud as the 'Will to die'.

And Crowley notes that in the hands of the inexperienced, the creation and application of the Elixir is truly dangerous; noting that the Elixir of Life is also the Elixir of Death.  And yet with the possible exception of Kenneth Grant, we have no one who can seem to be of experience to pass any oral knowledge down to us.  So we are left to the instructions of the Master Therion and the hope that the notes he left behind are enough when combined with the methods of our own ingenium.

Preparation for the work begins with thoroughly cleansing the body of all accumulated poisons until the 'elasticity' of its mechanical structure is restored.  [If we were to enter the Yetziratic plane in Shamanistic fashion; seeking out and mastering the spirit that is plaguing the patient…we might do so by benefit of the toxic fumes given off by the flushing of toxins as they would reveal the nature of the spirit.]

Elasticity is the power of the organism to continually adjust to its environment.  This is accomplished with either great intelligence or great fortune.  This adjustment comes by the powers of compensation and recuperation.  Elasticity is interrupted by the accumulation of dissoluble Salts (u), which cause a hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis).  An extended period of interruption ultimately causes death.  'That which you do not bring forth from yourself will destroy you'…Gnostic Gospels of 2000 years ago.

The process of purification normally requires a period of three to seven months, depending on the original overall condition and stamina of the patient.  One to two hours daily, are required to be set aside for therapeutic application of the Elixir [of which there seem to be no extant notes of the methods of application.  And what about the magickal link?  It seems that getting an affinity for the patient is the beginning of focusing the psychic energy that seems to be involved in the application.].  A sure sign of success here is that the patient should lose five to fifteen years in age.

As the treatments continue over a lifetime and the natural processes of aging continue, there is less and less a demand on long preliminary purifications; bringing the term from three to seven months, down to a period of one month.

A great deal of psychic energy is necessary for the proper manufacture and application of the elixir.  [Could this energy is derived from an empathic connection; absorbing disease and transmuting it; creating a vaccine or adding spirit as a life-force which neutralizes the death-force of the disease?]  The evident result is that the provider of this energy should observe that he or she becomes completely and utterly exhausted; requiring an indeterminate period of recuperation before communicating more of the 'life-force' or blood.  [Is the ova and menses mutually exchangeable despite certain differences in qualities with the menses possibly even being classified as an excrement?  And what about those few days when there's neither menses nor ovum…or after the woman goes through menopause?]  The theory and art of the vampire reveals that the transfusion of blood requires a peculiarly distinct or synchronous sympathy between the giver and the receiver of the life-force.  [And what about Crowley's Eosopus Island experiments?  Is the ova/menses integral to the Elixir or not?  Or are there several formulations of it?]

In the natural universe, there is nothing that is innately impossible insofar as it does not contradict the actual incarnate, manifestation of another term/word/logos.  And so the possibility of prolonging life and youth is actual.  Understanding the physical scientific laws of the 'conservation of matter and energy' and generational improvements in hygiene of recent human history has alone, made great strides in attaining to this goal.  We can see that each cell of the organism is theoretically immortal in its biological capacities as it can reproduce itself without loss of energy.  This supports the Hermetic axiom:  'Change equals stability'.

It follows that the complete organism could then possibly also be similarly immune to the affectation of time.  It can be observed that very few organisms die of simply old age, but that the seeming affects of old age are caused by unfortunate 'mischances' of energy which then acts as a destructive agent in producing a minutely graduated poisoning that remains unperceived by the organism.  Therefore the organism has two problems to solve:

1.                  Every substance must be removed from the body that tends to injure it.

2.                  The body must be nourished with an Elixir so quintessentially vital (heavily imbued with the psychically projected life-force), that it flashes through the body as a lightening bolt upon the nerve ganglia–and physically through the bloodstream.  This should be accomplished without placing any strain upon any of the organs of the body.  [Is this administered into a metabolism stimulated to a high pitch and on an empty stomach?]

The size of the dose of the Elixir consumed by the patient (in the pill form of the collected Elixir) is determined by experiment and can be 50 to 450 drops.  [How do you collect this so that you'd even have enough to squeeze into an eyedropper and measure drops?  And how do you store the Elixir?  Can enough be collected to be encapsulated?]  The generation of a high metabolism overcomes the inertia of degeneration and decay.  It is fostered by exercise and fortified by flushing the body well with water in order to dissolve mineral waste.  Pranayama becomes the ideal exercise as it promotes the metabolism with a minimum of fatigue.

Sufficient rest prevents decay by giving the organs of the body sufficient time to repair themselves.  And in order to truly provide this, proper foods must be consumed in a proper way that digestion is more easily accomplished; placing less drain on the energy resources of the body.  We give our digestion a rest by eating only at noon and sunset, thus allowing a whole twelve hours to complete its task and the organs involved, to regenerate themselves.

The Alchemical transfer of the life-force (Prana) by consuming living foods that contain a minimum amount of inert matter to avoid as much deposits of dirt (… un-spiritualized, un-impregnated matter, hence:  non-transformed prima materia) in the system; which generates disorder in the elastic functioning of the organism.  Living foods, long stored, lose their nutritive value.  Those foods that die upon ingestion release their energy directly into the body (i.e. oysters, raw fruits and vegetables).

The Technique of Administration of the Elixir 

·                     The Patient is prepared by a long course of purification.  This requires the utmost of intelligence and impeccability.

·                     The method should vary according to developmental changes in the symptoms of the Patient; constantly applying the same fundamental principles of operation.

·                     The proper proportional balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates must be determined based on the varying nature of the individual and his or her environment.  And it must be determined how long the body takes to use them up. 

[Are vitamins considered proteins?  Or are they inherently in all 3 compounds?] 

Energetic Purification of Four Elements 

·                     The body is flushed with water [the Alchemical bath] in elaborate baths and massage to work toxin out of musculature and in order to wash away as much of the dirt, as possible.  This can be at first a juice fast and then pure water and sunlight.  When first fasting, use freshly juiced vegetables and fruits on a daily basis for about a week before attempting anything more severe.  Then begin a colon cleansing routing with fiber; this can take up to nine months to do effectively.  While doing water purification, it isn't wise to drink caffienated beverages, since they inhibit the thirst in covert ways.  Unless you are taking minerals, don't use distilled water. It chelates the minerals from your system, and can cause health problems that are counterproductive to the operation.  It is also a good idea to drink something that has electrolytes on a daily basis.  We are all familiar with the imagery of the lightning bolt that imbued the sea with life, and thus, life on earth was begun.  This imagery transcends continents, and is part of our collective knowledge on minute and enormous levels. Depending on the political climate of the area of the world, and the time.  Water that is distilled, contains no minerals, and therefore, theoretically, if you were to be standing in a bath of distilled water, and were struck by lightening, you would be uninjured, since it is the conduction of the electricity by the elements that places you in danger of electrocution by conduction, through the minerals in the water, which in distilled water, do not exist.

·                     The drastic regimen of fire can then safely, be employed.  Sexual congress and reverse orgasm to heat the body and blood and stimulate metabolism.  No mutual exchange of energy in this congress.  [Also, by 'squeezing' the penis and vagina in coitus, heat is raised and can be used to gently raise heat while avoiding orgasm…strong willpower is needed here to avoid indulging in the desire for more passion.  There is a confidential A.'.A.'. text that refers to this process.  And I've also personally observed that when orgasm was denied, I was quite invigorated.]  Crowley also suggests purification by fire through intense mental stimulation, sun baths, electric currents, etc.  Fire is of the sun, the heart, and all body systems that protect the heart.  For mental stimulation, study of the Formula of ON, being a formula of Tiphareth (the Heart) seems a perfect effort.  The fiery passion of ‘new love’ seems along with the ingestion of spicy food, the perfect precedent on the physical plane and in polar correspondence to the cerebral part of this purification.

·                     Ozone chamber, using jets of air; Meditation and Pranayama in a properly consecrated temple.  Ionic purification is also good, as well as nude baths in the sun, also relating to fire, but without the problems.

·                     Patient is buried to the neck in fresh soil [mundification] and placed in darkness until the room is supercharged with carbonic gas–inducing deep sleep.  Mud baths, and clay applications may suffice, and some clays are ingestible.  Use caution here, and do not attempt without research and medical consultation.  Root vegetables, cooked included in the diet and time spent out doors weeding or any other earthy activity that doesn't involve thinking also help. 

Dietary Purification Procedure

·                     The diet begins by depriving the body of one of the three dietary elements until the body has had occasion to make use of the last particle of it and discharged the last of its waste by-product.  [Do not withhold excrement; including flatulent gases]

·                     The diet is then changed and one of the other elements is suppressed as the originally suppressed element is restored into the diet.

·                     The completion of the full cycle represents one course of purification.

Treatment Program

The Order of the Purification on Waking

1.                  Akasha; Light

a.       Bathe eyes: ultra-violet

2.                  Vayu, Air

a.       Breathing exercises; inhalations

3.                  Apas; Water

a.       Baths, purges ('chair' … toilet?)

4.                  Prithivi, Earth

a.       Massage, Food

5.                  Agni (Tejas); Fire

a.       Sun-ray, Ingra-red, electric treatments, high-frequency waves.

      [Is the Star Sapphire capable of producing a healing Elixir if that Elixir is for one of the working couple as he or she is sick?  And then even with the above…is that Elixir taken in the morning with the Patient having an empty stomach to fully absorb the energy?  And what potential role do the acids of the stomach play…is that another form of the Alchemical Bath?]

After the program of purification completes its cycle, the Elixir is then applied.  Each application of the elixir requires this purification cycle originally at 3-7 months in duration.  While the Elixir is being given, the patient returns little-by-little to his or her regular diet and familiar habits of life.  The only exception to this is that the patient eats only at noon and at sunset as a daily routine.

The Elixir is first given in small doses that may be increased as the Physician thinks proper.  A great amount of Psychic energy is completely required of the Physician at this point.  The treatment will vary considerably according to the duration of the disease for which the course is being implemented.  The first notable effects are mental and moral.  A restlessness occurs in the patient that is sometimes a little manic and unpleasant; as if one had obtained something that one was anxious to use but did not know how to use it.  With repeated doses, this symptom subsides.

The Patient should then be able to formulate a clear image of the object of the treatment with a sense of 'Willed' projection.  Proof of this is in the tireless enthusiasm the patient devotes towards the realization of that image.  The spiritual vitality of the Elixir then acts directly on the body and begins to recreate tissue by lending its energy to the affected organs; awakening their own creative and re-creative powers.

Regeneration of the body comes through the restoration of the bodily fluids to a youthful state of health and virility.  The ‘ojas’ is the fluid of life, which is said by the Hindus to exist in extremely limited quantity in the heart.  Every tissue, even to the skin, should recover its vital characteristics.  The bones should be no longer brittle with the muscles easily becoming both tense and elastic.  There is an influx of spiritual joy that reveals itself in the vitality, beauty and happiness of the Patient as applied to his or her behavior; interacting with him of herself and his or her environment.

Ta Pente Notes

Shakti-pat is an Eastern concept that describes a chain of vibratory transmission, starting with one person who has succeeded at a fully risen Kundalini, causing another to vibrate sympathetically in order to receive the vibration, force or current.  One cannot transmit such a current or force without it already being active in oneself and at the moment of transmission; this being particularly true when the current is being transmitted for the purpose of healing another.  The upper chakras must be fired; along with the lower ones as the Shakti-pat works like water seeking it's own level.  Anyone who is at a certain level can energetically bring another person to that same level, if only temporarily, of which it usually is only that and often dissipates when not aroused by the inner volition or Will of the receiver.  Yet it is usually enough to give the receiver a glimpse past the veil and so it is a true initiation, a true beginning.

Because the Fire Snake rising can make you think that you have attained Gnosis, it is a strong point of failure for many.  In actuality, it is not an end to be attained, but the beginning of the work.  Therefore, it is not to be worked with in a casual manner, nor towards glamorous ends. One can get really sick, even with the most sincere dedication, as the Hindus don’t consider Kundalini a Goddess for nothing.  She can resemble Kali in her devastation of the human psyche.  The mere use of ritual becomes obsolete as there is no ritual that can hold the vibratory energy.  Though once the energy is communicated, the cells of the body may retain the memory as the candidate works create this force in his or her own being.

Crowley discusses physical purification by the four elements, in preparation for the creation and use of the magical elixir.  There's a host of dysfunctional consequences that contaminants may cause in the complex matrix of the brain, a very sensitive organ and site of the three chakras that will hold the head of the cobra.  Purification, in this context means the elimination of toxic substances that accumulate in the body.  Crowley rightfully felt that the operation should not be practiced without rigorous cleansing and that application of the elixir would fail without this cleansing.  Even its creation would not hold any potency without the effective purification of the operators.  This is an alchemical theme, which we see so often, the changing of dross into gold, but here it's done by cleansing internally.  It is also consistent with the principals of homeopathy, which has recently been validated with research that shows that tiny amounts of substances carry enough energy within them to spread into, or "balloon" once engaged within the body.  But note that with homeopathy in general, certain substances such as mint, coffee, meat, etc., negate the use of homeopathic remedies and it may be found also to pertain to the application of the elixir.

The human body being composed mostly of water, emits a jolt of electrical energy during orgasm.  They say that there was a divine spark that caused life to begin on earth.  And note that the seas of the Earth were the first and perfect recipients of this electrical energy.  As such, we must also be perfect transmitters and receivers of this energy, requiring a purification, to eliminate toxins that ground us into the earth that normally absorbs these things. We create balance, and then we shift, according to our Will.  

First off, you want to do the cleansings. Find out what your blood type is, and check out the diet for that. Meat, for any blood type, will be a very grounding influence, affecting the subtle body and so is not recommended.  Fasting should be started slowly. Buy a good juicer, and begin to use it, until after a week of doing your normal routine, you have mastered the use of making your own juices, at least three times per day.. Only then should you bother trying this. No one is perfect, and starving is not the way to go.  Low blood sugar leads to temporary madness, and that is not magical.

Support your liver and kidneys through any purification ordeal.  Use whole vegetables and their cooking water; even better, learn to use a Wok.  Though needed minerals are usually leached into the vegetables through tradition preparation in water.  Meat is necessary for many people, though not for everyone.  Meat does have a wonderful quality of grounding ones energy.   Yet refraining from it can help to stimulate sensitivity.  Do such mindfully, knowing that sensitivity, suddenly induced, can be very unpleasant.  Bear that in mind when you want to eat it for energy, it makes the body energy "heavy" and so is not so great for finer workings.  Those who have blood types O, B or AB are usually fine with meat.  Type A's will want to avoid meat, and put more effort into grounding.  Type B's would do well to avoid chicken. Pork it seems, doesn't seem to do anyone any benefit.  And Lamb is considered good all around, if one knows how to cook it.

While fasting, you will have to still encourage your bowels, and this is critical.  Remember that term "anal retentive'?  It's very real, and your inner stored poop can make you sick, and affect your brain, if you let it. Get a good product for bowel cleansing, and use it.  Yerba Prima has a very good product called Daily Fiber, and I recommend that over Metamucil. Get the shit out of your body, and it will leave your mind free!  After about three weeks of colon cleansing, you will get some pretty ugly stuff coming out, if you've done it right. Black strings of scary stuff….nevermind it, and keep going, you are almost there. It's all good.

Next we will talk about preparing the mind, once the body is clean.  Few of us have not heard about how some primordial energy struck to inspire the reality of energy of life on this planet.  Know how you work energy.  How this relates to sexual Magick is that it must be the right spark at the right time, just like It must be the right seed for the right kind of soil, in the right latitude/longitude of earth.  This is why preparation is so important.  Always work with the Current.  You could stand in a bathtub of distilled water, get hit by lightening, and survive. Why? No minerals in the water.  Do you see now how important your intention, and your physical input has on the outcome? Your own personal balance is the right combination for effective transmission of energy. When you are dealing with the Kundalini, this is most important.  Electricity only harms you when it stops somewhere inside your body.  Endeavor to keep your channels clear as you can.  This is what we want to avoid with Kundalini.  She does the same thing as any lightening strike.  She will kill you, or make you mad.

Your mate is a partner.  You must both agree on how to focus the energy.   At first, and for a long while, simply focus on learning to work together.  Take a lot of time with this as practice makes perfect.  Great time must be taken to excite one another.  Remember that at the point of orgasm, you both will emit a spark of divinity, a real spark that must be focused.  Be mindful of this!  The chakkras first become activated down below, but with the intent induced by the pineal vision and the energy must be induced to rise up through all chakkras. The excitement must be genuine, and must travel though the body in an intentional way until it reaches the upper chakras.  At this point of dizziness, the godhead is discovered, and the heart must be open.  The ‘Magickal Childe’ must then be named, the fiat of the ‘Logos’ issued.

Finally, Israel Regardie was correct in teaching that psychotherapy is essential to this art and science.   Be fearless, deal with your resentments and come to understand why you’ve made the choices that you’ve made in your life.  Psychotherapy is not necessarily about curing problems as it is a tool to greater self-awareness.   Alchemical Hypnotherapy is a valid way to deal with hidden emotions that might otherwise mess up your work.  Magicians use anything in their immediate environment, to do what they need to do, so never be ashamed.  Honesty is a key to Magickal Integrity and Magickal Power.  Set your environment to support that, so that no lie gets in the way, or sucks energy from your Intent as lies make you weak.  Deal honestly with others and deliver what you promise as your ‘word’ is your ‘Logos’.  It is vital that one practices integrity with everything one says and does.

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