The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

The Nightside Formula

OBJECT: Exploration of the implied pathway between the Dayside and Nightside Trees by way of the “gate” of resonance between Daath and Yesod. The transference and transmutation of consciousness-energy from one “side” of the Tree to the other and back again via the gate located at the intersection of the tunnels of Parfaxitas (=450) and Saksaksalim (=300). Two participants, one the Dayside victim/sacrifice”, the other the Nightside Lilith-succubus/Xastur-Spider Goddess.

Break the bonds of consensus reality; connect psyche and soma, dare to channel heightened sexual/aggressive energies in service of the Will.

Becoming one with all sensation, the individuality is annihilated, consciousness breaks through to paranormal awareness; via union of opposites, the Elixir is distilled.

Phase I: (Yesod --> Daath): Dayside evokes Lilith through VIII°, chant, and visualization. Lilith is slowly drawn to the aspirant by the buildup of sexual tension. At the point of orgasm, Lilith orally receives the seed-energy of the victim, in an astral vampiric mode. Dayside falls into a trance-paralysis from the sudden withdrawal of vital force by the succubus, and becomes Negative. This is the path 27 (Tower of Silence).

Queen of the Night

Thou Goddess Queen,

Diffusing silvery light.

Osirian born,

And wandering through the gloom of night.

With stars surrounding,

paying homage to thy beauty

Night’s torch extending,

Through the heavens you ride:

Mother of ages,

Fruit-producing Moon,

Whose amber orb makes Night’s reflected noon:

Creator of Love,

Beautiful Queen of the night,

Lover of vigilance,

the foe of strife,

In peace rejoicing

And a prudent life:

Fair queen of Night,

Beautiful and sublime,

Who giveth to Nature’s work their destined end.

Queen of all the stars,

All-wise Diana, hail.

Decked with a graceful rove and ample veil.

Come blessed Goddess, prudent, starry, bright,

Come, moony lamp, with chaste and splendid light,

Shine on these sacred rites with prosprous rays,

And please accept thy supplicant’s mystic praise.

Phase II: The passing of Dayside energy into Lilith's vortex begins a process of transformation. She becomes Xastur, Spider-goddess of the Daath-Yesod Nightside gate. As the transformation of the Goddess (=25) occurs, so does the seed-energy of the "victim" transmute within Her, in an alchemical process. It has been distilled into the kalas (=52) of the Nightside. Xastur concentrates this transmuted energy into a dark Egg (=252). This is the Path 25 (Art/VITRIOL).

Phase III: (Daath –> Yesod) A reenactment in reverse of Phase I. Xastur moves the Egg towards her Gate via VIII°. At climax, she releases the kala-egg into the mouth of the entranced “victim”, who is “resurrected” thereby as a Master of the Knowledge of the Dark Dream of Lilith/Xastur. This is the resolving of the Hod-Netzach (Parfaxitas/Tower) and Yesod-Tiphareth (Saksaksalim/Art) crossroads that leads downwards from Yesod to the Black Sun of Nightside Tiphareth.

Body Orgasm: A Tree of Night Tantra


In communion with the Angel of your Higher Self, bring yourself to orgasm, without anxiety, without guilt. Record your visions.

Orgasm through the base of the spine — Malkuth. This gives the power of tantric energy exchange; the power of distilling the transforming elixir as the semiochemicals of the sexual kalas pour forth from your body, and the Silver Rain of Nuit falls down from the stars.

Orgasm through the center below the navel — The Knot of Brahma. This gives personal power, the experience of Ch’i as tentacles of light radiating from your Center, reaching out to objects of attention and desire. Here is the power to “see” yourself and other humans as glowing luminous eggs of light, interconnected nodes, vortices of sentience, throbbing with the rhythm of life.

Orgasm through the navel — Yesod. This gives powers of fascination and enchantment, of imagination kindled by desire; the power to create illusions, to create one’s own universe — be it heaven, or, be it hell. Here is power to experience the “juiciness” of life, its richness, and the sensuousness inherent in all that flows: emotions, rivers, blood.

Orgasm through the diaphragm — Veil of Paroketh/Knot of Vishnu. This gives the power of speech in silence; the power of invisibility; the power of the shroud. Here too is power to enter outre dimensions via the cosmological Black Hole of interstellar space, matter collapsed upon itself by the power of internal attraction.

Orgasm through the compassionate heart — Tiphareth/The Crossroads. This gives the power of invisibility, the power of entering another’s body, heart, and mind, the power to experience the reality of Self as nothing more than an Ego-less Void.

Orgasm through the throat area — Knot of Shiva/Daath/the entrance to “Universe B” and the Tunnels of Set. This gives the power of the shaman, the power of shape-shifting, the power of cosmic transmutation of the primal cell. Here is the power to touch and experience the combined male-female / female-male existent as nascent possibility within one’s own body of light. Here too is knowledge of past-present-future as existent in the Now.

Orgasm through the third eye — twin-petalled Binah / Chokmah at the center of the brow. This gives power to enter the Dream Time; power to leave the body at will; power to externalize, objectify, and universalize one’s internal, subjective, and highly personal conception of reality. Here too is power to utter the “birth words” of Master of the Temple.

Orgasm through the crown of the head — Kether/thousand-petalled Sarasrara Chakra — raising kundalini up the spine, allowing consciousness to pour out through the top of the skull into the exploding universe, the ever-expanding shower of stars. Experience the light and energy of the Stars above as source of inspiration and spiritual sustenance, the seeding of our race. Orgasm here brings the power of trans-dimensional, interstellar time-travel.

Orgasm through every pore of your body, experiencing the interconnecting points of singing light that cover the living flesh. Feel these vibrating nadis of the subtle body, tiny pricklings of light that are the blessings of the kalas of the stars as they rain down from transplutonian dimensions. Feel the fireworks as they impinge upon your body, see in them the image of the universe alive with whirling, pulsing many-colored stars. Orgasm here brings the power of calling the Great Old Ones, timeless travelers, the gods who are ever-returning, spiralling from past and future into an eternally unfolding now.