The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

The Ophidian Current

Field Theory of Sexual Energy

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The Ophidian Current also worked in variations known as the Draconian or Typhonian Currents, employs the Magick of the Kundalini Fire Serpent.  Kenneth Grant concurs Motta's postulates on Christism when he delineates that the current works along a 'Yesidic' power line that is purged of the Osirian formula of the Dying God.  The Zelator discovers that his or her body is the 'Temple of the Holy Ghost' and becomes a student of the formula of the Rosy Cross.  However, it is impossible for the Zelator to perform this Great Work as it is the Adeptus Minor (Within) who is admitted to the 'College of the Holy Ghost'.

The Zelator has pierced the Veil of Qesheth and is fully conscious of the plane of Yetzirah.  He or she is firmly entrenched in the Sephira of Yesod and is committed to the Planetary Magick of the Hexagram in order to gain experience in this plane.  The higher arc of Hexagrammatic Magick occurs on the Plane of Briah.  And so the work of the Zelator is to attain a certain purity of Aspiration which alone will prepare him or her for that power of consciousness where the inexpressible may be directly perceived and known.

The following inferences are drawn from Kenneth Grant’s Aleister Crowley & the Hidden God and Nightside of Eden.  Kenneth Grant is most clearly going down in history as a major contributor to Thelemic Thought in the early days of the Aeon of Horus.  The other Thelemic writers of significance are Charles Stansfield Jones; also known as Frater Achad, and Marcelo Ramos Motta,  These men have distinguished themselves outside of any claim to leadership of any order and without any reference to the personal circumstances of their mundane lives.  It’s their work and their contribution to the Scientific Tradition of collecting and comparing notes.

“The best blood is of the moon, monthly.”  AL III.24

The red substance of the female is the prime menstruum of magickal energy.

“For he is ever a sun, and she a moon.  But to him is the winged secret flame, and to her the stooping starlight.”  AL I.16

The formula of the aeon (418) is that of Cheth, the Chariot.  It is a formula of going.  The male is white and the female is red (Scarlet woman).  Man may attain in initiation, but cannot manifest in power without her.

The formula and function of the Scarlet Woman starts with zones of occult energy intimately related to the network of nerves and plexuses associated with the endocrine glands.  Kundalini energy affects the Chakkras in her body and its vibrations influence the chemical composition of her glandular secretions.  Such fragrances are devoured by the Priest and transmuted into magickal energy.

Fourteen female genital secretions are accounted for by Western Science and there are two others that are presumed to exist.  These Kalas may only be evoked into a Chakkra that has been properly prepared.

"I am the secret Serpent coiled about to spring: in my coiling there is joy.  If I lift up my head, I and my Nuit are one.  If I droop down mine head, and shoot forth venom, then is rapture of the earth, and I and the earth are one."  AL II.26

Consuming the Kalas charged with the upwardly directed currents (nectar) transforms consciousness and makes it possible to contact and communicate with transcendental entities.  The downwardly directed forces (venom) are charged with poisonous vibrations that are used for works of materialization and dissolution.

For the female to arouse the Kundalini, she visualizes the Serpent in Phallic form in the Mulhadhara Chakkra and inflames herself to the point of Orgasm.  Yet before Orgasm, she must move the image to the Ajna Chakkra.  Then she must maintain the image until Consummation occurs.

The male must proceed by identifying Kundalini with Hadit and the Cerebral Center with Nuit.  The Hadit force is awakened and forces it way up the Spinal Column past all the sealed chakkras into the Cerebral Center.

Man is the Word; woman is the Act; the Child is the Word made flesh by the Act.  Mind concentrates the Child that the body is to bear in the Act of Magickal Creation.  It is the Magickal Engine that creates the image.  The body gives it Expression and projects it into the Material Sphere.

Kundalini force can be awakened by these methods:

1.       Total concentration on a Magickal Symbol

2.       Kalas, i.e.: drugs referred to in Liber AL vel Legis

3.       Shock

4.       Speed—fast movement that loosens astral body; such as Dance of Dervishes or the Tarantelle.

5.       Musical ecstasy

6.       Magickally controlled sexual activity (very dangerous).

7.       Absolute compassion for all created things

8.       Aesthetic rapture induced by the contemplation of Superior Artistry.

9.       The religious enthusiasm of Bhakti-Yoga

10.    Violence

These Chakkras must then be sealed with the Aspirant being well-grounded and brought back to Consensus Consciousness.  Without  this, the Aspirant is in great danger of Obsession.

The essential work focuses on the ability of one Adept to transmit the vibrational levels of the aroused Fire Serpent to another Adept.  This Kundalini energy is shared through the Muladhara Chakkra by virtue of their coitus; with both Chakkras fused as one.  The derived Elixir is a product of the ejaculate being mixed with the secretions of the Yoni; which have been attuned to the appropriate Kala being evoked from within the Priestess.

The derivate is then imbibed into the mouth or the Priest who then shares it orally with the Priestess.  The developing Elixir is then mixed in the both mouths; having a chemical interaction with the saliva of both congregants.  This is then inducted into the current of the Sushumna via the Lalana Chakkra, which is located at the base of the palate.  However, it has yet to be scientifically verified as to whether or not there is a causal connection between this Chakkra and the Pituitary and Salivary glands as well as the Ajna Chakkra.

The nature of any possible connection would certainly provide greater insight into the nature of psycho-sexual energy in the body.  Specifically, the connection with the Pituitary and Salivary glands with the Mind and its energy dynamics would verify the theory of Atavistic energy that is suspected of being fully available to ancient races that had evolved before the breakdown of the bi-cameral mind in modern humanity.  These energies would manifest individually in instinctive tendencies that originate from the collective consciousness of primordial humanity and could certainly correlated with the Qliphoth of the Hebrew Qabalah as well as the Atavistic forms of the Sorcerer.

Venus is Lucifer 'The Morning Star' who challenges God at the sunrise point in the eastern horizon.  At noon, Lucifer is cast out and falls from grace, depicted by the star falling below the horizon into Hades.  Venus is then the 'Light Bringer' (Prometheus) who snatches the fire of Spirit and delivers it unto our sub-conscious nature wherein exist the many qliphotic shells.

There may also be some climatic conditions in the mouths of the Operators as this 'primordial stew' is energized by the Kundalini energy rising through the Sushumna.  The inter-locked mouths create another source of energy flow between the two congregants known as the 'Sealed Chamber'.  The Heart Chakkra is also vitally important in this working as it corresponds with Tiphareth and the virtue of the Adepts sanctified by his and her Holy Guardian Angels.  In the way, the two Fire Snakes are entwined and transmuted into one single nature.  This is facilitated by the Love that the Operators have for each other as expounded in Atu XIV and Liber AL vel Legis:

"…Love one another with burning hearts…" AL II.24

Should there be any blocked Chakkras, the operation is an abortion and a Vampire is created.  This caution alone should warn the voyeur of experimenting before he or she is ready and capable.  And it further explains why the Zelator is not permitted to practice the art of the Great Work.  Thus working with Atavistic energy has its inherent danger.

Sexo-Magickal References
as Expouded in the
Sovereign Sanctuary of the Gnosis
of the

VIII Degree (Masturbatory) For Rites involving Consecration (15th Kala) of actual Talismans and For materializing new partners by attraction.

Of the Priestess by the Priest:Via the tongue for the induction of trance or vision.

Via the hand for the induction of that ecstasy which results in Oracles.

Of the Priest by the Priestess:
Via the mouth for her Magickal nourishment and renewed sexual vigor.
Via the hand for rendering her own body an engine of sex-magickal glamour and attraction.

Of the Priest in Solitude:
Using 'Were-Masks' (Atavistic energy) for operations of Lycanthropy being the assumption of animal forms employed in the art of Sorcery.

Of the Priestess in Solitude:
Using 'Mer-Masks' (Atavistic energy) for operations of bewitchment being the casting of illusions.

The Atavism for the male is the Lion and for the female it is the Eagle.  Her sexual Kalas are of the IX Degree working. 

IX Degree              Supernal Natural congress for works creation, Intuition and Inspiration.

Infernal                 Unnatural congress for works of Zombeism, Death Posture and Dream Control.

This degree is the 'Mass of the Holy Ghost' or 'Higher Mass' that prepares the Sacrament of the Gnostic Mass or 'Lower Mass'; creating a synergistic movement of energy.  The Gnostic Mass is a serial initiation at the group level of those Congregants that who are energetically prepared to receive the Sacrament.  Their energy is awakened by the Collects of the mass; collected by the Deacon who then delivers them via the spinal column of the Priest who transfers them to the Priestess and into the Cup.  The energy is then returned to the Congregation when the Sacrament is distributed.  The Sacrament must be distributed to the Congregation; with each individual having contact with the original Sacrament.

XI Degree              Priest & Priestess

During an eclipse of the Moon for works of Materialization and Reification.

The menstrual Kala of the Priestess is of the XI degree working that occurs at the time of the Lunar Eclipse as the menses is the result of a failed ovum.


Here then is the Schedule for all the Operations of Sexual Magick. 

First, thou shalt discover thy True Will, as I have already taught thee, and that Bud thereof which is the Purpose of this Operation.

Next, formulate this Bud-Will as a Person, seeking or constructing it, and naming it according to thine Holy Qabalah, and its infallible rule of Truth.

Third, purify and consecrate this Person, concentrating upon him and against all else.  This Preparation shall continue in all thy daily life.  Mark well, make ready a new Child immediately after very Birth.

Fourth, make an especial and direct Invocation at the Mass, before the Introit, formulating a visible Image of the Child, and offering the Right of Incarnation.

Fifth, perform the mass, not omitting the 'Epiklesis' (Invocation), and let there be a Golden Wedding Ring at the Marriage of the lion with Thine Eagle.

Sixth, at the consumption of the Eucharist, accept this Child, losing thy Consciousness in him, until he be well assimilated with thee.

Now then do this continuously, for by Repetition cometh forth both Strength and Skill, and the Effect is cumulative, if thou allow no Time to dissipate itself.

Love is the law, love under will.