The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

The Equilibration of Opposites

Paul Joseph Rovelli

The court cards describe the process of Tetragrammaton and this card refers to a specific moment in that process. The final adjustment of this formula is when the daughter (Heh-final) is redeemed by her marriage with the son (Vau) and set up on the throne of the mother (Heh) to awaken the eld of the All-Father (Yod). This is the completion of this formula of Hebrew letters: IHVH (the four lettered name of God). And in this final process is the whole formula equilibrated.

Specifically, the zodiacal sign of Libra is attributed to the card with Venus ruling and Saturn exalted in Libra. Balance or more accurately every action in the universe has as its complement an equal and opposite reaction. It is indeed impossible to drop a pin without exciting a corresponding reaction in every star.

Therefore, nature is not just (as the old title of the card implies). But it is exact. Maat is the Egyptian goddess who dominates every element of dis-equilibrium in the universe. In the next Aeon she will take the throne of Ra and this planet will function in a way that maybe some empathic experience with this card might lead to a small understanding of.

Maat will bring on the age of truth. We will learn that all things are in harmony is a truth as they and their opposites will cancel each other out (hence the magickal formula of 2=0). Manifestation itself is little more than disequilibrium seeking equilibrium. Maat assesses the virtue of every event and demands an exact and precise satisfaction; study of which will clearly reveal the true and conjugal nature of the universe.