The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

Binding a Community


A community of any sort is a synergistic and dynamic force that proves the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Take any collection of individuals and put them together in a space and time and the grouping takes on a life of its own. A personality emerges that can not only speak louder than any individual; but can drown the very force that created it.

This is true, as I've said, with any society. How much more so can this be with a union of Magickians on the macrocosmic scale or between two lovers -- microcosmically. There's a current that flows through; both within and without. Circumstances are created and manipulated and the dance is begun.

So now there are new friends, family and lovers. In the womb of the goddess we swim through the primordial web of our dreams, hopes, fears, and neurosis; vying for that ultimate union with that we know not what. We affirm loyalty and fidelity; whether through initiation rituals or some other rite of passage such as a wedding or the establishment of a constitution.

Politics is defined as the interaction of people in a common effort. To say that such and such a group is better than another because they don't have any political machine or beaurocracy to contend with is a misnomer. A few friends on a fishing trip can easily create as much a political dynamic as any order or coven. It can be in the choosing of what kind of food to pack for the trip or what menu of rituals the group should pursue.

It's not the politics that's bad; but the vision or lack thereof that moves the body politic. We all have our private and collective dreams. In any coupling or grouping, these need to be articulately addressed and clearly stated. Else, a confusion develops that can cause stress to the organization. We can see this in our nation's politics as fundamentalist zealots vie for power in our alleged secular culture.

This transitional situation in our political union as a nation has yet to achieve any sense of commonality in defining a vision. The same can be said for more and more individuals in the fabric of our domestic structure. Quite a few people, not unlike you and me, have had to find a way to brave the dismissal of the traditional religions offered to us by our families with all its securities and the virtue of common acceptance.

From this we have lept into an uncertain world that is still birthing. More and more people every year are entering into Magickal orders and covens where there are no institutions and conventions to provide stability and the nurturing support that can be derived from these things. The rules and playing field can change from moment to moment and new member to new member. It is easy for any one individual to lose their sense of potency and empowerment within the group very quickly.

Alliances form that clash with other alliances and groups splinter. 'Merry meet and merry part' can be an ideal that doesn't always seem attainable. 'No bond can unite the divided but love' is a very real lesson that teaches the only way avoid any decadent corruption of the original focus of a group.

How to cope with this is the nature of the struggle. In seeking a common destiny there is a great struggle along the way that defines our character and polishes our metal. We become enobled by the effort.

Of course, there is the break-down of character as we work through the neurosis of our collective and individual psyche. This is the tender point of any union. It can lead to a stronger whole if we can hang onto a certain leap of faith. We should strive to maintain the memory of our ideal from the outset when the waters get rough.

And in coming through this we reach into an ecstasy that can bind us together for a lifetime. We become soul mates and spiritual kin. And there is great fortitude to be gained for the individuals that endure to the end.

There is a new Thelemic society starting under the auspices of the Chancellor of the A.'.A.'.. It is called the Holy Order of Ra-Hoor-Khuit (H.O.O.R.). Those of us who choose to brave such a new flagship have a major task ahead of us if our efforts are to amount to anything.

It can be hoped that by our example others will seek us out. It can be hoped that we have what it takes. Success can be our only proof.