The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

"From this make cakes and eat unto me."


To paraphrase a line from an ubsurd television commercial . . . if pride leads to Hubris - then let me be guilty! The members of Piap Camp have great reason to be very proud of recent efforts. But before I go into it, let me share some feelings of one of our camp members. This soror tried to apologize to me once saying that she felt like she wasn't pulling her weight. I forget my answer at the time but I feel that I need to make this point very clear. Most bodies in the order would have a great deal if they could only get a member to stay current on dues. The dues we've recently instituted makes the Gnostic Mass possible - and if that's all you're doing for the camp, you're doing alot - SO BE PROUD OF YOUR EFFORTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS!

As far as our recent mass production goes, if you're a camp member, pat yourself on the back and kiss yourself in the mirror. I do,however, feel that very special thanks go to Sorrors Sophia Zoe and M.M.A. as well as Frater A.V.V. These hardworking artists have gone well above and beyond the call of duty at great personal pain and sacrifice. I know your efforts shall repay you well but I need to express to you three and to all how great it feels to see "love under will" in action. Soror Hypatia's pillows added a great touch also! A special peace and blessings to you all this Saturnalia. Also praise to honorary camp members Soror Ellen H., Frater Jim G. and Frater Drew M. for your financial contributions.

Further, as far as future plans for the mass, I hope to see more deacons in the making. Plan, if you will, to volunteer for the spot. Also, we are ready to begin training our next mass team and we may have another mass team in the making after that if Frater I.O.S.P. has his way (and he's been know to have is way with a few of the ladies - nyuk! nyuk!).

Speaking of future plans, I would like to start some dialogue on creating Enochian props for some further exploration along these lines. In particular, we do have the elemental tablets, but we need a Tablet of Union, Tablets of the Bonorum, Sigillum Dei Aemeth and the Holy Table. I'm sure we're all tired from efforts put in thus far for the mass, and I only want to start dialogue at this time. So think about it and share your thoughts at the next meeting. Also, Frater I.O.S.P. has indicated that he would like some help creating elemental tablets for his camp. It's a great learning experience for anyone who wants to be involved.

Looking over this past year, we have accomplished much. The Gnostic Mass (of course), pantacle construction, wand construction, this newsletter, and workshops, workshops, workshops. This next year promises much more and I personally look forward to it all quite eagerly. Also, we have a new officer - Soror M.M.A. is now our new Treasurer and for those interested I have become cert secretary of Tahuti Lodge and Assistant Secretary (in charge of certs for the east coast) of U.S. Grand Lodge. If I can help you with a cert problem please let me know. As well, Soror Sophia Zoe and myself have been ordained into the E.G.C. and have the power to Baptize. If there is any interest in this, please make it known to us.

Indeed, we have accomplished alot and I feel we have as potent a body as any in the order. For those who have received mailings from a certain body that claims to be "an alternative to Tahuti Lodge". I would like to make Piap's official position clear. It is our ideal that any member should explore as many bodies within the order as possible in order to gain the widest possible experience. We are not an alternative to, but a satellite of Tahuti Lodge and we love our fellow lodge members most dearly. For want of the inane and innocuous couple that would rather divide than unite us all in our great cause - lets give all the moral support that we can to our lodge. The stronger they become, the stronger we all become.