The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.


"Tennn-Hut!", the drill sargent shouts as this patrol stiffens into an erect position and an
orderly formation. There is a pun much intended in the last line; please bare with me. What I
am talking about is an army- contemporary model of a unit of men\woman to wage war against an
enemy unit. ATTENTION! My dear Brothers and Sisters we to are in an army; a much more dangerous
one as the enemy is within. Yet somehow I can't help but feel that this ancient order is as
through history and the Great White Brotherhood that has survived underground through the last
1700+ years- is the role model for the legions we support with our tax dollars. What I'm talking
about is the fact that in ancient times, perhaps, an army really was in attention. Also, the
sexual act brings us to a certain degree of attention( to follow up on my pun, we are a Sex
Magick Order). Now, what remains- what do I mean by attention? I would like to refer the reader
to the most recent issue of Parabola Magazine on which the theme is ATTENTION. Or perhaps Liber
E. There is an inner attention we find when we learn to get past the clutter of our mentation
that has been described as Dharana. Of course the Yoga (Union) of any activity is to be wholly
part of that activity without any digression due to the wandering of our mental faculties. Put
yourself in a battle field... maybe in the Middle East or in Ethiopia. Under enemy fire, you may
find yourself in absolute ATTENTION. Or perhaps you are a moment away from orgasm... you may
again find yourself in this state of ATTENTION. There are deaths! "Like a cancer that utterly
corrupts the body; so am I unto the spirit of man." LXV 1.16 This is the real man\woman that
emerges when we realize that the contents of our consciousness are not the consciousness itself.
They are by-products (for want of another phrase). If you follow Crowley's instructions on Yoga
in Book 4,this is implied with very technical directions. However, the techniques do not produce
the result, it is intent (the Will) that produces the attainment. Again, I refer the reader to
the most recent issue of Parabola and concurrently, I recommend Crowley! Essay on Energized