The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

The Devil: The Leaping Goat

Paul Joseph Rovelli

Atu XV connects Hod with Tiphareth on the Tree-of-Life and has attributed to it, Capricorn and the Hebrew letter Ayin which translates as 'Eye'. The central symbol is Pan and his manifestations as Baphomet, the Goat, Shaitan, Saturn, Satan, and Shabbathai (the Sabbath). The horns of the Goat being spiral, they represent the movement of the all-pervading energy that is the manifested universe in its true nature. This is expounded on and corroborated from the scientific viewpoint in post-Einstein, modern physics.

Capricorn resides at the zenith of the Zodiac and is represented by the Goat leaping to the summit of experience with its firm determination. The sign is ruled by Saturn which gives it its enduring perpetuity. Mars is also exalted here and adds material energy to the creative process of all phenomena.

The Eye (Ayin) symbolizes the Goat in leaping to the summit of manifestation sees all things as they really are in their true relation to every other thing. Hence this card represents the ecstatic appreciation of all creation as it contemplates the entirety of possible interactions. This is carried out to its' complete and full end beyond even the limitations of taboo and disgust; for Pan is All.

Such wisdom as this path bestows upon the aspirant supplants the ignorance of Faith with the certainty of Truth. From here one is given over to the true application of the Will in proper orbit in its relation to all other phenomena. One becomes a master of his destiny and a purveyor of the all in the open manifestion of his divinity.