The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

The Great Work of the Sanctuary

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


The nature of the Secret of the Sanctuary of the A.M.H.R. is contained within ‘sacred sex’ engaged through ritual circumstances in a duly consecrated and prepared temple (defining ‘sacred space’).  The Chakkras are stimulated by way of initiatory rites that utilize the techniques of Kundalini yoga; thus the electro-chemical nature of the central nervous system is aroused from the base of the spine to the tip of the cranium.  These rites are hypothesized to produce upon ejaculation and the subsequent simultaneous orgasm of the female, the Elixir of Life or Philosophers Stone of the Alchemists.  The physical substance obtained is the commingled sexual effluvia of the participant male and female infused with the energy that was the focus of the right.

We have two separate possibilities to consider from the outset.  The first is a variation that is essentially ‘spermo-Gnostic’ in nature.  Here, the female is only contributing the hormonal secretions of her detumesence with the male providing the solar force of the Sperm.  The character of her secretions are variously delineated by the phases of the Moon.  The seminal fluid of the male is also subject to the phases of the Moon, which is equally as important in determining the nature of the work.  The second variation is the most difficult to achieve and perhaps the greatest secret of the Sanctuary.  Sometimes, during menstruation, the unused Egg is released whole and intact.  When exposed to the Sperm, there is the opportunity for these two seeds to unite, producing a nuclear force of awesome power.

The issue here seems to be involved in determining whether this can be scientifically approached as it seems more of a luck shot considering the size of the egg.  It seems to me that the ejaculant would have to be mixed with the menstruum and then we would need some means to determine whether or not  there was even an egg in the menstruum and whether or not any particular zygote actually contacted and united with the egg.  It would seem this is a magickal sensitivity that would have to be developed.  With this egg that we may also be enabled make the homunculus.  The homunculus can given certain qualities by the combined nature of the energy given to the seminal and vaginal fluids.  In this case, it’s not the generation of the Magickal Childe so much as it is a force that can do our bidding…a force that can capture energy for us to consume or perhaps to be given an independent life, constrained to a particular purpose.

We may also speculate on developing a generational and eugenic theory in producing the birth of a human child.  Taking a cue from the ancient Egyptian throne, we are presented with a study of the nature of the mitochondria in the female primarily, but perhaps also in the male.  What is the magickal nature of this mitochondria and can the nature of the mitochondria be altered in the female?  We know that rarely but possibly, the mitochondria of the male may also move into the newly fertilized Egg.  This leads  to ask whether or not the male mitochondria can be altered and whether or not we can merge this mitochondria into the newly fertilized Egg intentionally.

But in getting back to the original course of this essay, the subsequent elixir in either variation of the rite, quickly relinquishes its energy, which can be captured by the subtle body as the ‘prima materia’ is ingested by and absorbed through a bodily membrane.  One way is through the roof of the mouth and walls of the esophagus as indicated by working the Star Sapphire.  This has a correlative theory that proposes the tongue is sufficient as a kind of Tantric Eucharist as revealed in the original Gnostic Mass of the O.T.O.  Another way is through the membranes of the genitals, which for the male, the elixir should be sucked up back through the penis.  And as it is already in the curcurbit of the female, she need merely enjoy as the male goes about his task.  The work of the initiate of the Sanctuary is to experiment with these theories and the techniques for applying them while maintaining a strict scientific record of the work.

It should be noted there are those, especially in Thelemic Orders, who persist in the conviction that if only they engage in intercourse with a sustained vigor, they'll attain enlightenment in the form of a lightening flash that infuses the electro-chemical matrix of the combined nervous system of the experimenter.  This is also supported by the work of Wilhelm Reich and his theories on the nature of the orgasm.  And this works in accordance with the Alchemical transformation of opposite energies (yin and yang) annihilating themselves into a new singular substance delineated in the IAO formula.  The withholding of the ejaculatory semen is central to this focus as a conservation and building up of energy and likely includes the possibly dangerous process of penile reverse-vacuum in the absorption of Prana.  Such that one's 'personal energy stores' may be refilled and the 'subtle body' may be condensed to an indivisible density. Such a power will develop to gain the attention of the Pleroma of the Gnostics whom alone can bestow ‘divine grace’ upon the Aspirants involved.  This is yet a third approach to the work of the Sanctuary.

The theory of the Sanctuary, the sperm is the Sun with the seminal fluid being its penumbra.  The vaginal secretion is the moon, which absorbs the light of the sun and reflects it.  According to the formula of ON, it seems that through some inverse fashion, the female takes the energy to Tiphareth; in a sense redeems the matter of the sperm as the male brings the light of Tiphareth down to manifestation.  So a circuit is complete that is entirely electro-magnetic.  The speculative idea here is that the lightening striking primordial matter, which contains amino acids as the formulation of life on this planet holds a certain key.

In the mass, the Priestess does not at first appear as Nuit; Babalon does, however.  Nuit is 'NOT'…is non-manifestation…the veiled sky.  And so in the opening of the Mass, it is Babalon, the Daughter, awakening the eld of the King (the Priest in the Dark Cell), who then in turn, seats her on the 'Summit of the Earth' or the throne.  She then becomes the Queen who would then re-conjoin with the King to make the next generation, the next Magickal Childe, the Prince, who is Matter with the Princess being Spirit and the force and/or purpose of the rite.  Again, note, the Princess is not manifest in an obvious or apparent way…does not incarnate, but is that infusion of light that awakens the eld of the King.

Crowley writes that if one practices something long enough and with enough attention, it will eventually come to pass that such energy will work through the Aspirant as opposed to the Aspirant working the energy.  This is delineated in his essay:  Energized Enthusiasm and is behind the idea of acting without ‘lust of result’.  The repetition of the work (Invoke Often) brings one through the Apophis period of the work and into the Osiric period to lead to that fulfillment so delineated in the formula of AIMA.  Thus the mystical nature of Attainment has a practical or Magickal application that can be used to heal the sick and produces other Theurgic results.

This also has a Gnostic application which is said to enable the survival of bodily death by congealing the multiple parts of the soul and avoiding that dispersal that would accompany the decomposition of the physical body.  Here, the work of transmutation of the cells of the body is essential.  Crowley delineates this theory in his chapter in Magick in Theory and Practice on Alchemy and the Eucharist as well as in his commentary to Liber AL vel Legis (or is it Magick Without Tears?) which is also concurred by Motta in his writings.  This Magickal theory strongly suggests that only the Adept can ‘grab’ his or her death and control one’s evolutionary destiny as per the theory of Eugenics.  It is also a reflection of the transmigration of the soul as per the Yellow School of Magick.

A particular formula for intercourse is said to be engaged for the practice of sexual magick.  That formula includes femina superiora (symbolized by the Tau Cross) in coitus with sustained movement and ejaculation-delay.  However, there are really two principal ways (femina inferiora being the opposite) to be considered.  And we can count a variety of other positions that also have other theurgic affectations. Finally of course, these all are again, affected by the phases of the Moon.

Heightened sensitivity, enhanced consciousness, total awareness, is one of the objects of the rite of the Mass.  The state of consciousness obtained as a result of this work is fostered and maintained by connecting the current of multiple applications of the formula.  One may choose to accomplish this with multiple partners as per the sacred ring of the Scarlet Woman or through a series of rites with one individual.  Thus an 'Infinite Chain' is forged that will enable one to obtain results through a kind of cumulative reinforcing action or sustained inner Alchemical state.  A psycho-kinetic current is then generated by intense orgasmic experiences subtending periods of abstention.  Sex becomes a discipline with purpose as opposed to the indiscriminate sensual entertainment engaged in by the non-initiate.  Thus the Magickal Childe created is not the abortion created by the common man.

Crowley writes that the possible value of a vow of chastity could include intentional abstinence so as to build up a direct association of potency with a magical rite also intensifying the subjective effects of the sexual interaction.  The Chaste Virgin is then one wholly devoted to the Gnostic Mass.  Sex is not to the Adept a frivolous escapade suited only to the lower nature.  It provides the essential means by which one can achieve a mystical union or a magical benediction.  The following verse from Liber AL vel Legis describes the proper conditions and warnings regarding the work:

There are four gates to one palace; the floor of that palace is of silver and gold; lapis lazuli & jasper are there; and all rare scents; jasmine & rose, and the emblems of death.  Let him enter in turn or at once the four gates; let him stand on the floor of the palace.  Will he not sink? Amn. Ho! warrior, if thy servant sink?  But there are means and means.  Be goodly therefore: dress ye all in fine apparel; eat rich foods and drink sweet wines and wines that foam!  Also, take your fill and will of love as ye will, when, where and with whom ye will!  But always unto me."

He or she who is improperly prepared for the work shall "sink" into the "floor" of sensuality (becoming ruled by the Nephesch).  Such is the inertia of over-stimulation.  Grant warns us about this in his writings: To prevent the blunting of sensibility and the consequent inertia induced by an over-irritation of the "vessels of earth" .  These vessels are those referred to in Liber VII:  "Come! let us irritate the vessels of earth; they shall distil strange wine."

Upon failing to maintain such Magickal Chastity, one can "expect the direful judgments of Ra-Hoor-Khuit" or the True Will as amended by the Magickal Oath taken at the start of the work. The judgements are related to a host of apparent offenses, inclusive of the ritual being not 'unto me'.  This must inevitably lead to a descent into vulgar sensuality.  The "means" by which this result may be avoided are then given in the verse:  Be goodly therefore: dress ye all in fine apparel eat rich foods and drink sweet wines and wines that foam. This pertains to the ritual preparations and the focus of the participants of the rite.  Such is the nature of the work of the Outer Order of the A.’.A.’..



Crowley begins with a notice that information in some of his other works give a basis for the working of the sexual techniques of this degree.  And he notes that all his hints add up to the singular instruction: "Inflame thyself with prayer."

Emblem I:  The Egg

The Egg is "laid" by the "White Eagle" (woman).  And it is attributed to the number 156; thus a manifestation of Babalon.  The vehicle of the Egg is the Vaginal Fluids; thus it is not the ovum.  But rather, it is the magickal power of the woman.  This is fertilized by the Sperm being congenial to the nature of the Egg.  Hence, the man must also be in tune with the woman.  Hence, a Magickal Link must be developed between them.

Emblem II:  The Serpent

The Serpent is the Sperm and is the 'principle of immortality'.  Hence, through the sperm, a person can be renewed by way of incarnation and then persistence of will.  Thus, all of one's mental faculties and memories can be retained upon reincarnation.  This is the true Eugenics of Thelemic Magick.  The man must first determine what kind of sperm he needs to act as a representative of his True Will.  And thus the Great Work must be performed with the Knowledge & Conversation of One's Holy Guardian Angel. Otherwise, there could be failure as there would most likely be a conflict between the higher and lower natures of the individual.

The man must impose his Will upon the 'actually existing physical' sperm through an act of concentration. Although the physical Sperm is charged with the goal of the ritual (and that the nature of the Sperm is to fertilize the Egg), the method of the ritual should prevent the birth of a physical child; deferring to the Astral or 'Magickal Childe'.

Emblem III:  Conditions of the Operation

The man and woman involved in the Operation should be in good physical, mental and emotional health and be 'magnetically' attracted to each other.  The couple must be 'in absolute understanding harmony' regarding the purpose of the ritual.  And all possible outside distractions should be eliminated.  Banishings and Consecrations are the perfect preparation here.  Thus the total focus is on the ritual and the couple can inflame themselves in the prayer of vigorous intercourse.

Emblem IV:  The Operation Proper

The couple must not allow the physical activity and sensations to distract them from concentrating on the purpose of the ritual.  The Orgasm itself must be prolonged; lasting several minutes, as it is the result of the ritual.  The Ejaculation is different and separate from the Orgasm as it will only last a few seconds. Yet the intensity of the ritual may actually cause the person to lose consciousness.  Hence, the lower ego is abolished and the higher self is unimpeded in its work of creation.

At this time, the Semen is fully mixed with the Vaginal Fluids and the Sperm or Magickal Intent within it has fertilized the Egg (which is the Magickal Energy of the woman).  The energies of both the man and the woman have been blended together in a chemical and spiritual fusion creating the Elixir or Quintessence; also known as the Philosopher's Stone.

In order for this to truly occur, perfect simultaneity in the occurrence of Orgasm is of absolute necessity for the couple.  A system of verbal and non-verbal cues for the pending occurrence of Orgasm in each partner needs to be worked out in order that this simultaneity may be achieved.  Finally, just before Orgasm, the man must become 'enraged' and announce the purpose of the ritual with the divine blessings of the Hawk-Headed Mystical Lord.  He then should go into the last and most vigorous phase of the intercourse (by speeding up his thrusts and becoming more and more animalistic); forgetting about the purpose of the rite.  Upon Ejaculation, the couple together should focus on the purpose of the ritual while maintaining the coupling until they feel that the fluids have been properly blended.

Emblem V:  The Elixir

The man should use his mouth to suck the combined fluid from the woman and then share it with her by putting his mouth to hers.  He may first decide to suck some of the fluid into his urethra before disengaging from their embrace.  The Elixir may also be used to charge a talisman which has been previously prepared and consecrated.  Or it can be smeared on the body of a sick person (assuming the ritual was done specifically for the healing of this person).

The re-absorption of the Elixir is vital as it will help restore the energy used for the ritual.  Every act of sex produces a Magickal Childe.  Therefore a special chastity to this type of sexual activity is quite important for the Initiates of this grade of Magickal work.  And finally, careful records should be kept in this as in all Magickal activity.


Specific explanations for the means of: preventing ejaculation recovering erection is the central male problem in performing the Great Work of the Sanctuary.  It is true that to some extent these are psycho-somatic skills, but there is a definite relationship between the breath and tension-relaxation of the body and at least the latter.  There are also speculations on activities which may be engaged by the Priestess (ranging anywhere from rhythmic or intentional constriction of the ‘PC’ muscle (the Pubococcygeus muscle, essential to the restriction of urination) to pressure on the male perineum, that stretch of sensitive skin between genitalia and anus).

For some men ejaculation can be triggered by muscle tension in the buttocks or pelvis.  When you feel that you are approaching the point of no return, remain completely still, and relax the anal and genital muscles while pressing your tongue against the top of your palate.  Pressing there creates a sense of feeling anchored and can help delay ejaculation.  Just before the point of no return, the man or his partner can squeeze his penis, clasping the frenulum – the area just behind the glans–between thumb and forefingers.  Try it with one hand, then two, and see which feels best for you.  You may want to squeeze gently for ten seconds, or more firmly and deeply for five.  Keep squeezing until the urge to ejaculate subsides.  Repeat this process several times during each self-pleasuring session.

This technique will also help women postpone orgasm.  Immediately before you start a self-pleasuring session, do 30 PC Pump contractions.  The tightening action of the anal muscles has a pumping and massaging effect on the prostate gland.  This preventative massage will strengthen the gland and delay the onset of pre-ejaculatory spasm during self-stimulation.  Before the point of no return, press deeply and firmly on the perineum point, located halfway between the scrotum and the anus.  When you find the right point, you will feel little or no resistance, because there is a small indentation.  If you press exactly on the perineum point before you are about to ejaculate, you will prevent the emission of semen into the urethra. Do not press too close to the scrotum or too close to the anus, or the benefit of the practice will be lost. You can press on the perineum from the front or reach around behind your buttocks.  Press hard.  One of the advantages of this approach is that you can experience the pleasurable sensations associated with the pumping of the prostate that occur at the onset of orgasm, yet you avoid the emission of semen that usually accompanies it.

This is how men experience multiple orgasms.  There is no refractory (or recovery) period following each orgasm so that erection can be maintained.  This is very pleasing for a woman as love- making lasts long enough to allow her several orgasms.  If ejaculatory orgasm happens accidentally, however, enjoy it, let it be, and resume stimulation after a few minutes.

These techniques are initiatory to the possibility of a male's ability to restrict the flow of semen to the urethra without finger-pressure (through muscular control) and a partnership sensitivity to excitement and relaxation such that neither moves beyond a level of excitation other than that desired (through open communication about sexual response, mutual stimulation, matching of breath-patterns, and, at times, common psycho-spiritual mindsets as regards the objectives and biophysical phenomena that make up the ritual).  It is this last, the coordination of mindsets in the attunement of 'sex magick partners' which most often makes up the bulk of Tantric instruction, and can be learned with a dedicated lover who is willing to experiment and express honestly what is happening for him or her.

Love is the law, love under will.