The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

The Hanged Man: The Way of Love

by: Paul Joseph Rovelli

In the old aeon and for those last two thousand some odd years, we have been asked to place our faith in one god or another. And in most cases, this has needed to be a blind faith. However, the adepts have always known a way more powerful than faith. This card speaks to that path of knowledge.

In Malkuth (this world), is the Tetragrammaton (the divinity) fully developed. This is symbolized by Qabalists by the Hebrew letter Mem; attributed to this card. It is one of the three Mother Letters in the Hebrew alphabet and represents the extant universe under the Demiourgos.

Faith must be slain by certainty which occurs in the act of initiation. Faith represent darkness and ignorance. And the spiritual function of water can redeem us from this. The adepts have always known this. They have also known that we are marine in origin and that we pass through that stage in the amniotic fluid of the womb.

This seeming process of sacrifice (offering oneself to initiation) and redemption (experiencing Gnosis) denoted by this card is symbolized by the Greek element of water attributed to it. However, it is neither a sacrifice nor a redemption. For change equals stability as study of the next Atu in the pack (Death) will delineate.

Finally, the depiction of the man hanging from a tree branch, common in most decks, suggests the Hebrew letter Daleth; which is associated with Venus as they are both attributions to the Empress Atu. This shows the modus operandi of all true adepts – LOVE!