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Liber Vox Viva Voce vel Video

Scientific Confirmation

On the events leading up to Liber VVVvV

Carl Jung noted Synchronicity as two co-incidental events that in themselves are causally unrelated and yet occur simultaneously with meaningful experience being derived from them.  And as well, he stated that someone on the spiritual path, as they reach a certain point in their development, will have 'chance' meetings with interesting people that will help them along their way.

In this regard, in the mid nineties ev, I had been speculating on the evolutionary idea that the disease of cancer was natures way of producing physical transformation into yet a higher life form.  And yet I didn't know how to investigate this idea in a productive manner.  A short while later, I found myself hitch-hiking from Clearwater Florida to Tampa and was picked up by a driver.  I had a mundane conversation with the gentlemen driving the car; offering up no hint of my spirituality or the things I was researching.  And yet, he came right out and announced he was a lab tech working on a cure for cancer and was convinced that the cure had been found and it was too simple with no possibility of money being made off of it…so the powers that be are continuing a medical sham.  While this fascinated me, it had yet no meaning for my personal obstacle in researching the disease.

Probably about three years later, I was working a piano promotion in New Jersey when I spend an hour with a gentleman; answering questions on his used Baldwin piano.  After this time spent, he said this to me: "I am grateful for all the time you spent with me; knowing that I would not be buying a piano from you today.  And I would like to reward you for your generosity; so I'm going to tell you something that you need to know.  I'm a medical artist and I know that you need to understand this word, so write it down: phosphorylation."

And yes, I went home, looked up the work and it unlocked everything that I wanted to know regarding the structure of the cell and even led me to a medical office for a visit to a doctor on a health issue that had an interesting article on a magazine table in the waiting room.  It was these events, this large synchronicity that has led me to believe a chance meeting with the Secret Chiefs to convey this little tid-bit to me.  And it led to the creation of this GCL document.  Though I can't really be certain that I've quite figured out what they were trying to lead me to find as a year later, my mother died of cancer.

For the Breviary of the Gnostic Church of L.V.X.
Issued by Order of theActing Council of Elders

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Living cells are made up of a large structure of interactive molecules, of which the electron flow creates small magnetic fields.  One’s health and vitality is reflected in the flow of energy in their cellular body. The overall flow in the body creates a larger magnetic field surrounding it. This field has a number of smaller modulated fields inside it. These fields relate to the functions of the internal organs and glands. Overall, energy moves from the physical and etheric bodies to the emotional and then subsequently to the mental to the spiritual bodies and simultaneously, in the opposite direction as well, culminating in the physical body.

For each cell, if you separate the two strands of DNA, you will discover a connecting link, a ‘phosphorylation’ or ‘fizz of light’ (Hadit) that is the connecting current of the two strands.  We have modeled here in the actual cell structure of the human body, the Caduceus.  Remember that DNA is but a protein and it is this light or phosphorylation that regulates its activity by attaching it to a phosphate group, such as ATP, which causes a structural change in the protein to enable it to bind or release itself to or from some other molecule.  This is important when considering the cell’s need for oxygen.  The cell is either reduced or negatively charged (reduction), being in need of oxygen or it is oxidized and positively charged (oxidation).  A unit with two cells, one in each of these two states is called an electrochemical half-cell.  Together, they will seek a state of electro-chemical equilibrium relative to at least one common intermediate half-cell, giving us a voltage.  This system is referred to by scientists as ‘redox’ and is further described by the following formula:

NADH + (1/2)O2+ H+ à NAD+ + H2O 

In their paper on Quantum Bioholography, Richard & Iona Miller note:

“The superposed coherent waves of different types in the cells are interacting to form diffraction patterns, first in the ‘acoustic’ domain and in the electromagnetic domain. This is a kind of quantum hologram. Interactions of solitonic oscillations in the liquid crystal structure of DNA and the polarization vector of the ultra weak biophotonic highly coherent light, could be understood as a mechanism of translation between holograms in the ‘acoustic’ frequency domain of short range effects and those in the electromagnetic domain, and vice versa.” 

The “light” they are referring to seems to parallel Eliphas Levi’s AUR with the “acoustic” energy equivocating with the AUD and the electromagnetic energy equivocating with the AUB.


NADH is ‘Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide,’ a coenzyme made from vitamin B2, or niacin. It’s a coenzyme present in all living cells and serves an important role in helping enzymes to function as they should. An enzyme is a protein that works as a catalyst to generate chemical changes in other substances, such as breaking down food into energy. NADH stimulates the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is a compound that regulates the release of energy stored in cells. The more NADH a cell has, the more chemical energy it produces. Increased concentrations of NADH in the brain may even boost the production of neurotransmitters so vital to sound mental function.

NADH has been found to be oxidized through a series of ‘catalytic redox carriers,’ which are proteins found in the mitochondria membrane. The speed at which this electron transport process occurs is relative to the demands placed upon the tissue within which the cell resides, which is within the community of half-cells that serves as intermediates. This is a measured process that flows back and forth, within and without the mitochondrial membrane and is known as the ‘cellular respiratory rate.’ Chemiosmotic Theory informs us that the energy from cellular respiration is captured in the form of a pH differential and electrical voltage gradients of 30,000,000 volts per meter across the inner mitochondrial membrane.

Light or Fire and Water are key Alchemical elements to the life of the cell. The light of phosphorylation and the by-product of H2O in the redox formula shown above provide the Scientific Illuminist with the secret of the nature of life at the cellular level. But phosphorylation was not an option for the original organisms that evolved on this planet. Rather, they relied on a fermentative metabolism derived from a ‘pre-biotic synthesis’ as a result of thunderstorms and volcanic events that produced the necessary stable metabolites in the ground. This was due to the fact that there was no free oxygen in the atmosphere. Yet eventually, the ground-based oxidants would become scarce and oxygen would become a component of the air, probably having been released into the air as a by-product of the activity of these early organisms. The Alchemist can readily see the Earth and Air interacting externally as the Fire and Water are interacting internally. The next evolutionary step would then be photosynthesis and oxidative phosphorylation.

The Earth-foraging and more primitive Eukaryotes maintained one relative advantage over the newly evolving Prokaryotes; they could swallow other organisms whole. So not only would the Prokaryotes become food, but a few could be contained in a symbiotic manner, supplying them with substrates in return for ATP. This more complex organism is known to us as Mitochondria, especially found in Yeast and Mammals. Yet Carl Woese, a micro-biologist at the University of Illinois is arguing that this ‘Endosymbiosis’ was not a determining factor in cellular evolution as the theory itself starts out assuming fully evolved cells. He goes on to claim that life did not originate from one primordial cell, but in a communal environment of cells with probably three cell lines. A horizontal gene transfer system promoted evolution vertically for these three lines. Note the allusion to the cross and one can even consider the cell as the circle.

But light remains the common source of all cellular structures and is the key to the origin of the Universe. One question that may arise here is the speed of light relative to universal expansion. Physicists have noted a problem of inconsistency in explaining a fixed speed of light and the rate at which the Universe expanded from the original and theoretical ‘Big Bang’. A variable speed theory is being developed, but at this point, no experiment has been created that can prove it. Yet within the still accepted present model, there are two schools that work at reforming the Big Bang theory in order to answer these inconsistencies. The first is the ‘Inflationists’ who argue that the Universe expanded much faster than it does today and the more interesting second school is the ‘Ecpirotics’ who argue that the Universe itself is a cellular organism with breathing membranes in eleven dimensions.

It is especially important to understand how cells communicate with each other. Evidence is accumulating that is pointing to a temporal code that is rhythmic in nature. These rhythms follow certain rules that play throughout the collective community of cells. Gyorgy Buzsaki Neuroscience Professor of Rutgers University-Newark, NJ, notes that hippocampal neurons discharge together in bursts of activity as they consolidate gathered information into long-term memory. This is indirectly corroborated by the research of Richard and Iona Miller in their study of atmospheric harmonics and the ‘Schumann Resonance’ (SR).

“There is a harmonic relationship between the earth and our mind/bodies. Earth’s low frequency isoelectric field, the magnetic field of the earth, and the electrostatic field that emerges from our bodies are closely interwoven. Our internal rhythms interact with external rhythms, affecting our balance, REM patterns,

health, and mental focus. SR waves probably help regulate our bodies’ internal clocks, affecting sleep/dream patterns, arousal patterns, and hormonal secretion.”

As Buzsaki’s ‘Spike Train Dynamics’ addresses the theta-related phase in the pyramid cells of the hippocampus, the Millers note that during meditation, alpha and theta rhythms cascade across the brain, allowing the cells of the body to not only resonate with the electro-magnetic field of the Earth, but they speculate that these cells can then directly communicate with it on a cellular level. They note the dancing of shamans and the often misinterpreted ‘nervous’ or frantic energy of children as movements intuited by the body that allow it to connect with “greater mind,” which to us sounds like Yantras unto Babalon.


Mother echoes this when she says:

“[T]he consciousness is a sort of limitless like waves, but not individual waves, corporeal waves, I might say, a movement as vast as the earth, but not…not round or flat or…something quite infinite in its sensation, but a wave movement. And this wave movement is the movement of life.”

If we observe the great periods in human history, we readily see the ‘movements’ of groups of people. Perfect examples of this are the Rosicrucians and the Beats, the Transcendentalists and the Surrealists. This tells us that the Avatar can not function alone. Rather, cells of individuals, churches, need to organize and collectively generate the vibratory force.

Sri Aurobindo addresses this:

“Each individual being, even if he is of quite a superior quality, even if he has been created for quite a special work, is only one individual being; this is, THE TOALITY OF THE TRANSFORMATION CANNOT TAKE PLACE THROUGH ONE SINGLE BODY…If the effect is to be a general one, at least a minimum number of physical individuals is necessary.”

So it is not enough as Grant suggests, to open some allegorical gate to consciousness. This assumes that one person alone could be fixed with too much power. The implications of this would show us a universe that couldn’t maintain any stasis at all as it would constantly be radically changed by each individual player across its field of activity. Probably such a person vibrating alone would be more discarded; not unlike waste material as a post operative by-product in a cell. And for the trained Alchemist, the hint about the value of excretory matter is pretty overt.

Rather, one cell needs to stimulate sympathetic vibration in a block of cells, which then in turn, stimulate the entire organism and of course, subsequently, affects other organisms. The physicist, Lian Siderov is quoted by the Millers as he hypothesizes:

[B]rainwaves (particularly in the alpha range) can be transmitted along the perineural system (or via Frohlich excitation) to any distal parts of the body, and even to adjacent organisms, via ELF EM waves. These frequencies can be amplified by closely-related Schumann resonance waves, or by feedback mechanisms typical of the body's physiological pathways (akin to immunologic and neuroendocrinologic cascades). In turn, these basic frequencies can re-activate stalled healing processes, enhance growth, accelerate immune responses, and generally "jump-start" functions inherent to the body's tissues, by "rebalancing its energies" (according to Oriental medicine) or (in Beal's terminology) by re-configuring the liquid crystal orientation of cell membrane components and thus triggering specific intracellular responses.

Mother’s devotee, Satprem notes:

“The next species is not one that will be endowed with new wondrous organs or splendiferous powers, but one whose cellular functioning and cellular perception will completely and naturally change the condition of the mortal bodies we are temporarily garbed in.”

This is complemented by Mother:

"It’s as if the cells, the organization that makes a form we call human and which holds all this together, as if this had to learn that it can persist without the sense of separate individuality, whereas for thousands of years it had been used to separate existence only because of the ego—without the ego, it continues…through another law which the body doesn’t yet know, but…which is beyond its understanding. It isn’t a will, I don’t know, it’s…something: a manner of being.”

Siderov then takes us further:

“[T]he magnetic sensory canvas hypothesis provides a mechanism for "sharing qualia" associated with distant points on the geomagnetic sphere – essentially a form of cognitive entanglement between operator and target.  One clear advantage of TGD[1] over other models of subtle energy transmission is that the EM fields are not directly carried from sender to target, but are simultaneously generated at the two locations by a vacuum (geometrical) current: hence they remain coherent while bypassing the paradox of non-attenuation with distance. . .the illusion of our locality is perpetuated by the data fed to us by our senses – that is, those perceptions we are habituated to pay attention to.”

We are now finding validation for the Morphogenetic Field Theory and hinting at what the nature of an Avatar is along with the Shakti-pat or sympathetic vibration that would be generated by such a person. An Avatar is someone that originates the vibratory current, much different from a prophet who merely shares a vision. This vibration as a physical movement, we purport to be identical to the movement of two bodies in the midst of sexual activity. If our destiny is connected to getting our consciousness to the cellular level, it seems that built into our collective destiny is the drive to reproduce. Perhaps that’s why Crowley kept getting the statement from his oracular channelings, “It’s in the egg.” He didn’t understand this and the entity could easily have been alluding to the cell.

Satprem says:

“[W]ithout a doubt, sex is one of the keys to the Secret of the body, and the mastery of sex, says Sri Aurobindo, is an imperative condition for the manifestation of the new evolutionary force, the Supramental force in the body.”

Gurdjieff seems so on the mark to have described levels of consciousness in terms of hydrogens and carbons. Consciousness is in the Prana, the logos that is the light is pulled from the air by way of breathing as the macrocosmic energy in contrast with the microcosmic, which pulls through the foods that we eat. Even thoughts and emotions are foods for their corresponding ‘bodies’. We then find an additional idea that the “lost word” of the Masons has its own vibratory power as does every word that enters our heads and hearts. This calls for a mantra, a word spoken by the Earth herself and heard by heart of each and every cell in the body.

Mother’s Mantra was ‘OM NAMO BHAGAVATE’ and may be translated as ‘Divine power is in the name of one who is sunlike or godlike.’ The Gnostic Mass uses HRILIU though we might more aptly consider ABRAHADABRA (for this work) as the mantra; the seed germ coming from the Hebrew ‘ha brachah dabarah,’ originally transliterated as ‘abracadabra’ and meaning ‘speak the blessing’ and has also been translated as “I bless the dead.” As well, we have a host of words from the Masons and other pseudo-Masonic orders but these don’t seem to serve our purposes though what we do have is more an intellectual rather than an empirical derivation. We do receive words through divination and evocative practices that ring for semesters of time such as that derived by the hierarchy of the A.’.A.’. at both the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes. And it’s uncertain whether or not there’s any one particular word or sound that can be intoned by the human voice that will unlock the secrets of the Earth…though it’s been sought after since time immemorial.

However, it seems ABRAHADABRA has a five-fold pulsing nature (not unlike the five-fold nature of AUMGN) that is quite unique when it comes to its vibration. If we consider it in just such a manner, we get AB-RA-HAD-AB-RA (and even a possible complement to ABMN as discussed in Words of Power). The AB gives us the idea of father or ‘all-father’ (the generative force) with RA being the Sun or light that crystallizes in the blood as per the Gnostic Mass. And HAD is the Starry and essential center of our life-force; concealed by these outer veils (AB and RA).

But what we do have is Mother’s record of her work at getting to the subconscient level of consciousness. She was attempting to make the leap to that state called Immortality by the sheer repetition of the mantra in order to get the cells of her body to take up the vibration and find their own individuated consciousness. In this next quote, we have perhaps the most potent description of the Tiphareth experience ever uttered by someone:

“Death is the decentralization of the consciousness contained in the body’s cells. The cells composing the body are held in form by a centralization of the consciousness in them, and as long as that power of concentration is there, the body cannot die. It’s only when the power of concentration disappears that the cells scatter. And then the body dies. The very first step toward immortality is therefore to replace the mechanical centralization by a willed centralization.”

It’s important here to state that what is meant by Immortality is not what it seems. Change does equal stability; the body must eventually die. But consciousness need not die along with it as is presumed to usually be the case. In unleashing the conscious force of the cells, the aggregate being becomes a whole force, greater than the sum of his or her parts. This is certainly a Great Work. But not an easy work as Mother warns:

“What’s a little difficult is the moment of transition from one way of being to the other. It’s done very progressively, yet at the moment of transition there are a few seconds that are…the least we can say is ‘unexpected.’ All habits are undone. It’s the same with all the functionings: blood circulation, digestion, breathing—all the functions. At the moment of transition its not that one abruptly takes the place of the other, but there is a state of fluidity between the two which is difficult…And I can see that for years the body

and the whole body consciousness used to rush back in the old way to seek safety, to escape; but now, the body has been persuaded not to do it any longer and on the contrary to accept: ‘Well, if its dissolution, let it be dissolution.’ You feel all the usual stability vanishing…the great adventure.”

Perhaps it takes more than simply a word, no matter how perfect that word, no matter how that word resonates with the electro-magnetic vibration of the Earth. In a study on timbre by Stanford University in California, it has been suggested that the temporal lobe stream of the brain identifies auditory objects “analogous to the ventral visual pathway involved in object

recognition.” And in the Millers’ first paper on Quantum Bioholography, they also assert that sound waves on the surface of the brain, create a movement “that is used as the basis for creation of an optical hologram.”

The Millers’ set up the idea that DNA is the projector of a bio-holographic field that manifests the cell in relation to the aggregate bio-holographic field projected by the nervous system. The cells then speak to each other chemically through the enzymes of the RNA with each cell activating only that part of the DNA strand that is consistent with the particular localized tissue of the particular organ within which it is functioning. The polarization due to its electro-magnetic nature connects it with photons that then constitute a broadband radio wave spectrum. “This is the main information channel of DNA, the same for both photons and radio waves.” In other words, sound and light are the same thing…or two separate manifestations of the same thing; but both intimately connected to the ultimate physical manifestation of the cell and hence the entire organism.

Reminiscent of Frater Achad’s ‘Snowflake’, the Millers’ then go on to identify the hologram with the fractal, showing us how simplicity evolves into complexity, and yet retains its original simplicity:

“Like holograms, magnify a fractal again and again and more detail emerges from its infinitely embedded structure. The same self-similar patterns repeat, over and over, no matter what level you care to examine. You look closer and closer and still see the same form. A single image is infinitely reiterated. Thus, a wealth of structure emerges from simplicity. So, too, the dis-ease process can be seen at the physical, emotional, mental;, and spiritual levels. Yet, the form remains the same. The key to his process lies in our DNA, in our genes and gene-expression.”

In the Millers’ review of basic biophysics, they affirm that photosynthesis is “the basic builder of biological structures.” Molecular systems with mobile electrons are formed by way of a chemical bond called the ‘resonance bond’ most readily possible in hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms as well as sulphur and phosphorus… “All the essential biochemical substances, which perform the fundamental functions of living matter…”

So now the question of what to visualize becomes as important as what sound to manufacture in order to tap into the electro-magnetic resonance of the Earth; Levi’s plastic medium, the ‘Ether’. Light gives the shape of the Cross when observing any of the celestial objects in the sky. And the ancient mystery schools have conveyed this to us since time immemorial, even by way of the Southern and Northern Cross constellations. The cross even forms the shape of the conjugal couple; perhaps suggesting that the sound is found in the ‘moaning’ that is part of sexual intercourse. Or perhaps in coitus, the ‘Word of the Aeon,’ Abrahadabra, might be the word conveyed; assuming it is the Earth itself that has given us this word. This would have to be empirically validated.

But if this projection is to be proved as scientific fact, it would seem necessary that we develop the capacity to re-grow severed limbs and repair damaged nerves. Reptiles are capable of this and it may only be that we need to learn how to calibrate the frequency of the EM hologram projected by our DNA in order to attain the same capacity. We already know that EM fields are

integral in generating and defining biological tissue and organs. Now it is but a matter of creating a stronger science out of such things as ‘laying on of hands’ and other forms of psychic surgery. Dion Fortune’s polarity experiments may play a profound role in this.

Bioluminescence can be considered an indicator of life activity. It is the emission of photons of light produced when certain energized electrons drop into a lower or ground state. A common example is the visible light (or electromagnetic radiation) generated by the firefly. The importance of this phenomena is seen by taking the broad view of the life process as we know it: photons from the sun excite electrons here on earth; this high energy state is transformed into high energy phosphate bonds by the process of photosynthesis; the release of the energy stored in these bonds is the fuel of life; electrons are transferred between molecules in a downward cascade fashion to lower energy states; this action produces the electric current that produces the motion that we call life.” (Miller 1974ev)

Based on the experiments of the Russian scientists Peter Gariaev, “it’s possible to suppose that photon fields, emitted by chromosomes as sign fields, can be teleported within or even outside the organism’s space.” In light of this the Millers’ assert a bit further that it should be possible for these “wave fronts” to interact with, interpenetrate and inter-determine biological tissue amongst multiple biological systems. It seems readily apparent that we have here, a sublime scientific hypothesis that asserts our omnipotence, omnipresence and our omniscience.

Innate to all of this is the idea that we will have to redefine temporal experience and our awareness of our connection to matter and consciousness. Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet in her book The Gnostic Circle, gives us the following:

“[I]f it is true that as proven in physics time lengthens as the gravitational pull increases, it is equally true than that where this pull lessens there is an acceleration of time…as the body becomes more subtle, as its present gross substance becomes modified, there is at the same time a modification of temporal experience.”

“The key would be to transform the cell, or to come to a new experience of Time, which would not alter the evolutionary capacity of Earth life but rather render the experience free from the imposition so the Ignorance while still retaining the possibility of fully accelerated growth.”

Growth is a creative activity of the unconscious mind as the Millers teach by way of quoting Ernest Rossi’s ‘Dream-Protein Hypothesis:’

“[D]reaming is a process of psychophysiological growth that involves the synthesis or modification of protein structures in the brain that serve as the organic basis for new developments in the personality…new proteins are synthesized in some brain structures associated with REM sleep.”

Sleep then becomes a creative process where the personality and even the physical body is re-created. But up until now, this has been a largely unconscious process. It would seem a sign of our evolutionary advance would be found in our becoming fully aware or conscious in sleeping and trance states in order to control, direct and perfect a highly developed Gnosis.

Norelli-Bachelet goes on to state:

“The cells as yet have not manifested the full power because the divine light which is their core has not yet been allowed to come forth. Following the path of the gnostically illumined consciousness, their experience will also be one of immortality. But still Matter, will retain its characteristic of eternal motion, of perpetual change.”

“To reach this point there must be a transformation of the consciousness, into a consciousness that has unmasked Death, has seen its illusion and in this state is able to work upon the structure of the cells in their own field—that is, the field of Eternal Motion.”

Pralaya is total dissolution or absorption of consciousness. If this occurs on the physical plane, we have an Alchemy that takes the moving energy away from the mortal cell as it is now manifest in our species, and moves it into the newly developing etheric body created from the astral consciousness that now occurs in dream states for most of us; though the practice of Astral Projection is a first conscious step towards this goal.

The Millers confirm this scientifically:

“[T]he genome emits light and radio-waves whose delocalized interference patterns create calibration fields (blue prints) for a system’s space-time organization. This holographic-type information is being constantly and simultaneously read in billions of cells, accounting for the quick coordinated response typical of living systems.”

Love is the law, love under will.