The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

The True Power of Command

By Paul Joseph Rovelli

As Adjustment (the complementary counterpart with this Atu) deals with the equilibration of opposites, so does the position of this path on the Tree-of-Life. The influence of Chesed on Geburah (Mercy and Severity respectively) add to this dynamic. In alchemy this is shown as a naturally occurring marriage of elements which is both creative and chaotic. It is up to the will of individual stars to add form and force to this.

This energy or force is the nature of this Atu. It is a combustible spontaneity that swells from a very primal area of the human psyche. And it is quite destructive as it can destroy or break down old patterns for grasping awareness before supplanting them with new ones fashioned from the ashes of the old.

Leo which is attributed to this card, is the Cherub of Fire and ruled by the sun. The sun is the viceregent of God upon the earth. And Leo is the commanding general through which the sun operates. Hence this card clearly depicts great force in the power to command.

But this command is balanced by the attribution of the Hebrew letter Teth (Serpent of Wisdom) and we get the idea of the benevolent dictator. The idea is then to lust after life and to exist in such a way as to honor the law of the strong which while severe is truly merciful in giving the weak a quick rather than a slow and painful death. (Hence the connection of Chesed to Geburah).