The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

Necronomicon Revisited

(Towards a possible grimoire)

It has been put forth that the energies of the 'dreaded' Necronomicon are so ancient that they are potentially uncontrollable. This is in part, alleged because the information on the amcient Sumerian religion and it's deities is incomplete.

A great myth, or to put it more accurately, a great HOAX has instilled fear and loathing for the work as well as for the magickal art in general. By the proliferation of stories such as strange death occurances by possessors of original published editions and other strange events have served unnecessarily ill ends. A great disservice has been done to all those who work in the Magickal arts because of this. We can be viewed as irresponsible if not totally assinine for having anything to do with Magick and even in the Magickal community, those who 'flirt' with the Necronomicon are warned by many as courting danger.

There may yet be some subtle yet minor value in all of this bastardized behavior. And that might be the power given to the work by this sense of mystery that naturally follows. However, on closer examination of these mischevious and juvenile purports comes an ubsurd contradiction in the theoretical dogma surrounding the text. Suddenly, the use of a Hebrew or Christian sacred prayer becomes an effective banishing; even though the supposed original manuscript claims to be a relic of a culture thousands of years earlier then Christianity and perhaps the Hebrew religion as well. If contemporary methods of banishing don't work, then why do almost contemporary methods work.

What should be asked, Why not jsut incorporate a Chaldean/Sumerian Deity column into 777? Can the deities not be utilized in the same fashion as we might use . . . Greek deities? That would be wonderful if we had a banishing ritual; a question that remains unanswered. Well, why not use an LBR? Or something more potent with a properly consecrated sword? Perhaps the text of teh Necronomicon itself can give us yet another clue.

Let the reader be referred to page 101 of the inexpensive (unlike the downright stupid prices being given to the original hardcover version) softcover edition and read the section entitled "OF THE INVOCATION OF THE FOUR GATES FROM THE WORLD BETWEEN THE SPHERES". Now, imagine yourself standing on the intersection of the paths Sameck and Peh - or BETWEEN Netzach, Hod, Tiphareth and Yesod. You write the rest of the banishing USING SUMERIAN DEITIES. And do this without the ridiculous fears that some would have you consider when determining to use your own will. (I think they would rather have you be dependent on their guidance and in their control.)

I am, however, confident that you will create a very effective banishing quite on your own. Just consider the four gates as the four cardinal points as you read further into the Grimoire. Besides the four gates, there are seven other gates that refer to the seven sacred planets. I'm sure that without too much effort, you can figure out some SAFE way to utilize these energies (assuming you are already a careful and responsible Magus within the other system(s) you may using.

Perhaps you prefer to be frightened by the ugly and thoughless actions of the juvenile pranksters - I mean authors and principal proponents of the text. Any way Mr. Mad Arab - I mean Slater - I mean Simon - I mean Birnbaum . . . what kind of Magick wer you really trying to work when you decided to put this kind of melanoma in the hearts of spiritual seekers? I for my part prefer to do my will amongst the living. Perhaps the book should be called the eldernomicon. Let's get all this necrofilia out of it!