The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

The Priestess of the Silver Star

- or -

Midwife of Initiation

Paul Joseph Rovelli

The universe as we understand it, is dual in nature (i.e. black and white; good and bad; etc.). It manifests archetypally in the masculine and the feminine with transcendence being the result of their union. This concept is triune in form and represents the totality of existence which itself emerges from nought. If you are familiar with the Qabalah, this should be quite clear.

Hence, this model can also be applied to like energies in our psyche of which the major arcana delineates with twenty-two atus. The first two (the 'Fool' and the 'Magus' have already been covered in previous issues of TAROT NEWS) are hermaphroditic in nature. There are three feminine symbols of which the 'Priestess' is the first -- with the other two being the 'Empress' and the 'Star'. And there are three masculine symbols: the 'Emperor', the 'Hierophant', and the 'Hermit'. The remaining fourteen cards illustrate these three primordial energies as manifesting either in conjunction with one another, or in their functional relationship with the universe, or in various other forms of manifestation.

Within the context of the Hermetic Qabalah and Wester High Magick, the 'Priestess' demarks the pathway for the initiation of a Master of the Temple. Her path traverses the dreaded abyss and carries consciousness towards the third sephira -- another feminie symbol; the Sea of Binah. She is naked, veiled only in the light of spirit. She is the highest manifestation of the feminine archetype.

Her initiation is a reconciliation of opposites; the path that dissolves this dual-natured universe into the oneness of the Supernal Triad. All initiations, even on a lower level, are reflective of this principal. Remember, each sephira has its own complete Tree-of-Life. One may journey along her path to unite with any sephira. She is the rite of passage in every stage of mundane and spiritual lives.

Now, shut your eyes and imagine this naked goddess yearning for us as we for her. Remember the terror, the excitement, and the curiosity that carried you through each of these milestones in your life. The aspiration that compels us to grow, mature and evolve is the root cause of our penetration into her mystery. We are the points of light and she is the allure that beckons us forward. For all my life I have desired her. For all my life will I fling myself into her loving arms.