The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

Qabalistic Magnetism

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The physical body is built up from a combination of inorganic and organic substances.  As well, the mind builds itself from a combination of lower astral entities known as spirits or daemons that comprise the various parts of the personality.  However, the brain is organic and houses the mind.  Therefore, data that comes in through the senses also appends itself to the mind.  This creates a magnetic vitality that is electric in nature and that is dependent upon certain psychic states in order to manifest with both an intellectual and emotional component.

The higher astral substances receive energy from the spiritual plane that translates down to the lower mental and emotional bodies.  This sets up another magnetic relationship.  This higher astral substance is revealed to the mind as imagination and aspiration and generates a thought-force known as the Will or Bud-Will.  Magickal ritual serves as a psychological tool to exalt the mind to an ecstasy that reaches up to the Briatic plane.  The ability to perform ritual effectively requires a discipline of the mind; attained through yogic practices.  This affords the mind the ability to create and maintain images that can be perfected to the point of Samadhi.

This also allows the elements of the subconscious to arise and be projected into the conscious sphere for creative expurgation.  And it explains why spiritual visions have such force; being highly charged symbols with the lesser charged symbols pertaining to the lower psychic issues that belong to the intellectual and emotional bodies.  Further, it then shows how Da'ath interconnects with Yesod in a technical actuality; as will be more clearly explained below.

In Qabalistic terms, the 'Great Un-manifest' (Ain Soph Aur) is a limitless reservoir in perfect equilibrium with infinite potential   For this reason, it would be absolutely static.  But some mysterious force acts upon it in periodic cycles that send out various packets of ray-like energy that mobilize these elements; creating a circuit that alternates activity (dis-equilibrium) with this stasis.  These rays then set-up secondary lines of force that interact with each other to ultimately create what we call the manifested universe or the 'Great Manifest' as per the Hermetic Axiom:  "As above, so below".

The human mind then develops from the interaction of these rays, which are dual or polar in nature and that again, affects the Great Un-manifest; inducing it to motion.  With this, we can deduce an interesting conundrum asking:  which came first–the Great Un-manifest or the Great Manifest?  And there seems to be some mysterious force or causeless cause that moves the two opposing forces into a polar dynamic.  For more on this, see Madame Blavatsky's Proem of Dzyan.

But the whole, in unity, is a blind force or a gray force (neither black nor white; good nor evil).  In its oscillation, it separates to its polar opposites in turn and then returns to a static equilibrium.  This first dynamic operation is described by the Qabalists in the comparison of the Ain Soph Aur to Kether with Kether then becoming a unity that splits into two: Chokmah and Binah.  This then evolves down into a new unity Da'ath; the manifestation of consciousness, so mysterious as to have no symbolism attached to it on the Tree-of-Life.  Da'ath then subdivides below the Abyss into Chesed and Geburah; only to be reunited into Tiphareth.  Of course, this again subdivides into Hod and Netzach with a reunification in Yesod (the

combination of the two lower components of consciousness—Intellect and emotion; which of course, is a reflection of Da'ath, being the stasis of the higher components of consciousness atop their respective counter-charged pillars on each side of the Middle Pillar).

Therefore, certain principles are innate to the evolutionary process.  The static combination of polar unification never settles into a constant but is subjected to the Hermetic law of change (Change=Stability) and ultimately generates two new streams of force, which again recombines into a new equilibrated stasis.  This then becomes a reflection of the original stasis but on a lower or higher sphere dependent upon which way one is moving on the Tree-of-Life.  And as any stream of force contains packets of infinite energy, these streams overflow ultimately, into their combined stasis as the path of the lightening flash constantly pours itself down the Tree-of-Life being the initial impulse of the Great Un-manifest; limitless in its devolution and the Great Manifest; limitless in its evolution.

If we picture the Ain Soph Aur as a stasis of negativity or the 'Not-Self' (NUIT) then we have the essential nothingness that everything derives from.  The 'Self' (HADIT) or monad is the ultimate unity that binds us all together with its various rays creating that duality that gives us separate existence.  Further, the aura is a magnetic field that surrounds the body, also known as the etheric double.  Its matter has been called ectoplasm and its elemental force has been referred to as Od or Odic force.  The physical body is brought together as matter is attracted by this etheric magnetism.  And the aura itself is but that portion of etheric energy that has then not been absorbed by the satiate matter.

The nature of this force is an alternating current that runs vertically from the spiritual plane to the material plane and also circuitously around the earth.  Even inanimate objects absorb some portion of this elemental force to derive their own existence, which would explain why mystics see spirit in all things.  But it’s the vertical line of this force that is the central pillar of the Qabalists (thus the apex of the triangles upon the Tree-of-Life) and the Sushumna of the Yogins.  The side channels are therefore, the un-equilibrated but equilibrating negative and positive forces.  The Sephiroth of the Middle Pillar are thus equated with the Chakkras of the Hindu system.

So we have the physical body being composed of dense matter and subject to physical, mechanical and chemical laws.  As well, a subtle body that is subject to the laws of electro-magnetism and radioactivity.  From there, we also have a mental body of which psychological forces are apparent and which also interacts with the other two bodies.  And central to all this, is a spiritual body found at the inner core of our being that is the very essence of our starry nature.  Each of these bodies draws matter from its respective plane in composing the vehicle for that plane.

The Moon is also apparently a reservoir of magnetic force as witnessed by its affectation upon the oceanic tides of the earth and the waters of the human body (cf. my article:  Studies in Human Sexuality).  As well, it is evident that it also affects our psychology as any police department can attest to when the Moon is in its 'full' phase.  So the correspondence with Yesod (the apex of the astral/mental triad on the Tree-of-Life) is quite apropos.  Thus it also affects the etheric body.  Yet this etheric body is also affected by the elemental magnetism of the earth itself and one shouldn't forget the solar/pranic influence of the Sun.

Therefore, Malkuth is charged from the elemental aura of the earth.  But Yesod derives its energy from the sacral nerve plexus that controls the generative organs that are magnetically charged by the Moon (cf. the section on periodicity in my article:  Studies in Human Sexuality).  And on a practical level, elemental force is derived from the earth and is transmuted into magnetic force in the Moon center–which can then be raised to the solar center (located at the solar plexus and where the real occult force begins:  Kundalini can then be described as one's personal magnetism) where in Thelemic Magick, we obtain the Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

Note though that even though sexual images arise in the imagination at the lunar center, these can be short-circuited through sensual channels (cf. my article:  Sexual Polarity in Magick).  This is why the Neophyte of the A.'.A.'. is said to suffer the Ordeal of the Nephesch–which bids us to lose control of this energy raising and give in to our sensuality.

"Let the Scarlet Woman beware!  If pity and compassion and tenderness visit her heart; if she leave my work to toy with old sweetnesses; then shall my vengeance be known.  I will slay me her child: I will alienate her heart: I will cast her out from men: as a shrinking and despised harlot shall she crawl through dusk wet streets, and die cold and an-hungered."  AL III.43

The discipline necessary for over-riding this ordeal is in the rigid mental control that yogic practices brings to the Aspirant.  Therefore, even the Probationer of the A.'.A.'. should begin to perfect his or her asana.  But the focus of desire must remain on one's highest Aspiration; which is the Knowledge & Conversation of one's Holy Guardian Angel.

Da'ath is the sphere associated with the throat chakkra; only because it is at about this level that the spinal cord joins the brain at the base of the cerebellum.  It is in this area of the brain that the sub-conscious energies are said to emanate.  And it is evoked by the induction of the lunar or astral force that opens up the imagination.   These subconscious forces reach far back into our evolutionary process as a race and are also associated with our psychic energies and that which C.G. Jung calls the 'Collective Unconscious'.  Thus it is Da'ath that is involved in what is often referred to as 'extended consciousness'.

The Zelator of the A.'.A.'. is said to suffer the Ordeal of Choronzon (who dwells in Da'ath).  Thus is he or she plagued by the emergence of subconscious forces that require mastery.  This may entail a full exploration of what Kenneth Grant refers to as the 'Nightside' of the Tree-of-Life; which in itself may bring one to the ordeal of the Abyss in that Da'ath sits on the Abyss.  However, I surmise that this may be a loss as on the practical earthly plane, one loses the opportunity to gain the conscious Knowledge & Conversation of one's Holy Guardian Angel and I suspect, a direction-less insanity may emerge as the sorrow of Binah may not translate back down through the planes in an efficacious manner.  Thus one really becomes lost in the lonely towers of the Abyss.

But ultimately when an individual becomes correctly self-polarized, the lower-self and the higher-self function in harmony with each other.  And the individuality of the Aspirant is completely actualized as a full and complete human; known to Thelemites as an Adept.  Therefore, in a state of complete manifestation one then sets up the circuit that involves a polarity with the Great Un-manifest and traversal of the Abyss and it is then that the next ordeal that awaits the Occultist.  However, before that hugely singular leap, it may come upon us to enjoin ourselves with another as one moves into a sexual relationship that is itself the result of magnetic attraction.

In human interrelation, aura interacts with aura; generating either attraction or repulsion depending on the individual magnetic nature of the two interacting.  Therefore, the wave-length generated by union will either be one of harmonization or dissonance.  Each participant may also be charged to a differing degree setting up a flow of energy that moves from the more highly charged to the other less highly charged.  For the former, there is a relief from congestion and thus the latter becomes vitalized and inspired.  Ultimately, equilibrium is attained and any real benefit seems to be lost.  Thus a fresh stimulus may be required and that can be obtained from ordinary social and cultural intercourse such as socializing with congenial people or attending a dancing performance.  By no means is it required for the working couple to disentangle their union nor to open their marriage; though these are also viable means.

Scarlet circles in the Thelemic tradition, deal with this.  But in my observation, these have usually devolved into voyeuristic sensuality as the requirement for Adeptship is usually ignored.  Group ceremonies or ritual may also be employed as well as the laying on of hands.  They can work as they force the static magnetism to flow again…and again, may not necessarily be orgies…but can be; which helps us to understand why 'swinging' works in the mundane society at large.

One final note:  Choronzon is also the demon of the Abyss.  As Da'ath is the seat of our consciousness, so it is that consciousness which ultimately must be completely surrendered should one successfully traverse the Abyss.  The fact that consciousness is first explored; especially at the Zelator level, is not an obstruction to the development of the Aspirant.  However, should the Aspirant choose to indulge in this exploration as an end in and of itself…then one has been fooled by the demon.  One is only there to begin the work that will fully integrate those disparate elements that would otherwise, work against one's real Aspiration; which is physical, psychic and spiritual evolution.

Love is the law, love under will.