The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

Rite of Adoption

Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

Member A.M.H.R.

Issued by Order of the Acting Council of Elders

This rite is a communal gesture to ensure and preserve the inalienable rights of the infant through adolescence up to adulthood by Guardians outside the parental matrix. In the event that the parents are somehow removed from an ability to care for their own children, whether because of psychological conditions, imprisonment, or untimely death, et al, these Guardians agree to take on the responsibility of direct parenting. In other circumstances, these Guardians function as overseers of the child's development and a check against the abuse of parental privileges. It is their duty to establish themselves as confidants for the child and they report any problems encountered directly to the Church representatives that minister to this function. The ceremony is short and sweet.

After the Gnostic Mass, the Deacon calls out:

"Come forth, o children, under the stars, & take you fill of love!" AL I.12  

The Child is then brought to the Deacon in the Circle and handed over to him by the Guardians

…one male and one female.  

The Deacon holds the baby and quotes the Law:

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." AL I.40
The Guardians reply: "Love is the law, love under will." AL I.57

The Deacon queries each of the Guardians:
Do you swear with all the fibers of your being to defend this child?

Each responds:
It is my will.

The Deacon responds with:
Then your will be done.

"There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt." AL III.60

Forms are signed and a great feast then ensues.

"Sacrifice cattle, little and big: after a child." AL III.12