The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

Rite of Consolomentum

Apolytrosis vel Apokatastasis
Gnostic Church of L.V.X.
Member A.M.H.R.

Issued by Order of the Acting Council of Elders

[Candidate has previously considered and adopted a Magickal Motto]

Pre-requisite: Memorization of a chapter of Liber LXV


Perfect redemption is the cognition itself of the ineffable greatness: for since through ignorance came about the defect . . . the whole system springing from ignorance is dissolved in Gnosis. Therefore Gnosis is the redemption of the inner man; and it is not of the body, for the body is corruptible; nor is it psychical, for even the soul is a product of the defect and it is a lodging to the spirit: pneumatic (spiritual) therefore also must be redemption itself. Through Gnosis, then, is redeemed the inner, spiritual man: so that to us suffices the Gnosis of universal being: and this is the true redemption. (Adv. Haer. I. 21,4)

This Church has no baptism or confirmation but rather a Rite of Adoption to watch over children and make sure their souls are given the opportunity of free-will by the time that they become adults; and a Rite of Nubilation for those children who are coming of age (“The exposure of innocence is a lie” CCXX). But, should the Congregant(s) seek a special membership in the community of the Church and upon having reached adulthood, then the Consolomentum ceremony will be performed by the Deacon before the Collects of the Mass.

Those Congregant(s) who have sought to participate will surround the Deacon at the Sub-altar; kneeling and holding hands. The Deacon will obtain water and salt from the Font and purify Candidate(s) and replace water and salt. Then he will censor and consecrate as he vibrates AOM.

Candidate(s) will return a vibration of AOM as they shut their eyes and visualize a white light descending and enclosing their circle. They will continue with the chant as the Deacon rings the bell eleven times in a battery of 333-55555-333.

At conclusion of the bell tones, the Candidate(s) will come to silence as they remain kneeling with eyes shut.


A man or woman can know the great N.O.X. of Pan as he or she struggles to grow in this life. For we have entered in blindness yet still the light within . .
In this moment, we have invoked the L.V.X. without. Remember always that the Vast and Mighty One is Lord of both the Light and the Darkness.



So should all men of free-will and noble heart seek the sanctuary of the Gnosis; for it has been said that only knowledge can truly set one free.

The ignorance in the world today must be undone and rectified by Gnosis within the individual who aspires to the higher life. There is no need whatsoever for guilt, for repentance from so-called sin, neither is there a need for a blind belief in a vicarious salvation by way of another. We don’t need to be saved; we need to be transformed by Gnosis. The wrong-headedness, perversity, obtuseness, and malignancy of the existential condition of humanity can be changed into a glorious image of the fullness of being. This is done not by guilt, shame, but by the activation of the redemptive potential of self-knowledge. Spiritual self-knowledge thus becomes the inverse equivalent of the ignorance of the unredeemed ego.

True Gnosis is the knowledge of the true will and of love under will; thereon is our desire and inspiration.

In the name of Baphomet and by the wisdom vested in me as minister of the collective will of the Council of Elders, I beseech thee to open your eyes, rise and let the L.V.X. of Gnosis fill your hearts.

[Candidate(s) open eyes and rise and recite LXV]


The Gnostic severs every connection with unconsciousness and compulsion and lives and dies as a sovereign being of light and power henceforth.  In accordance with such power as I have acquired from the Council of Elders and in accordance with my oaths as Deacon of the Gnostic Church of L.V.X., let it be known that those who here declare their Magickal Mottos are Honored Sorors and Fraters of this Sanctuary; thus fulfilling the Rite of Consolomentum.

Candidate(s) are in turn gripped with the firm handshake of the Sanctuary by interlocking both forearms with the Deacon and declaring aloud; their motto, saying:  “I _______ am established, I am perfected, made whole, being of the Pleroma (the fullness) and I redeem my soul from the old aeon and from all that comes of it, in the name of IAO, the living God.

At the conclusion of such, Candidate(s) are led in an processional deosil about temple; Deacon leads and censors completing one revolution and then proceeding until each find their appropriate place re-joining the rest of the Congregation.

Deacon completes last revolution and returns to Sub-altar; continuing the Mass with the Collects.