The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

Rite of Ordination of Mass Officers


Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

Member A.M.H.R.

Issued by Order of the Acting Council of Elders



There is no ordination for the Children of the Mass as that is a function that any Congregant having taken the Consolomentum, may perform.

At the point before the Collects of the Mass when the Priest is kneeling – Deacon gathers Candidate(s) in front of Altar behind Priest.


That which we do but, for the the love of NU;
The Cosmic Bride of her Eternal Lord;
Gather together and strong words repeat;
An instrument of service, the adoring HADIT.
An oath, a prayer, a solemn vigil;
A watchful sign of the Holy Sigil;
The community within and without – complete;
A benediction of the Holy One – RA HOOR KHUIT.
And now, let us hear the Holy Lection.

Candidate(s) read from required Holy Book from memory. The Deacon follows along with the text; correcting any errors that may arise.

A second Priest or Priestess is required for this ceremony and is called the Hierophant.


The Magickal Oath of Office is a solemn vow that requires a most exacting fidelity. I ask you, Candidate(s), have you read the vow and are you prepared to declare it publicly in this Sanctuary of the Gnosis.





If they have not, they can have a moment to read and change their response — or they can elect to be ordained at a future date in order to allow ample enough time to properly consider the virtues of the Oath of Office.

In the case of the Ordination of a Priest or Priestess, where the Oath of Office has already been taken once before, this section may not be skipped. The Oath of Office must be repeated at both ordinations of any individual.

Repeat after me:

I _______________ solemnly pledge and swear to fulfill the office of as the Council of Elders doth ordain. And to render sacred and sacrosanct the Holy Books of Thelema as I make myself available, to the best of my capacities in the Sanctuary of the Gnosis of the Holy and Gnostic Church of Light.

I further solemnly pledge and swear to hold inviolate the confidences of the Council of Elders and to make myself especially available as they may require in service of the Church or the community at large within the limits of my true and fully disclosed capacities.

Still further, I solemnly pledge and swear to represent the Gnostic Church of L.V.X. and to defend the Council of Elders and the Holy Books of Thelema with diligence, perseverance and honour in the light of that wisdom which I pray be granted to me by the Consolomentum and aspiration of mine Holy Guardian Angel.

To this end, I will refrain from harming in any way, myself nor another within and without the Church and it’s Sanctuary as I hold the whole world dear, my sisters and brothers.

Should I in any way, violate the letter or spirit of this oath, I recognize that still I remain bound to its potent magickal force and will suffer the loss of mine integrity as I fall from my office to be publicly humiliated and disgraced and without Sanctuary.

Hierophant asks Candidate(s) to seal oath by kissing the Book of the Law three times and by making an offering of incense on the Sub-altar.

Deacon present Candidate(s) with a symbol of the office* to which he/she has been ordained and purifies with water and consecrates with censor. Then Deacon begins a procession deosil censoring temple with Candidate(s) following.

*Deacon is presented w/Yellow Sash of Office

*Priest is presented w/Nemyss, Crown and Robe


*Priestess is presented w/Sword


May the god and goddess of this aeon strengthen and inspire you in your pursuit of wisdom and beauty. Any by the glory of RA HOOR KHU may your days be long and fruitful as you earnestly pursue the obligations of your office.

This following announcement is read individually for each Candidate; should more than one be present. Also, each candidate is gripped with the firm handshake of the order the the announcement is read.


By the power vested in me on behalf of the Council of Elders, I hereby ordain and proclaim __________________, _________________ Candidate Office
in this Sanctuary of the Gnostic Church of L.V.X.


Newly ordained clergy file back into ranks of Congregation along with Hierophant as the Deacon returns to his/her station to proceed with the Collects of the Mass.