The Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

The Tower: Herald of Dharma, Harbinger of Truth

Paul Joseph Rovelli

Connecting Yesod with Hod, this Atu represents the spiral energy of the universe in its' material form. Perfection is nothingness as delineated on the Tree-of-Life by the Ain Soph Aur; wherein all opposites have been equilibrated, annihilating each other; removing the stain of the curse of existence.

The Hebrew letter Peh which translates as 'Mouth' and the planet Mars are attributed to this card. Mars represents the energy that is the spiral force. The mouth can be seen as that which causes the manifestation of the Logos on the material plane. Its' vibrations are the spiraling energy that creates mass. But it is not that mass and the energy is beyond the plane of duality being the medium of transmutation.

The Tower represents the emancipation of matter from the prison of attachment in the blindness of the aspirant. If the aspirant has prepared well, the energy nourishes and enriches. However, should the aspirant hesitate in accepting destiny and acquiescing to the force of this energy, then is he swept away in spite of himself and yet with anquish as the blindness is torn from him.

There is a certain interesting relation with the preceding Atu. As the Devil represents the truth that manifests at the very summit of experience, so does this card come to tear even that down with its opposite. In this way the one becomes the all in perpetuity; as it pushes its light (L.V.X.) even further and further into the darkness in which it shrouds itself (N.O.X.).